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  1. Hi guys from Ryan from the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain. For the first time I just had to post. Just got back from a fantastic tour uf USA, and I must say it was a pleasure to be in your country. Well where do I start? I have just got to say I have a new number 1 woodie......."VOYAGE" "Shivering Timbers rest in peace at number 2" Wow"" Like I have always said to all my friends here in the U.K. If you want to ride the best coasters in the world, go to America. Hades, was also a fab woodie. Wow you guys are real lucky over there Waiting for your own personal views Roll on USA trip 2009
  2. Hi guys.This is my very first topic on this site I will be in the good old USA in 5 weeks and I can't wait to ride the "Voyage" Is it as rough and intense as they say it is? and has it been trimmed in any way since it opened. As you can tell by my name Rough Rider, I do like my coasters to be a little fierce. What are your views guys...thanks Ryan
  3. Hi guys. Just been on a Tagada ride at my local travelling fair in good old Pembrokeshire in Wales (Not far from Megafobia at Oakwood) IT WAS REALLY INTENSE. The ride operator actually made a statement that there were no Tagada rides any where in the......USA Can any of you guys confirm this statement, as I'm very curious. Thanks Ryan
  4. Hi guys, Just thought I would ask you to explain your AVATAR, ............as some seem a little strange and wonderfull. Looking forward to your replies Ryan
  5. Rough Rider

    UK Trip 2006

    Hi Rob/guys Any chance you can PM me as soon as you know if you will be visiting Oakwood on your UK trip, as I would like to meet up with you guys, as I only live a few miles from the park Ryan (Rough Rider)
  6. WOW!! Great to hear from some of you. Looking forward to meeting up with some of you next June at Oakwood. It is really strange getting replies from Europe and the good old USA and other members from different parts of the world...especially with the time difference! But ...HEY, thats what makes this such a great board One question, Who will be riding "The Voyage" next year? as unfortunately I will not be there next year with the RCCGB.....BUT, I will be at Holiday World in 2007 You all take care. Merry Xmas Ryan
  7. Hi gang. My name is Ryan (Rough Rider) and I would just like to take this opportunity to say HI! as this is my first time posting on this message board. Just to give you a little bit of information about myself.....First of all I am a member of the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain, and have been for about 12 years. I live about 16 miles from Oakwood Theme park here in good old Pembrokeshire in West Wales G.B., and I am very lucky to be so close to a great woodie...namely Megafobia, which is well worth a trip over the pond for. My ride count for Meggy stands at 4040 at this moment in time, Hmm! I might try and squeeze in a grand total of 5000 rides by the end of next season to celebrate her 10th birthday. Please post me and let me know who is visiting Oakwood next year and I will try and arrange to meet up at the park. Just before I finish off, I thought you might like to know what my favourite coasters are......for WOOD it has to be the great "SHIVERING TIMBERS" at Michigans Adventure,.........and for STEEL, it has to be "Superman Ride of Steel" at six flags New england. Hope to hear from some of you, Regards,Ryan (Rough Rider)
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