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  1. I finally had time to work on my No Limits 2 coaster! Here is some pictures of my progress on Wild Rocket! I finally starting supporting this coaster! Here is the launch and the the first inversion! The entire layout of Wild Rocket. It's small, but that's becasue it's my first coaster in No Limits 2. Here is another project that I recently started working on! I don't have a lot done on my next project, but I I have the lift hill, the first drop, and the first airtime hill done! The RMC coaster is only a side project until I finish Wild Rocket. I will also be posting a PO
  2. I have busy with many things and won't be posting any updates for awhile. However, I have decided to post some sort of video related to SFWN every Tuesday and Thursday for the next couple of weeks! I really appreciate all of the comments you guys have made, so this park isn't going anywhere! Six Flasg Wild Northwest will continue on October 21st! Here is the first video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PHE95nCCTM Check back for another video on Thursday, September 25th! -Atter.
  3. Her0ofLIme and benboyrocks got hacked, so ignore this comment.
  4. Is the unnamed group Six Flags? Everyone seems to make their RCT3 park a Six Flags park.
  5. November 5th, 2004 Logan Winton-PR Manager Official Press Release "Six flags Wild Northwest announces Meltdown, a new thrilling ride that will flip riders 360 degrees multiple times! Get ready to feel the heat on this exciting attraction that stands at 105' Ft. tall and reaches speeds of up to 30 MPH! Meltdown will open in the summer of 2005!" The Ride's logo. Announcement Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMM7BnrCcUw Well, it looks like it's finally been revealed! I can't wait for all of our guest to ride this amazing new attraction next year! I hope to all of see y
  6. Well, the park already has a ride named Thunderstorm. The real name of the ride has something to do with heat and liquid. Anyway, I will be posting the announcement update tonight or tomorrow! Stay tuned! -Atter.
  7. November 4th, 2004 360 Degrees. Here is one final clue before we reveal the big news! -Logan Winton.
  8. A.J. never said you would be banned for making another post, he said you would be banned if you made another separate thread for Douglas Gardens, which is what you just did.
  9. September 20th, 2004 Logan Winton-PR Manager Hello, I've been very busy these last couple of days, but I wanted to visit the park on last time this year! I think I lot of our guest have been speculating on what we are adding next year, so I decided to swing by Timber Twist to see if there was any construction in that area. I also visited Cascade Plaza, so I could check up on my favorite section of the park! This is such a beautiful section of the park! Will this view change next year? Here is a random shot of Samurai's queue! It doesn't look like there is any sign of construc
  10. September 24th, 1972 Phil Fields-Park Manager Pinewood Park has had a very successful first year and Cascade Financial Company, the company that had invested into this park, has decided to invest in other properties after seeing the large income that Pinewood Park gave them! I don't have too may details on what they have planned, but it sure looks like a good sign for this park! Anyway, here are some photographs I took of my visit on the last day of the 1972 season! I got to the park right when it opened! Later in the day, I decided to ride Blizzard! I really like how the park
  11. I suggest moving this to the same thread as before. It seems like a waste of a thread, since you can just post this in the original Douglas Gardens thread.
  12. Why did you post a new thread just for an update of your park? You should just post this in the same thread as before.
  13. I started working on my first major No Limits 2 coaster awhile ago and I just finished the layout of the ride. I haven't done any of supports yet, but I will soon! This is just a work in progress. I look forward to posting more updates for this coaster! A train headed into the mid-course break run. The final inversion of the ride. The inversion that is right before the mid-course break run. I know it isn't much, but I will make sure to show off more of the coaster in the next update!
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