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  1. Superman is my favorite floorless coaster. I love the forces and that layout. It also surprised me last time when I stopped at the nearby shopping mall and saw it poking above the quarry up there.
  2. Great report! Even when I went to Nickelodeon Universe on a busy Saturday last year, Shellraiser was a walk-on. I think the location in the back corner of kiddie land is the biggest culprit.
  3. Great Chase at Six Flags America. I had no shame since it was a walk-on.
  4. El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure, my new home park for the rest of the year with New England's parks all closed.
  5. I wonder how far out the entrance the line for Candymonium extended for that line! I admittedly started with it when I visited Hersheypark on a weekday over the summer since it was the main reason for me visiting and I wanted to make sure I rode it just in case it went down (even though it was unlikely considering it was a B&M hyper). Almost the entire queue building was filled and I think that took 60 minutes.
  6. Great Adventure has quite a bit of security too at night. And on both my HallowFest visits this year, I saw fights break out in the parking lot so it was definitely warranted.
  7. On one hand, it'd be great to see this park use their infinite amount of land. On the other hand, that would make me want to go back there.
  8. It's hard to observe the pot smoking because of all the fog, but you can definitely smell the difference!
  9. I was stunned Roar had two trains going in my visit, but it was needed on Wild One. I wish that coaster was still in Massachusetts as it would have been just 15 minutes from my parents' house. That SLC is among the worst out there and I've gone a decade without riding it. I have no intention of ever riding it again. Firebird (in the back) is a ride I'll ride at least once every visit. The only bad part in that row is the exit from the corkscrew, but I agree the park's other coasters are mostly better.
  10. Nice report! Wasn't it 45-50 degrees today? El Toro struggles a bit in the cold, as evidenced by how it valley a few weekends ago on a test run. I thought it was running fast once it warmed up in my October visits. On those days, the high was 60-65 and it got down to 50-55 at night. As for row requests, it varies wildly by operator. I'll ask on the rides where it makes a difference to me and if I get the row I want, great! If not, I just roll with it and am thankful the park is open.
  11. Nice report! Superman wasn't loading every row earlier this month, but I'm not surprised considering they were trying to pair groups up at Batwing when I was there. Both those coasters were only running one train for me and I'm guessing it was the same for you? I enjoyed Firebird in the back, but it was awful in the front.
  12. If that layout is correct, it looks like there's a non-inverting loop midway through the ride. That would be really disorienting on a spinner. Each side can be different. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but the green side on Six Flags New England's Joker gives more flips than the purple side. Meanwhile the purple side tends to give less flips, but you're more likely to get one on the raven turn.
  13. ^ Aw man, Hellevator was just a turbo drop for me last year at the PNE. I'm just glad it held me at the top for the view!
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