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  1. ^ That has been my experience in past years, but the good train early in the season got bad by the end of it.
  2. ^ I agree it's fun careening through the woods at 50+ mph. That's why you'll see me on Mystic Timbers or Diamondback over Beast. Beast is unique though. That's for sure.
  3. I agree Carowinds is more top heavy, but Kings Island's supporting coasters are much more memorable.
  4. Not a fan of the name, but this ride looks incredible and that's the important thing. I love Time Traveler and this layout looks a lot more involved.
  5. ^ That's also a great time to go since you can maximize night rides. Kings Island really is one of the best parks in the world for those since so many of their coasters go out into the woods.
  6. Did you ride Banshee in late August? That was when the ride was rough. And I was nerdy enough to note which train I rode back in July and it was the same color. It really is a strong, diverse lineup.
  7. I got one week's use of my annual pass before Disneyland shut down. If my math is correct, that means Disney will be refunding $577 of my $599 so I essentially went to Disneyland 5 times for the low price of $22. I think I got my money's worth!
  8. Kings Island I made three different visits to Kings Island in 2020 with the primary goal of riding Orion. Each visit was radically different. The first was July 4. This was Orion's third public operating day, so I was limited to just three rides due to FastLane sales being suspended and the access pass system (the standby queue reopened towards the end of the day). The second was later in the summer. I was able to get FastLane, but an annoying thunderstorm in the area kept the rides closed half the day. The third was a quick pit stop on my way back to the Pittsburg
  9. Closest I've seen was a portable Dragon Wagon pulling out of a gas station. Not going to lie, I thought about following it for a split second until I realized how sad that would be.
  10. ^ Yes. The remaining ones are really spread out. 1 in North America, 1 in Brazil, 1 in Europe, 1 in Japan, and 1 in South Africa.
  11. Lake Compounce used to have Garfield as a mascot, which isn't too surprising considering they're owned by the same parent company as Kennywood. He used to be incorporated into the logo of Wildcat, so outside of a coaster t-shirt for that ride, I don't recall there being any Garfield merchandise. Another park with Garfield as a mascot is Silverwood, but I wasn't looking for merchandise related to him. Thanks! I don't recall Old Mill smelling that bad when I rode it.
  12. Meanwhile the truck driver was probably confused why he was being tailed by someone with a camera.
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