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  1. I'm thinking it means either you'll go forwards or backwards at the launch, you won't know which direction.
  2. Very sad to see that state of this park! I remember going during a TPR trip in 2011 (not sure if I'm correct) and loving Blue Streak and some of the other rides.
  3. Odinexpressen was GREAT in 2014! I loved how they waved as you flew by in the station for the 2nd trip. They were also doing that in 2016 when I went back!
  4. I understand why they are doing this too, but I have always loved the charm of the entrance. It does get VERY crowded before the park opens. This is huge construction process since its taking the place of the old entrance. When I first heard this I thought they would build the new entrance in another location to the side. This is why they most likely announced this early.
  5. I can't wait to see what they announce! What does everyone think will happen to the old entrance area (meaning the shops)? It's crowded which makes sense to move it but I love that area and would hate to see it demolished.
  6. Wow! This thing looks amazing and seems like a very long coaster. I also love the two vertical loops, I'm 100% going to this park next year!
  7. Looks like a great addition! I still need to get out there and finally ride all these coasters at the park. I'm thinking next year is finally that year!
  8. This thread can be one of the worse at times, it's always the same thing over and over again. Hopefully someday they will get a new coaster but they do have Superman, so that's a plus any park would want in my opinion. Also, at least the coaster count isn't going down by 1.
  9. That section of the park has changed completely since my first visit back in the early 90's.They have removed over a dozen rides from where Spinmeister was to where Dark Knight is now. I even remember when they had a smaller ferris wheel in that area! I'm guessing everyone is right and they are placing a Giant Discovery!
  10. I work for an Architectural Metal Company and a job came in a few months back to bid on and it was the TRON coaster! They sent the AutoCAD files to review for the bid (Just the metal wall panels) but we ended up not getting the job. The AutoCad file was so detailed, it was pretty amazing to see.
  11. Marshalls usually has them and Total Wine & More also, but Total Wine (I used to work there) also sells.....
  12. I'm very excited to see what they do with the expansion BUT I do love the current entrance. I know it's cramped but I think with the buildings and trees, it's one of my favorite parts of the park. If they move the entrance I'm wondering what will happen to that existing area. I have been going to the park since I was a small kid and remember when they first expanded with Sidewinder and Canyon River Rapids.
  13. I feel the same way and I had never seen the movie! It actually made me want to watch the movie finally, which I did! I just kept saying "OMG" the whole ride and I didn't even take my eyes off the screen! Its truly the best ride I've even been on! It's up there with my buzzed night drinking on Helix 10 times in row!
  14. Looks great!! I really need to get there this year at some point! I wish US parks were as relaxed as overseas parks.
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