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  1. I'm hoping they reoffer the thrill wristband later this year. I contemplated heading down this weekend until I saw the $35 wristband doesn't include anything in the Scream Zone or the Cyclone.
  2. The park is not open this Friday, so the preview plan doesn't appear to be an option in this case. Since they are not doing early entry in April, I would ride Candymonium right away only if you're at the front of the line in the morning. This is the most sensitive ride at the park to close due to winds, but it doesn't look windy on Saturday so you'd probably be fine anyways. That line dies in the middle of the day. Since this is your first visit, I would recommend hitting Skyrush early just in case it pulls an Intamin and goes down for whatever reason. If you want the front row, t
  3. I agree the section above the quarry wall is slow, but I don't mind since it keeps throwing great elements with strong airtime or lateral hangtime.
  4. Tom Foolerys Adventure Park (Texas) Late in November, the new Kalahari in Round Rock, Texas opened and it included an indoor amusement park in Tom Foolerys Adventure Park. This is the second Kalahari to include a Tom Foolerys. Unlike the water park that is included with a hotel stay, Tom Foolerys is not. Tom Foolerys is free to enter and you can either pay-per-ride or buy an unlimited wristband. The park has an electric feel on the inside between the cycling rides and loud, flashy arcade games. If you're an arcade fan, know most of the games are the modern ones you'll find at Dav
  5. Sports stadiums were able to get out of Phase 4 Step 2, so there's hope, especially considering how amusement parks have done in other states. I know Six Flags New England is trying, but the state won't budge.
  6. If amusement parks continue to be lumped with nightclubs in the state's reopening plan, I don't expect them to be allowed to open for a while unfortunately.
  7. I barely got on Harley Quinn in my 2018 trip. It reopened at the very end of the night after being down when I got to the park. It was closed in my 2020 visit.
  8. This. Is Buch Gardens hitting their attendance cap? If so, there's no incentive to open the ride right now if their attendance is already maxed out. It stinks for people planning trips and it's a tease knowing they probably are ready to open, but it's in the park's best interests to ensure they get a proper ROI on their new attraction. In the long run, it's better for us too since it'll help fund future additions. I have to admit I am a bit skeptical of the "Anticipated 2021" wording. I get not opening the ride in spring, but the fact they used anticipated instead of just saying 2021
  9. Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster has been removed from the rides page on Discovery Kingdom's website. While it is possible this could be an error, the timing is suspicious since we know Six Flags is removing 15 rides and a similar thing has happened to other rides in the chain that are confirmed removals at this point. Considering how much downtime this ride has and the awful reception it has, I wouldn't be surprised to see it go. I honestly prefer when it's closed since the ride is deafeningly loud and awful. If Six Flags is willing to cut bait with a new ride this quickly, Cyborg at Great
  10. ZDT's Amusement Park November 28 saw a major storm system come through Texas. I gambled I would have the best luck in San Antonio since there were multiple parts there. Fiesta Texas closed after just 2 hours. SeaWorld San Antonio closed 5 hours early and never opened any rides. When all hope seemed lost, I called ZDT's and asked if Switchback was open. I expected it to be closed, but the staff enthusiastically confirmed the ride was open as long as I was willing to get wet. So I drove an hour east and was greeted with a near empty parking lot. ZDT's was a ghost town. I give th
  11. Honestly I'd love to see more parks do this if showmen don't have fairs to go to.
  12. If they continue to skip multiple rows between guests, Dorney could have 1/3 of those waits on a Tuesday.
  13. At least with the months of testing (and the fact this ride has a more conventional block system), I have to think this ride will be more reliable than Hagrid's. I was planning on being down in Florida for my anniversary the following week, so while it won't be opening day, I imagine it'll still be pulling crowds for the opening rush.
  14. I don't believe the park is using the virtual queue this year. For that reason, it's definitely possible to do both in one day. I would recommend going on the water coasters at Splashin' Safari immediately after the water park opens. If you knock those out early, you will avoid the longest waits. In my experience, the water coasters always have longer lines than the roller coasters. In most years, the coaster lines max out around 15-30 minutes.
  15. This was a problem before the pandemic for myself and others. I was asked for my ID a few times by security guards for being at Nickelodeon Universe alone. This has not been an issue inside the park since it reopened from the covid shutdown.
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