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  1. Inquiring minds want to know, does Alan Shilke still have that kick ass mullet?
  2. Only 1400 feet? That is a bit bittersweet, that isn't much different from the sears tower which is only 16 bucks.
  3. Actually OzCat was originally envisioned as a Aeroplane clone. it however became something completely different aside from the first drop. Too bad we have lost this woodie as well! http://www.coastergallery.com/2003/CC08.html
  4. Why? As long as they are kept covered and moisture free what difference does it make? If they were taken off they would be sitting in locations no better then they are now. The park has woodworkers who carve new pieces for the horse every year. The bodies and heads are one piece but the legs, ears, tail etc are all separate pieces. Makes a lot of sense!
  5. Don't be surprised if the claw goes completely down, they have over an inch of ice on everything in Dayton and travel is restricted to emergency personnel only, anyone else caught on the road can be arrested. Add in 50 MPH wind gusts and hundreds of extra pounds of ice on everything and it would not be surprising at all to lose power.
  6. While not a Coaster, the S&S drag racers at Old Town are a pretty rare "credit" Was not open for long at all, was quite expensive, and I really don't know many people who rode it. During Iaapa one year I used "connections" to ride everything at Old Town over and over again for free. We figured it out and it would have cost each of us over 300 bucks to ride as many times as we did.
  7. How about Intimadator 305 pre trims? Or Sandor's reported ride on Maverick with the soon removed zero g roll?
  8. You would have to average 151 MPH 20 Minutes isn't going to happen. In fact I have gotten two tickets on I-75 between Dayton and the Monroe exit one was for going 76, the other 82. These were separated by 5 years! Both times I was on my way to Kings Island. They patrol that stretch of road like mad!
  9. JDee is my wife and she is pretty adamant you got 5, I still think 4. Very Impressive!
  10. I wouldn't expect Condos on Lake Shaffer for the next century. It's not that type of area at all. Number one it's not a nice lake compared to those in Northeastern Indiana and two even if it were it would have condos but family summer lake houses instead. The campground is worth nothing without IB, it's the only reason people come there at all. To boot the place is really really tiny with no way to get access to the end of the pennisula. It wouldn't work well for houses at all and beyond that, the property values on Lake Shaffer are very low. Take it from a local, we will never see condos in place of Cornball.
  11. I was not talking about track design but new trains on old track like the Great Nor'easter. This isn't a Premier type issue , premier had everthing designed perfectly, the rides were just way to aggressive for OTSR's. The SLC's for example are total crap to begin with from an engineering point of view, sure these new restraints make them better but they still suck. If you want to hunt BUy a new dog, or in this case a completely new well designed ride.
  12. You can dress up an old dog...doesn't mean it will hunt any better.
  13. Think about every B&M, they all go up to the brakes, never down to the brakes. The reasoning is reduced wear and tear. No different then the aforementioned wooden coasters.
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