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  1. Because I go on coasters for an adrenalin rush, not a headache...
  2. 1. Batman: The Ride clones (THATS RIGHT! NUMERO UNO!) 2. Alpenguist (BGE) 3. Top Gun (Carowinds) 4.Blah 5.Blah
  3. Get "Jiggy Wit It", so he slowly started to pull out a knife. Elissa somehow knew this wasn't the normal Robb so she...
  4. Go, only if you plan on doing other stuff in that area. Swamp Fox is near it and a bunch of Ripley's stuff! Putt-Putt!
  5. Sorry to hear that. My dog is 14 and isn't doing so well.
  6. "Robb moons Tom from the ground below"
  7. Blackpool is suppose to get the tallest and fastest in 2007 0r 2008 called The Bigger One! It was in an ACE magazine (haha, I know) http://skyscrapercity.com/archive/index.php/t-224827.html It lauches off of a peir! The tophat will be over the water!
  8. Drop towers more than once. The second time makes me feel sick for like 2 hours. Gravitrons make me feel confused right when I get off of one.
  9. Alpinguist. It's not that great and the cobra roll hurts. The first drop is pretty sweet.
  10. UGHH! I have to do my homework! I have two bruises on the same knee and its cold.
  11. I still dont like going in the ocean. Damn you JAWS! Even though it is a classic...
  12. Comfort- B&M Hyper, Intamin Lap Bars, B&M Flying Coasters Style- Steam Donkey. Locking tubes put out steam! Dueling Dragons Rock 'N' Rollercoaster
  13. Any park is worth going to. Six Flags America is one of SixFlags worst in service, maitenence etc. The coasters are pretty good. They have a Superman Ride of Steel and Batwing.
  14. Can you give me advice on how to correct my proportion. When ever I try a coaster drawing I never make the cars and track look correct if I am drawing an inversion that is facing toward me.
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