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  1. I saw Gran Torino: 8.5 The movie had a good plot and flawless dialogue. And although it's no cinematic milestone, it's very entertaining to see the world through the eyes of an old man. Speaking of eyes, Clint Eastwood has shiny black eyes like a shark's eyes.
  2. I really think this looks like an awesome ride. And the new train design looks awesome. Especially the back seats. Just flying all over.
  3. Wow, long lines. I also like the outside dive element. It looks as though it would make someone puke! Wow.
  4. Wow. Sonic Boom looks like it would be quite a rush. I would love to ride it!
  5. I liked this coaster a lot. I re-rode this coaster about ten times! That almost never happens with me, and someone else's creation. You have to love a huge layout. I don't mind the banking at all, this was just a fun coaster.
  6. Yes. Have you ever ridden a camel before?
  7. Mine is Renegade. It shows how hot it is! Yeah! This picture was taken on opening day.
  8. Renegade is a million times better than Wild Thing!
  9. I saw Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix. I liked the film, but for some reason, it reminded me of an album from Iron Maiden (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son). Don't ask why, it just did. I give the film 7/10
  10. I was at Valleyfair today, and while waiting in line for Xtreme Swing, I was wondering what it would be like to get hit by one of the swings. Now I know. Sad.
  11. Oops. My bad. The reason I still have 1.55 is because I don't feel like buying 1.6. Also once again, I really like your coaster jappi.
  12. I like this coaster. Especially the layout and its colors. Everything is good about it, except one thing: KABOOM!
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