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  1. It's starting to look really good. Sure, it's not Dragon Khan or something like that, but for this park it is absolutely perfect. Single train and two launches through the track for every ride.
  2. The new Gerstlauer is looking interesting. Apparently it's going to be without inversions and focused on airtime. At first there was a weird rumour going around that the park was going to extend Junker, but it is a new stand alone ride. Source
  3. Cookie monster looking down a tornado slide is absolutely hilarious!
  4. I might have to fly out to Energylandia to try this new RMC creation, it looks great and plane tickets from here is not that expensive. I have to be honest, when they opened Hyperion it did not do a lot for me. Sure the ride looks fun, but the only real great parts looks to be the first hill after the first drop and the dive-loopy thing. Other than that it looks kinda meh to be honest. This new RMC on the other hand!
  5. I remember when this happened! I would still go on it though if I had the chance.
  6. Geez, they bought a terrible ride. Just scrap it and get on with it.
  7. Great news for the park! Still cant believe all that crap actually happened when the state have lost the park once already... The new ride looks great, but I'm not really feeling the location. Seems like that corner would be reserved for expanding the water park in the future. Surely they know what they are doing, but still.
  8. Things are really starting to take shape! Definitely the project of 2019 I'm looking forward to the most.
  9. Great news, Belantis will fit extremely well into Parques Reunidos concept of running crappy parks.
  10. Now we are talking, this thing is going to look super imposing!
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