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  1. They should send it to SFOG. Replace Ninja with Doppel Looping and then you got a great looping coaster over water.
  2. ^ I agree completely. He murdered people in the most barbaric ways possible.
  3. What's your favorite haunted house? Mine is Netherworld in Georgia. It's very scay. It's also the 2nd best haunted house in America. www.fearworld.com
  4. This is why i'm scared of these rides. Like mentioned before, a crane could get the people off.
  5. NEVER WILL VEKOMA come close to intamin or B&M NEVER say this again (especially in front of elissa) Maybe you are right although I have been on a few Vekoma's that beat a couple B&M coasters. Ninja(SFOG) alot better than Kumba in my opinion.
  6. It seems like B&M and Intamin are going to have some serious competition.
  7. I still doubt it will be removed. When Busch confirms it on their website then I will believe that Python is leaving.
  8. Silver Bullet and Hydra are probably the most forcless B&M coasters. I think Hydra was only intence in the cobra roll.
  9. I still don't get why Titan has an extra helix if you don't feel anything.
  10. I think Arrow and Vekoma corkscrews are better than B&M corkscrews.
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