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  1. ^Yeah I am thinking they did them that way to be more decorative since it is inside of the mall. They almost look like trees I guess. Perhaps the original plan was to paint them differently.
  2. Voting ends tonight for the contest to send me to India. Currently I am in 15th place, but others are gaining fast. They are sending 25 people, but voting isn't the only criteria, so all I can do is finish as high as possible! You can vote here. It only takes a few seconds! I thought I would finish off this last round of updates with Zorky's Planet in Bucharest, Romania. Zorky's Planet is located in a mall and is almost like an FEC. It has a few small flat rides, arcade games and then a coaster that actually hangs out over the bottom floor of the mall. The mall itself contains an ic
  3. Should be just a few more weeks before we get to ride this baby! Thanks for the update John!
  4. The voting in the contest to send me to Kerala, India ends soon. (See page 16 of this thread for info.) To keep this thread relevant and to thank you for the support, I am going to post some photos of a couple of rare Romanian parks in Bucharest. I love to hear feedback so post if you like this and I'll see if I can drudge up some other rare parks to post! We visited the rather drab former Communist capital of Bucharest in late March. Much of the city's historic buildings were destroyed by Nicolae Ceaușescu who was the country's communist leader for decades. He opted to destroy anythi
  5. Now on to the coasters. I am not sure which ones are permanent and which ones travel, but RCDB only lists two as permanent rides. Here we go. Our first coaster of the day. Not much, but it will do. It has been a long cold European Winter without any coasters. First we must buy our pink soap like ticket. As you can see the coaster has great view of that circular black building. The view does get better though. An improved view. Look closely. BOOBIES! Coaster - Boobies - Food. Rinse. Repeat. Next up we have a spinning mouse. Not my favorite ride. It
  6. I just want to thank everyone for the votes. Since Robb has been kind enough to allow for this, I thought I would give something back and really resurrect this thread. From January-April of last year my wife, son and I backpacked through Eastern & Central Europe. Since it was mostly during the winter, we didn't get a chance to visit many parks, but towards the end we hit up a few. Today I am going to post some pictures of Lunapark in Prague, Czech Republic. It doesn't seem there has been very much posted to TPR about this park. Lunapark is housed in a large city park that is hom
  7. I want the wait to be over! We haven't had a new coaster in our backyard for so long. I am getting really excited. A few months ago I made the decision that I was not going to visit the Adventuredome so that I will be surprised when I see El Loco for the first time. Hopefully they actually get this opened by the end of the month as promised.
  8. I use Twitter somewhat, but most of my interactions are on Facebook. This is especially the case when it comes to theme park related stuff!
  9. Hello Everyone! This thread is a few years old, but it still contains some awesome photos of lesser known parks in Asia and I thought I would bump it back up for a bit. The thread started during my family's around the world trip in 2007-2008. For 18 months we traveled all around the world and occasionally were able to hit up these local parks and post about them. Fast forward to several years later and we still travel quite extensively and I continue to write about it on my site Miles To Memories. The reason for this post is to ask for TPR's help. With Robb's permission I am resurrect
  10. This park looks like a winner. I love how compact and close to the building the Intamin coaster is.
  11. I sent you a PM with all of my contact information if they are interested! Let me know!
  12. I have one non-season pass holder ticket available for Saturday at SFMM. If anyone is interested let me know.
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