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  1. There is probably some truth to that. I have more questions more then I have answers. Its not like its some well known ride or anything...I am just puzzled by it all.
  2. How ironic that they were last seen in Fresno? Yeah! The coaster was purchased and brought to Fresno for a future theme park project, but it went bust. I'm surprised they donated the cars...whats up with the track?I find it all very odd.
  3. I figured it out. Lightning Bolt from MGM Grand http://rcdb.com/105.htm Courtesy of RCDB
  4. Hey TPR Folks! So this was a really unique experience today. I went down the road to the local Habitat for Humanity (AKA recycler store) and to my surprise...Roller Coaster Cars! I was shocked to see these in the side yard. I inquired to one of the employees as to where they came from. He said "I cant give away any personal information of the donator, all I can say is they were donated." Well no duh... He said they have about 12 cars in storage, but only brought two to the shop for display and to entice interest. I looked them over but couldn't find any makers marks or plaques indicating a park of any kind. There was just your generic "Remain seated at all times" sign in the cars. Any one have any idea what they are off of? For all I know they are from some crappy carnival ride. But cool none the less. -Ryan King P.S. They are asking 325 dollars per car...in case you're wondering.... P.S.S. The wheels say "Made in Germany" Roller Coaster Cars! Wicked! Wonder what they are from? Wheel porn for you wheel nerds More wheelie porn
  5. Hey Fellow Coaster Enthusiasts! The other night I went through and organized my "Theme Park Goodies" box, and stumbled across this piece of track cut from the original ride Flashback from SFMM. (http://rcdb.com/128.htm) I never actually rode the ride myself, but won this at one of the events that Robb & Elissa hosted at the park some years back. I am just not that dedicated to the piece, and have other items I cherish more-so then this one. I am willing to give it away to another enthusiast who will appreciate it more then myself, just pay for the shipping, and its yours. I can fit it into a flat rate envelope easily. (Sorry, no international shipping). First person to respond gets it. Good Luck! -Ryan King
  6. Good Ol Glazed Donut...or I would go for a Maple Bar Jud'ys Donuts - Right Gisco?
  7. If the Transformers movies can make money, I have no doubt this will still make a fortune---even if it does suck. Hook. Line. & Sinker. Well put Joey.
  8. I thought they were called..."The Whisperers?" But I havent caught up in the comics yet.
  9. Also...just saw this announced by Lego...
  10. I just read that last night myself. Pretty stoked for a Prequel series. Hopefully it will give us much more insight to how everything went down. We really just get thrown into it in the comic book series and in the television show. But I have this feeling that Darryl isn't going to make it out of this season alive. I feel like they are setting him up for his end. But we will see how it all plays out. Needless to say, I am very stoked. They say the season finale will be an hour and a half??
  11. Thats exactly what I am worried about.... I feel like its going to just bomb....bad. But everyone I talk to about it seems to think the complete opposite. I'm going to go into this expecting the worst...(Although it cant be much worse then a rex in San Diego). ...can it?
  12. For me, Thunder Dolphin comes to mind. It looks amazing in photos, but delivers a lack-luster ride. It could be so much more. I expected high speeds and airtime. I got very little of both. Still a fun ride, just, not what I expected.
  13. Wow! Its been a long time. I have a lot of things to catch up on. Look forward to meeting new people and catching up on all the news.
  14. I was scoping out your Trips tonight in hopes of maybe signing up for one this year! But you guys are always on the run so you deserve the break. Hope all is well. Looking forward to a hopeful future Japan trip. ;D
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