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  1. Alcohol?!?!?! That's CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I love the Deadpool poster. It's hilarious. And I loved that movie. It was a lot of fun. But some people are seriously talking like it deserves a Best Picture nomination. But if it get a BP nom, Hollywood is officially dead. Close up shop. Just watch indie or French or German or Korean movies...
  3. I say "boo". The film was pure egotism and self-indulgent tripe...
  4. My 8th grade graduation video. How many people die in the movie Jaws?
  5. Six Flags St Louis Holiday World Silver Dollar City (Worlds of Fun is a close 4th)
  6. Every track on the new A Tribe Called Quest album. Because music ended when they temporarily broke up...
  7. If there is anyone here who actually likes good movies (I still haven't seen Dr. Strange, which looks good), see Arrival. But only if you are not 15 or think that Suicide Squad was good. Because it involves actual thinking. Which could be a drawback....
  8. I am not a tough guy, but I have like 3 inches and 40 pounds on Negan. Take Lucille away from him, and he is a simpering little biatch. And his henchmen may seem powerful to us now, but consider that they didn't see any of Rick's people for a hella long time until the plot needed them to. The show is so beyond dumb, it isn't even funny. Yet I still watch. God only knows why....
  9. There are still girls aged 13-17 on Facebook? Are they ones who just recently abandoned their MySpace pages? Maybe they'll get around to Instagram by 2019....
  10. A public forum is not the best place to have a tempertanturm. Between that and your obsession with hillbillies I strongly recommend therapy. I have already explained acouple pages back the thought process on how things are being ran. If you didn't read it or didn't understand it, I can't help you. Unplug the computer and walk away. I apologize for my venting. I don't think I said anything terribly controversial, but on the other hand, I do understand the reasons SFSTL doesn't have the same treatment from the parent company that, say, Great America does. But I'm an old-timer, and my
  11. I grew up with this park...literally...I was two when the park opened and probably four when I first visited. They've changed a lot over the years, some for the better, but mostly for the worst. If you're gonna destroy what we loved in our youths, don't add some crappy carnival rides. Actually add something of value....like.....a coaster? No that sounds crazy... Jesus, I get to watch a formerly "meh" park like Kings Island add awesome coaster after coaster, and we get.....what...a freaking DIsk-o? Six Flags is a garbage chain who only cares about the half a dozen parks that l
  12. I suppose I could say the same about SFOT. In fairness, I must applaud the efforts of Steve Martindale and SFOT Management. They always make sure that our park receives something respectable each year. If it was a Star Flyer, then it would be the 400ft version. If it was flats, then we would get the best flats money could buy. We are still the only SF park to haved received a Zamperla Endeavor ride. And ours has twice the seating capacity of the one at Coney. Say what you will about our forth coming S&S 4d Free Fly. It least it's not a Larson Loop or used bumper cars. Hopefully, SFSTL man
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