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  1. I don’t know if anyone still plays but... I have found that there are max limits on levels (939), and you can max out on money earned ($4,294.967,295). Still haven’t found out the max donuts. I’m over 32,000. This is what you do when retired and bored. The red numbers indicate you’ve maxed out.
  2. You’re right. My apologies to Vonni - I hope I didn’t come off as jumping down your throat. Over the years, there was MUCH speculation and optimism about the reopening of the park, in one form or another. For a while there, it was almost a daily play-by-play of what was actually happening on this forum. But... the reality of the situation at the time was - it had it’s best shot at reopening as a waterpark/sports complex. That too, was (IIRC) voted down by the N.O. city council. In the case of SFI - once they had bought the park, the attendance figures were WAY below projections. They
  3. See my response right above your post. (And the many pages of posts before it.) We have discussed this MANY times before, over the years. Simply put - it would have failed. It was failing from the onset. All Katrina did, was solidify the fate of the park.
  4. Excellent TR Elissa!! As another person who has little/no knowledge of the Star Wars universe (I lost interest in the series with the teddy bears in the 2nd movie.), but have semi-enjoyed the last two (avoided everything in-between)... I’m glad that this ride tells its own story and, apparently, completely. Love the inside/outside/inside/outside thing!! What a unique and cool concept!! Looking forward to trying this in a couple of months at Disneyland!!
  5. I’m not much of a Star Wars fan, but this looks beyond awesome!! Like Chuck said “Holy Crap!” It is really fair to call this a “ride”, or should it be labeled an “experience”? Probably gonna head to Disneyland and check it out in late February/early March, before “Spring Breaks” starts to check it out.
  6. I can’t believe there is still discussion about this park. The park was a complete failure, from the beginning. After its’ first two years of losing major $$, they (Alpha Smartparks, who owned Castle Park in Riverside, CA, where I bought my annual pass for $22.50 for all parks they owned.) were forced to sell at a major loss. SFI stepped in thinking they could make it work by adding a couple more coasters and trees (which were definitely needed!). However, the demographics could not, and would not, support this park. Over its’ 3 year operating ownership, it lost far more money each year.
  7. I think I’ll just wait and see. It would make a nice off-season visit, but I will wait to hear someone else’s report before I venture out there.
  8. I honestly don’t know. We got to the zoo and headed for Kombo. Along the way we saw the sky ride (not knowing exactly what it was right away) and we were like wtf? We followed the track to where the entrance was, which still perplexed us, as the station was ground level. There was a girl standing out front that clued us in as to what it was. She said they were having some problems with it over the weekend (we went on a Monday)and that it probably wouldn’t open that day.
  9. I made it to the Indianapolis Zoo last year as a quick credit run, on a trip. The sky ride was down for the day, but you’re right - it looks so absolutely cool!!Glad you got to ride it! I found the zoo to be quite charming overall.
  10. I think they need to have a “Bacon & Eggs” flavored popcorn for the mornings!
  11. Great video and pics! Like the detail in so many of the models! Looking forward to the “Mint Oreo” Dippin’ Dots!
  12. No doubt - Japan is corrupting you! That’s not necessarily a bad thing!
  13. I really like the look to the new entrance plaza! The funny photo ops are really cool! That food looks amazing! Question for Robb: IIRC, weren’t all of the rides independently operated by different vendors at one time? So, has Fuji-Q had a single entity come in and unite everyone, making it a “corporate” type park, which explains the newer (and I think, better) enhancements?
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