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  1. Thanks for everyone's advice! Sorry Big Mike! Flights are already booked! We'll have to meet up next summer to celebrate the Flames victory! I shall be taking all this info into consideration! I'm looking forward to this trip! It's a shame there aren't more wooden coasters in the area... they are my fave.
  2. Hey all! My sister is taking her family and I to Southern California for Halloween this year. We'll be there from October 24th until November 3rd. I'm just wondering what Halloween themed goodies will be happening at this time, what are the best places to go for Halloween in the area, and whether or not TPR has any events scheduled around that time... You are the trip planning masters, help me out! I did do a search and apparently some of you went to Knott's Berry Farm for Halloween last year and it was okay... Is there anything that is a "Do Not Miss" event? rm
  3. I feel the need to get in on the congratulations. Hopefully someday I'll get to ride a coaster with you. One can only hope to be that cool.
  4. I think what they're trying to do is allow the Sikhs to wear their turbans, however have them sign a waiver saying that because they have refused to wear a helmet, Canada's Wonderland will not be responsible for any damages.
  5. I think more work could have been put into the "19 Years Later" bit. I mean really, I'm a romantic at heart so I'd love to know how Ginny and harry actually hook up, as well as who raises Teddy and all that stuff. It was just too short for me. (The epilogue, not the whole book.)
  6. Well, this makes me very sad that I had to cancel. Perhaps next year I'll get to go. Looks like you all had a blast!
  7. Part of the reason that some people don't take everything in the Bible as the literal truth is because of the language it was written in. The Bible is almost 2000 years old now, and language has developed rapidly since then. If you asked someone 50 years ago what an MP3 was, they'd have no clue. The same can be said of the language used in the Bible. It had to be written in a language that could be understood not only by those writing it, but also those reading it 2000 years later. It's also part of the reason that translation is so hard. As language evolved, there became new meanings for different words, and different meanings for the same word. It becomes complicated. This is probably my biggest beef with those who believe in a completely literal translation of the Bible... and carefully neglect the words "Judge not lest ye be judged". They use it to point fingers when the main goal of being a Christian is to 'love the sinner, hate the sin'. Anyhew, yeah. That's why we can believe in both creation and evolution.
  8. I don't think they have to be mutually exclusive.
  9. WooHoo! Finally got my Wii! Wii number: 2312 8838 2526 2428
  10. Why didn't they bring it up before the Wii was launched? It's not like the controller was a secret. Oh, that's right. If they had done so, Wiis wouldn't have sold and made Nintendo billions to be ripe for a lawsuit. Lame.
  11. I know this thread is about Fast Food Nation, but I wanted to comment on the Super Size Me comments... Does the average American really eat all three meals at McDonald's every day? Really? Likely no. Even when I worked in a mall with a McDonald's it was only once a day and at max, 5 days a week. That's 16 meals at McDonald's/week difference, and that's a lot. Also, a friend of mine decided he should gain weight... and decided to do it Super Size Me style. He lasted 3 days before he was vomiting and losing weight. He went from being a bit of a health nut to that, and that's the result. Couldn't even last a week. I just use that example to point out how extreme a diet change that really is, even if you sometimes eat McD's. Also, another person (this one a gym teacher in Edmonton) decided to do the Super Size Me diet... but didn't change his excercise habits. He didn't gain a pound. He did it to prove to his students how important excercise is. They also learned their lesson. You CAN eat fast food three times a day and remain healthy.
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