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  1. I always stick to Gold unless a specific ride is a Platinum exclusive. By the time the employees scan my Flash Pass unit and I get off the ride, usually my next reservation is ready to go.
  2. I had a similar experience at Indiana Beach where one of the operators criticized me for wearing a mask saying it was useless. I still think the craziest thing I heard from a ride op this year was the 9/11 joke one of them told at Holiday World. That was after the same employee mentioned the comedy shows of today can't compete with the classics...like SpongeBob.
  3. Great report! The return times with the Flash Pass at Great Adventure this past weekend were equally as crazy. But I would much rather be strolling around the midway rather than packed into a bunch of switchbacks with others right now. That's a bummer Wonder Woman was taken off the Flash Pass, but that does make sense with the reduced capacity. I always find it awkward trying to get to Flash Pass merge points that are inside the main queue. I had a similar issue at Dollywood earlier this year trying to get to the Timesaver entrance for Lightning Rod when the queue spilled onto the
  4. Six Flags Great America has been given permission to reopen for Holiday in the Park...sort of. The park can open, but they cannot operate any rides. News Article- WGNTV
  5. I have a few water resistant masks that I've worn at water parks this year. I wouldn't be surprised if the staff has to wear masks. I think it was Splashin' Safari where the staff had to wear masks.
  6. The park reached out a second time to clarify about the Toothless water coaster. Single riders can ride, but they cannot ride alone. They will send a lifeguard around with single riders.
  7. I heard back from the park. Single riders are allowed on the water coaster as long as they are 150 lbs.
  8. ^ Whoops I didn't realize you were the one who commented on Facebook. Should have realized it with the name! I messaged the park for clarification.
  9. Great report! Did you see any single riders on the water coaster? I want to visit only if I can ride the water coaster. Based on the sign saying "Up to 4 Riders" unlike some of the other raft slides that say "2 to 4 Riders" it looks like I can ride as long as I hit the 150 lb minimum.
  10. I'm using a Google Pixel (original one) on Chrome. I was not able to upload multiple photos from my mobile device at once on the old forum either. The difference with the new forum is that I can select multiple photos (and then only one uploads) while the old version only let me select one at a time. It sounds like it may be my phone/browser. Usually I post reports from my desktop and that interface has never given me issues.
  11. I haven't had the chance to try it from a desktop yet, but the interface is much better from mobile than it was previously. It was much easier to add photos from mobile. The only thing I noticed so far is that it gives you the option to select multiple photos when you click "Add Files" but it would only upload one of those files. I would have to click "Add Files" multiple times to upload each photo one at a time.
  12. I went last week and Sandy's Blasting Bronco was in fact open. The ride is fantastic. It's easily the most intense backwards launch out there and all 3 Immelmanns feel wildly different. It's probably my favorite ride in the park. It also ran consistently. The only issue it had is that the turntable would lock up if the ride wasn't running non-stop (it was an empty day). When that happened, maintenance would have to reset the ride which took just a few minutes. Security was much better this time. They were still there in large quantities, but they didn't harass anyone for taking pho
  13. The park updated the ride page for Sandy's Blasting Bronco. It is no longer listed as "Coming Soon" and it isn't on the list of closed rides that was just updated. So it sounds like it's opening today. In other news, the spinning/flipping bumper cars were added to the closed list. I forgot there was a ride out there more unreliable than Lightning Rod.
  14. Fixed that for you. Yes this happened last year in HITP. Nothing was open except the SLC. Unfortunately, Governor Baker reiterated today that amusement parks will remain in phase 4 (along with bars, night clubs, and ball pits), which won't begin until there's an effective vaccine or effective treatment.
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