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  1. Lake Compounce was stunned that was Idlewild's policy, so I'm hoping they can raise the issue to streamline it going forwards. But Boulder Dash and Phantom's Revenge...
  2. 2021 is the first year that Palace Entertainment started offering a Platinum Pass good at all their American parks. It is supposed to offer free admission and free parking at all their US properties. Since I live so close to several of them and not too much more expensive than my Lake Compounce season pass, it made a lot of sense for me to purchase one. While the entry process with season passes for other chains like SeaWorld, Cedar Fair, and Six Flags is straightforward, there has been zero consistency with how you enter a Palace Park. I wanted to make this forum to figure out how Pla
  3. They closed their antique car ride so they could use that sizable building as a station/queue and then have the ride run down that empty midway and then go behind the arcade/restaurant.
  4. It opened with the park today, but it didn't open until 3 yesterday. Once it opens, it has a few 5-10 minute breakdowns a day it seems.
  5. One of the security guards by Jersey Devil told a few of us it is likely down for the day. It looks like they’re trying hard to get it back up though.
  6. Before the covid shutdown, security would approach anyone alone in Nickelodeon Universe, especially if you took a photo. I was asked for my ID multiple times. I didn't have an issue in my last visit inside Nickelodeon Universe, but mall security came up to me in my car when I chose to eat my pizza there instead of in a crowded food court in the middle of a pandemic.
  7. Does anyone know if Shivering Timbers has opened yet for the 2021 season? Queue-Times is usually pretty good, but it's showing that Shivering Timbers has been listed as "Closed" every day thus far in 2021.
  8. We tried going to Chocolatier this past weekend, but it was a 5 hour wait when we tried putting our name in around 5, so they stopped taking names. At least the nearby Primanti's wasn't a bad back-up plan! As for Fahrenheit, it closed early on both Saturday and Sunday. It was cycling empty test trains at the end of both days, so I'm not sure what's going on with that ride. It opened late in my prior visit to the park earlier this year. In the past, it's usually really reliable.
  9. Speaking on the one at Canobie, their's is impossible to snap. They have metal chains limiting the motion of the fin. It also isn't a super fast one. Kong at Morey's is another one with a strict no snapping rule. That one is located on top of a building, so I suspect it can be snapped if you get a good wind. Eagles Flight at Holiday World is a hard one to snap, but the park allows it. American Flyers at Lake Compounce is a slow one, but they're very snappable. In the past, they allowed snapping, but there was one operator this year who took issue with it. Flying Scooter
  10. I didn't look yesterday since crowds were so light, but I didn't see anyone using one.
  11. It'll be interesting if the other parks in the chain make you do the same thing as Kennywood.
  12. Also, just a FYI to anyone who bought the Palace Platinum Pass. I bought mine with Lake Compounce as my home park and when I went to the turnstiles at Kennywood, they couldn't scan it. I'm not sure if the other Palace parks that aren't your home park are like this, but you need to have your Platinum Pass scanned by guest services. They'll then print a paper ticket that you use to enter the park.
  13. Yesterday, it rained very hard for a 15-20 minute stretch. Kennywood kept most things open during that time except Steel Curtain. The bigger issue is if the park uses the rain as an excuse to close the park early, but while they're open, they're good about keeping rides open as long as there's no thunder and lightning. I would prioritize Steel Curtain if its clear when you arrive at the park. The ride is only on one train and a lot of people will head there first since it was closed all of last year. The line was around 45-60 minutes most of the day, which the employees were saying wa
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