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  1. Early morning hours? Staying off properity this go around.....but: - showed up at 8am for a 9am opening for the GP - walked up with the crowd to see what I can find out about (possibly) talking my way in for the early opening for WDW hotel guests - I was asked, "which hotel are you staying?" and replied "Swan" - with that, I got a "thank you" and was allowed into the park? Is that common? Isn't there some sort of verification process?
  2. Had an interesting/great day at the park this past Tuesday: - got to the park (across the lake) by 8:30am - hit up Seven Dwarfs with about a 10-15 minute standby wait - after much bickering within our family, we ended up waiting for Peter Pan (I lost my vote!) - 15 minutes in, announcement that the ride was temporarily not running - stuck it out, and made it on after 45 minutes - pissed that we killed an hour for Peter Pan! - headed to Space Mountain via Fast Pass, and 10 minutes in- guess what? Temporarily not running, all guests were exited out, and provided a paper Fast Pass....."complained" about our previous Peter Pan encounter- and were provided another set of paper Fast Passes - at that point, we had 2 "electronic" Fast Passes, and 2 paper Fast Passes - head to the Haunted House (to use a set of our paper Fast Passes we were provided), and the attendant didn't bother to take them (guess I could have ponied them up, but didn't, with no guilt!) - same thing happened on 2-3 more occasions.....we had our paper Fast Passes in hand, and the attendances didn't bother to take them! Bottom line- b/c of those paper Fast Passes, we basically had walk ons all day! I guess with the Magicbands, the staff doesn't pay a lot of attention anymore? Eventually the paper Fast Passes were collected, but we used the last set around 9pm. PS- seemed like a good amount of temporary ride closures throughout the day on numerous attractions.....is that common?
  3. I have a new drinking game idea... go to the Sky Bar and get a good view of Nitro. Then pull up the Fury 325 cam on your phone. Every time Fury rolls out 3 trains in the time it takes the Nitro crew to send one, chug until a Nitro train appears. I'd imagine the paramedics would have a busy day that day. ^^^^^^--------in regards to SFGA Nitro going VR!
  4. I can quote and repost all day....... As soon as possible. Get the credits and leave. If you go through Baltimore stop in the inner harbor for a beer and some crab.
  5. This has (kinda') turned into what the SFA thread at the start of the spring season...... I'm sure the people near Allentown, PA are like WTF is our discussion thread trending towards the top of TPR right now?
  6. As it relates the mine trains, coasterbill has confirmed for us the following..... Yes
  7. You bet! About tonight: - Booyah! Great day/night to live in the area- got to the parking lot entrance around 5:50pm, and couldn't tell which lane(s) had the green light on.....oh I see- none! Just pull right in.... - Yes I did it again....no one at the preferred parking gate, so yup- I parked in that portion of the lot All rides were walk-ons- so our 3 hours looked like this: - The Joker (walk on/purple side/rocked only) - El Toro (2x without exiting) - Zumi (2x without exiting) - Bizarro (thank god only 2 trains were on the track! went front row/one and done) - Best of the West (closed, oh well!), so grabbed some crap in the boardwalk area - Ka (2nd row walk on) - Nitro (front row/ back row/ middle row).....then of course to "delay" our epic night, a train stopped on the lift hill! Turns out someone took out their cellphone, thus the delay was for the ride operator to make his way up the track, and take it away....glad they did it, but not at my "expense" of slowing down the night!!!! - Batman (front row, we were the only ones' on the ride!) - The Joker (green side/ good amount of spins/ fun/ 3x and did not need to exit the ride) - Sky Screamer Forgot that snacks end at 8pm, so no Dippin' Dots for me tonight! Great weather tonight! Looks like the am rain, plus a "school night" kept the crowds away big time....with schools in the NE coming to an end soon.....nights like this won't exist shortly. Glad I was able to get it in.
  8. Less about SFGA, and more about the "culture" of the Northeast....all about me, me, me- unlike the rest of the country where as people are still considerate and have some manners! (and before you go there- I'm NJ born, work throughout the entire Northeast, and still live in NJ!)
  9. Sounds great! Remember to ride in the front row of Kingda Ka and not to listen to these whiny asses. LOL. Sounds good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk It's been posted a million times, however- one more time with passion! (assumes no flash pass/you want to hit the major rides with minimal wait/all rides are operating at opening): - arrive in the parking lot no later than 9:15am (this way you can get through security and in the park prior to the 10:30am opening time) - make a left at the fountain, then high tail it to: Ka (front row)> Zumi> El Toro (2x)> Bizarro - high tail it to the complete opposite side of the park, and go: Batman> Nitro> Skull At that point- as you will! Some comments on "the rest": - Green Lantern sucks, thus unless you are a credit whore/there is no wait time, skip it - Superman (less one element) sucks, as does the wait time.....and there is always a wait! - The Joker will be a mob scene (all day, and especially at opening b/c it is being advertised in the NE like hell).....it's ok, but well below the rides I listed above....make it your last ride of the night (i.e.- get on line right before closing!) - Safari gets rave reviews, however- it is a 90- 120 minute time investment - "Vintage" rides like the skyride, log flume, runaway mine train are highly recommended, BUT again, not at the expense of not getting on the rides I suggested you hit up early when you arrive....best not to take the point of view of "well we are near it, so let's just go on it now" in the morning- circle back with 'em later in the day, and stick with the above agenda! Have fun- and if you have some Weed-b-Gon.....please bring it, as the park doesn't bother (or have the funding) to take care of the weeds in the queue lines! Basically when they build something new, it becomes "Love It and Leave It!" (you'll see what I mean when you get there- for example, look at old pics of Kingda Ka when it opened vs. how it is today; same for The Joker....looks great now, but come back in 5- 10 years!) Oh well!!!!! PS- I've been heading the park since the 70's (yes I'm an old man!!!), and I have had a season pass (each season) since around 1982....so I kinda' know the place pretty well!
  10. Or B&M hypers are just boring enough to hold a conversation on. Oh boy......here come the haters!!!!!
  11. Has anyone been on all (4) of the alpine coasters in the Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge area? If so- how do you rank them? TY!
  12. Go figure huh? You aren't alone! Thank you Joker for a kick in the balls......
  13. Yes!!!! Happy to rename- for the 3 of us that may have any interest on this "topic!" Surprised it hasn't been ousted to the TPR grave yard.....
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