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  1. thanks I really appreciate it.. maybe i should upload some more.. I have some pictures from Varberg (a small swedish city)
  2. Hi it's been a while since the last time I uploaded anything but here it is, Autumn Race its an intamin launching coaster. I worked pretty hard with this and I hope you Enjoy it luanch.nltrack the file logo
  3. The northern countries doesn't have a big chance even that Finland won last year. its the eastern Europe countries that votes for each other. but I wouldn't say thats impossible to win.
  4. What is yours expectations before this big song contest. do you think your country have a chance this year? and for those who live outside of Europe, Do you guys have a chance to see this contest? http://www.eurovision.tv/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Song_Contest and if this is against the forum rules or someone has posted this thread before (I didn't found anything in the search tool) then I´m sorry and feel free to delete it.
  5. I don't wanna be rude but swiss is nut Sweden its Switzerland. But good luck with the website^^
  6. this is mine and I took the photo when I was in Italy
  7. Great trip! but what kind of ride is mission space at epcot?
  8. Like I did last year but for 2008, I´m gonna ask you guys what your coaster goals is for 2008? I am gonna travel to USA for the first time in life to Orlando florida, to amusementparks like sea world and IOA. btw sorry for my english..
  9. thats me!! you see I have shorter hair now then in my picture....
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