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  1. the accident is due technical problem on bus break system,not fog or treacherous nature... note that universal studio ssingapore also can be reach by 1 monorail and 1 road to sentosa island...
  2. Photos taken on 19th-21st August This is a sort of panorama taken from the escalators connecting Genting proper and First World. Site's busy; workers, trucks, excavators, jackhammers everywhere! Basically it looks like they want to flatten the whole area including Magic Mountain (where Corkscrew, Dinosaurland, Space Shot, etc were) save the 3 mounds of greenery. Also, they've taken up the road ringing the theme park that led from Theme Park Hotel to First World. Theme Park Hotel has also been closed. On the right (1st picture, under the giant Energizer/Coca-Cola, you can see that they're building some sort of structure. Lots of workers building that thing, even at night they work on it with bright spotlights. On the left (3rd picture), you can see that a big chunk of First World Plaza is being taken down, including Sky Venture. It looks like they're protecting Arena of Stars jealously, for unknown reasons. you can see by the plastering of the entrances. More startling is that there is no longer access to it. Green patches and other scenes at the site. all photo belong to my friend ,credit to Zijian Van Der Yow
  3. from my conclusion , i think red = sea port theme , for night at museum ride, titanic ride blue = western theme, for rango ride white = ice theme; for ice age rides black = futuristic theme for alien vs preditor rides yellow = Carnival theme, rio movie rides green = main entrance plaza
  4. -GENTING HIGHLANDS: Making way for the new Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park scheduled for 2016, the Genting Outdoor Theme Park will be closing its doors from Sunday for two years.- While the Outdoor Theme Park is closed, all rides and attractions at the First World Indoor Theme Park will remain open. To commemorate the occasion and to also celebrate the National Day, there will be activities such as cheerleading and dance performances from 10pm. Entrance is free from 7pm to midnight on Sunday. Pay per ride is also available from 7pm for customers to enjoy the rides one more time before its closure. As the Genting Outdoor Theme Park will be closed, there will not be any fireworks display that evening.
  5. LEGOLAND Water Park - Coming Soon! credit to cheekiemonkies The next phase in the LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort project will see splashing fun being added in the form of the LEGOLAND Water Park. Billed as the LARGEST LEGOLAND Water Park in the world, the interactive and fully LEGO-themed Water Park will offer more than 20 unique slides, as well as over 70 LEGO models among its many attractions and is specially catered to 2-12 year old children. And speaking about attractions, just take a look at the number of water rides and attractions in store. Some of the Water Park's highlights include the hugely popular Build-A-Raft River and Joker Soaker. The Build-A-Raft River allows kids to customize their own raft with soft LEGO bricks before floating down a lazy river - I can already foresee this being a huge hit with the monkies. The Joker Soaker is a fun interactive platform in the wade poll where kids can play with water cannons as a LEGO jester model 'tells' jokes while 350 gallons of water cascade down on them. The LEGO Slide Racers allow up to SIX people to race down a slide and see who earns the bragging rights at the bottom. Given my weight, I should be a shoo-in for first place I reckon. Another unique feature of the Water Park is that it is the only one of all the LEGOLAND Water Parks in the world to have 2 entrances - one being the main entrance and the other being connected to the existing LEGOLAND Malaysia theme park. What this means is that it can be enjoyed separately or in combination with the Theme Park
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