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  1. New York City! I'll be there in two weeks! I'm seeing Rent and we're staying at a hotel not far at all from Times Square.
  2. Storyline: Renowned adventurer Indiana Jones has dared to search for the tomb lying in this pyramid. It is said that the tomb holds unimaginable riches. Jones ignored the ledgend saying "anyone who entered the pyramid never lasted more than 30 seconds." Will he make it out alive? You're about to find out. =] Based on "Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye" and "The Revenge of the Mummy"
  3. aaaaw only 7 lesbians!? *tear* ]':
  4. Me at Gibson Ranch. It's supposed to like this:
  5. ^Really? Grrr stupid step-brothers! Why do I always believe what they say?!
  6. Wow that really sucks. That's longer than a normal school day for me. But to have that for the summer...eww. D:
  7. I'm gay, my mom's a lesbian (and she has a partner who we live with), and my aunt's a lesbian (and she has a partner as well.) So pretty much my family is (in Mark's words) a freaking gay fest. =]
  8. Some more. =] rawr.bmp Moi. =] Me and Sophie. =]
  9. Here are some of me: Me and my bestie. =] Me and my friends at Gibson Ranch. I'm on the far right.
  10. When did anyone on this forum reply saying they hated Jesus? Because I looked and I didn’t find any.
  11. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Wes (thanks to my wonderful friend. ) I think someone might have eventually said something stupid that might offend someone else if Wes hadn't put out that warning. But so far this topic HAS been pretty civil. =]
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