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  1. Hmm...I really don't know how I feel about this, but I'm leaning toward the positive. Cedar Fair is usually cleaner and friendlier than Paramount at least. P.S. Can someone explain to me what the Paramount re-ride policy is that everyone keeps lamenting?
  2. AFI last Monday at the Nokia Theatre in NYC. They were premiering their new Miss Murder video. Best concert of my life. My friends and I were front and center against the barricade the whole time.
  3. Ratter at SFFT. I never rode it before the neuter, but remember thinking during the TRIPLE HELIX, "Wow. This would have been much cooler if we hadn't just been trimmed to a near full stop." And it would have also been better if the drop hadn't been shortened forty feet.
  4. Chiller IS still rough without the OTSRs. You still are bumping all over the place, but it's fun. Chiller blue is much better than Chiller red. Blue has been closed all of 05 and all of '06 so far, but it's supposed to open in the next few weeks. And I agree, I've been to both CP and SFGAdv (CP twice, SFGAdv 2345235 times), and I think SFGAdv is better in terms of roller coasters.
  5. I have a LOT of favorite bands. AFI, Avenged Sevenfold, Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Faint, Less than Jake, Rilo Kiley, Straylight Run, and Texas is the Reason. (That's REALLY narrowing it down, too.)
  6. Geauga Lake (or SFWOA at the time). We were on vacation in Ohio. We'd done CP a few days, then went to Cleveland a few days to be tourists, then had PLANNED to spend a day at SFWOA. I had been quite sick the entire time in Cleveland. So SFWOA day, I'm feeling pretty good, and hoped I'd be up to riding some stuff. I went on Steel Venom, (I think it was Superman at the time), and got off feeling like I was about to throw up. I felt bad too, because the park was quite empty and it could have been a good day. I lay on a bench for about a half hour while my brother and sister rode X-Flight. After that, I still wasn't feeling any better, and the HOT sun wasn't helping, so we decided to head out and go home early (9 hour drive). Overall, just a terrible experience.
  7. I love Storm Runner. It's my favorite steel coaster at HP, and I've never walked away from the line, no matter how long it is (of course, HP's EXCELLENT operations always help). Lol, I just love Hersheypark. Does it show?
  8. Big Bad Wolf scared the crap out of me when I was about 5 or 6. I ended up riding it in the end.
  9. The two rides that make me the sickest are Teacups and Huss Frisbees (I imagine giant frisbees would be worse, but I've never ridden one). At SFFT, I rode them one after the other. BIGGEST. MISTAKE. EVER.
  10. I cannot understand these rankings at all? Could you explain a bit?
  11. AFI only went pop radio because someone at MTV picked up on Girl's Not Grey, but because AFI didn't buy into it, it has pretty much ended. Yes, I thought Miss Murder was pretty good, but not as good as some of their older songs.
  12. By how you have no attraction to girls and an extreme curiosity (very soon leading to attraction) towards males. That was at 10 for me. I spent the next 5 years convincing myself that I was wrong, pretending to be straight, or trying to change it. Obviously, that proved fruitless.
  13. Did I ride the same Cedar Creek Mine Ride as all of you? That was probably my least favorite mine train I've ever ridden. Other than that, I liked just about all the coasters. Best: Top Thrill Dragster, Millenium Force, Raptor Very good: Mantis, Wicked Twister, Iron Dragon, Blue Streak Pretty good: Mean Streak, Wildcat, Magnum, Gemini, Corkscrew Not too good: Disaster Transport, Cedar Creek Mine Ride
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