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  1. My first coaster design put in a park! Looks good so far.
  2. Well can't wait to see what changes six flags are going to do.
  3. I love your park! Can't wait to see more of the park soon!
  4. 3 New Models! Spinning Steel Family and Thrill Models Wooden Coaster Thrill Model
  5. I really like your parks, but this is my favorite one of all!
  6. COMING MODELS Wooden Roller Coaster (Thrill Models) Spinning Steel (Family and Thrill Models) Water Coaster (Family Models) If you have any questions please post on thread!
  7. I am starting a coaster catalog with original designs by me. In order to get these designs you must message (pm) me requesting the model and link me to your park that is in progress on a forum RCT3 TPR I want these designs to big as Batman clones . Check out the ghost's RCT2 Catalog Coaster Catalog Mini-Hyper (Intamin) Model #1 (View photos below) Highest Drop: 117.22 ft Top Speed: 58 mph Length: 3123.62 ft Airtime: 20 sec Excitement: 7.65 (High) Intensity: 5.24 This ride has a small foot print and can fit in pretty tight spaces. Great for thrill seekers
  8. Construction has gone vertical. http://miablogonline.com/ http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/ Podcast
  9. It's not a Cedar Fair park without Flight Deck or ________hawk
  10. Top Gun> Flight Deck BORG Assimilator> Nighthawk http://www1.cedarfair.com/carowinds/attractions/category.cfm?ac_id=1
  11. Press Release http://www.miadventure.com/news/Thunderhawk_Press_Release.pdf http://www.miadventure.com/ Nothing surprising, many people already saw this coming
  12. I'm pretty sure quite a few of GL's rides will be going to MIA
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