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  1. Just got back from Passholder Preview night and was able to get two rides on Twisted Timbers, once in the back and once in the middle. Even though I305 still remains my favorite at the park, Twisted Timbers easily falls right behind it. The barrel roll drop is one of the coolest things I've experienced and the ride has plenty of great airtime moments. I definitely can't wait to ride it more this season. Some pictures...
  2. I mean... so far they made a sign that says the name of the ride in plain, Helvetica font and out it on the roof of a rectangular metal building. Look at the bottom left of the FB picture... they're building a pretty substantial faux-brick entrance there, and apparently some covered structures in that pavilion area as well. Thank you, that's what I was referring to. The station is still a bit of an eyesore but from what I can see, the new entrance looks great.
  3. Wow. They're really going all out with the theme on this ride. I love it! So weird seeing the old Paramount logo on the station.
  4. As a Maryland resident/Terps fan, Stefon Diggs makes me proud. I was glad to see the Saints lose (can't stand Drew Brees) and seeing how Sean Payton mocked the fans right before they lost was icing on the cake. That's why you don't celebrate till the game is over. I do feel awful for Marcus Williams though. Being a Redskins fan, I'm hoping the Vikings win this Sunday.
  5. As someone who rode a Screaming Swing for the first time last month (Silver Dollar City's), I can say that they are now one of my favorite flat rides. I'd love to see one at this park. I honestly never was a huge fan of The Crypt.
  6. Cedar Fair is doing a damn good job convincing me to get a Platinum pass.
  7. Twisted Timbers looks amazing. Very excited for next year along with addition to WinterFest.
  8. This is what I'd like to see, although a Storm Chaser/Medusa style drop would still be awesome.
  9. I saw Incubus, Jimmy Eat World, and Judah and the Lion at Jiff Lube Live last night. Judah and the Lion-We actually missed most of their set, but from what we heard, they were good. Jimmy Eat World-I'm definitely glad I got the chance to see these guys. I remember listening to them a lot when I was in middle school so seeing them was great. They played my favorite songs last as well. Incubus-One of my favorite bands of all time and my second time seeing them. As always they put on a great show. They sounded fantastic and never skipped a beat. Great setlist as well even though they didn't play anything off their older S.C.I.E.N.C.E album. Overall it was a great show, definitely one of my favorites.
  10. Tempesto and InvadR do not have single rider lines unfortunately (I don't think any of the rides have them quite honestly). And yes you can purchase QQ at most souvenir shops in the park.
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