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  1. I'm in the same boat. I'm in the northwest for work for the next 3 weeks. I was going to go tomorrow, but I'll postpone my trip if Coaster will be open one of the following 2 weekends.
  2. Does anyone know if Coaster is expected to open this year? It's listed on Playland's website as closed for refurbishment again. The only other mention I can find of the ride's closure is in an article on the Langley Advance Times. That article is worded in a way suggesting it may be another extended closure: "Again this year, Playland’s famous Wooden Roller Coaster is still not operating due to refurbishment work." Wasn't a lot of work done over the ride the past 1-2 years? I'm hoping this is just some minor trackwork.
  3. Just a warning to anyone going to Lake Compounce the rest of the year, they have had a major issue with ride closures lately. Last weekend, Wildcat was the only coaster open. Phobia, Zoomerang, and Boulder Dash were down for maintenance. Flash forward to this weekend. 3 coasters are currently listed as temporarily closed. Boulder Dash has a lift issue. The ride had to be evacuated and it sounds like it's unlikely to be fixed this weekend. Wildcat valleyed. And Zoomerang still hasn't been fixed. Phobia started off listed as closed, but it did reopen.
  4. I really liked this park a few years and just thought they needed a signature coaster. This should be it. The ride looks great!
  5. The park has posted two opening updates on Facebook. First, they announced a few days ago that Matugani (former Kanonen) will not be ready to open with the park. Second, they announced they will be delaying the theme park's opening until 6/18 due to construction delays.
  6. Of the two last year, I much preferred Scary Farm. For HHN, not all the rides are open and many that are open close early.
  7. Does anyone know if Sandy's Blasting Bronco is open? On one hand, not a single ride is listed as closed right not at Nickelodeon Universe. On the other hand, that seems like a borderline miracle that not a single ride is closed given the park. Edit- The ride closures are no longer listed under Park Alerts on the home page. When you go to buy tickets, it states Sandy's is still closed for annual maintenance and Skyline Scream is closed because it's Skyline Scream.
  8. Queue-Times shows Orion as open unless that's an error. Then again, didn't Cedar Point reopen Steel Vengeance on the same day the ride bumped by running one train?
  9. Considering how strong this park's top 2 is, a coaster like Dr. D or basically any launch coaster would fit in perfectly.
  10. Today is such a weird day for crowds. The shortest wait for a coaster all-day has been Superman since that crew is absolutely killing it.
  11. I'm surprised we got the off-peak rate given how swamped Dollywood and Pigeon Forge was for spring break.
  12. This was the actual view of the better of our cabins. You could see Lightning Rod in the distance if you knew where to look. The shots were taken from the parking lots where there were less trees in the way.
  13. I'm pretty sure most people book cabins in Pigeon Forge for the view of the Smokies. I picked cabins with views of Dollywood's coasters. I was able to get some unique shots of Lightning Rod and Wild Eagle the past few days. Speaking of Lightning Rod, the coaster only opened for the final 8 minutes of the day on Sunday due to the prior day's snowstorm and then it ran like it's usual self on Monday with a delayed opening and multiple breakdowns.
  14. I'm excited to see more single rider lines. I wonder where they'll be routed.
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