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  1. Amen to that! If that is what they have to do, even though I don't think they do, then it is a good thing.
  2. I like GateKeeper a lot, but I'm glad my woman is definitely a Maverick, if we're comparing to coasters here! (Which is also a beautiful coaster to look at, but additionally is... well... you know...) breaks down a lot, and occasionally someone pukes on her?? NOT where I was going with that, but you got a good out of me! Do you like it rough and wild!
  3. ^ DAMN! I have been banned for a week, and have been waiting to post that, then I saw your name next to the last post, and I thought, "NOOOO! He must have said it!". Oh well, I will re alliterate the point. Shockwave sends a shockwave from your balls right through the rest of your body. Great ride though, and the zero G roll is heaven.
  4. This one is my favorite. I have a full trip report on Donkeys from the Isle of Wight from a while ago!
  5. I find that some powerful launches feel like they are trimmed, even when they are not, due to the abrupt end to acceleration. I have noticed it on Rita and Stealth, but not other weaker launches (Kanonen). It could be perhaps this reason why it felt trimmed at the top. In my eyes, it is pretty dumb to use up so much energy, just to trim the hell out of it. The energy savings with reducing the current so it does not have to trim would be enormous over a large time.
  6. ^ Aww. Thanks and sorry. I was told this tip from another person on the forums, so I was just passing it on, as I did not know it broke park rules. EDIT: This was from the Cedar point thread:
  7. ^ Hmm. I reckon you are correct about that. It looks more like a Lunapark FS ride, as the harness is different on the Funlight rides, however they are very similar. Either one company has copied the other, or they are both part of the same company. Both are based in Czech area suggesting they are part of one company, but at the same time one could very easily copied the other. Interesting. http://www.kolotoce.sk/lunaparkfs/extreme.html
  8. Including all the time spent moving, Temple of the Nighthawk is about a 5 minute ride (I timed it), yet excluding the 3 list hills, and the final time when you are just moving to the station (which takes a minute) the ride time is actually only about 2 minutes. We are enthusiasts, who want to understand what counts as what and enjoy discussions. Hope that helps.
  9. I only ever ride those Huss rides, because of the intense flips. That is what appeals to me. The rest of the ride is a mixture between a slow flying carpet, and some uncomfortable maneuvers.
  10. ^ Yep, see my EDIT I made. Stephens call theirs Oblivion, and another video I watched said it was an Oblivion model. Still, the point I make still applied!
  11. ^ RCDB is a great place to follow this coaster. They always have great and relevant updates.
  12. ^ There are two. The Oblivion model can fit on one trailer, and the Freak Out is slightly larger and fits onto two. This was quite small, so I was comparing it to the Oblivion model. EDIT: They can be called both. The reason why I call it that, it because the Stephens fun fair one (which was meant to be at this fair) is known as an Oblivion KMG ride.
  13. ^ Thanks for that. But also, yuck! The ride felt really odd and not that pleasant. It was still quite fun, but now I know it was a Czech knock off, it makes sense. At lest there are not very many, so it is a rare ride for me!
  14. To make it worse it still tastes good, so you visit it again the next time you are at the park, and get food poisoning again. RMC's are all ripped down due to safety concerns with metal fatigue.
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