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  1. Vampire - Chessington World of Aventures Edit: I suppose that's more orangish.. (BTW sorry for not posting facts several pages back)
  2. Not yet at least. Have you ever picked a lock?
  3. Yes. 9:10 PM baby!!! Have you ever drank alcohol?
  4. Yes. Do you plan on skydiving in the future?
  5. Great TR! Also, I noticed in the pics of the booster bike that some people had their forearms within the body restraint. Is that even comfy??
  6. This looked like a really fun trip. I want to go on one of these sooo badly in the future. Thanks again for the updates. They made me wish I were there.
  7. Ehhh I've spun faster on Dizzy Dragons. Great video though. Made me laugh several times.
  8. I've never met you in real life but hey.. Happy Birthday!!!!
  9. Basically, just jazz/rock for me. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Krantz, Dave Matthews, Chick Corea, The Bad Plus, Christian McBride, Steely Dan, anything fun or interesting to listen to.
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