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  1. Last I checked no one is playing PokemonGO with their phones on their head. Seriously, this is such an absurd post. I don't even want to get into it.... Seriously...this is such an absurd reaction, that I don`t even want to start explaning. Oh wait...I just forgot that the microwaves coming from our phones stopp 5 centimeters away from the phone and it does not matter at all how many people surrounding you are "radiating" at the same time But honestly...I shouldn`t be surprised about those reactions as I always got the impression that very little people here on the forum (is there one or two?) care about health subjects...
  2. There`s something that I`m not "getting". There`s so much discussion going on in this thread absout social problems that could be related to Pokemon Go. But why is noone talking about radiation? There are more and more and more things making the use of smartphones and handys attractive...while the World Health Organization (WHO) still says that handy and smartphone radiation could potentially cause cancer. So....would`t it be reasonable to always stay a little careful about everything that makes us use them even more? And if it could cause any kind of damage to brain cells (scientists are not sure about that, no long term studys yet, but it`s possible!) shouldn`t we keep those little machines especially away from our childrens heads?
  3. I absolutely enjoy reading this ! Thanks für the effort !
  4. Multimüller...the quality of your photos is beyond amazing ! Thanks for the effort !
  5. Robb...all of them. I was just interested if you think it got even better or if you also see negative changes. I know that you like the park VERY much
  6. There`s something I would like to ask: Did your last stay at Europa change anything about yout opinion of the park and the hotels? Some people here in Germany think that the park is not developing in a good way. I don`t share that opinion...I think it`s better than ever. What do you think ? I would also be interested in Elissa`s opinion as I remember you both ranking Europa Park pretty high after your last stay in 2012 ! Greeds...GeorgeT
  7. Ah sorry...I totally get that. Seems as if you guys had a VERY good start with your current stay at Europa...and thanks for posting so many updates on twitter !
  8. Mrenata...being a regular visitor and following everything that has to do with Europa Park closely, I just want to tell you the the average guest satisfaction at Europa Park ist incredible. It`s like 99 of a hundred visitors are EXTREMELY satisfied with their visit. Europa Park is checking that very often to improve all the time. I guess it`s VERY hard to make everybody happy...even Europa Park seems to fail in that
  9. Hey guys ! Wish you all a great time at Europa ! Some thoughts because you haven`t been there for a while: Apart from Arthur and all the new shows: Don`t miss the "enhanced" Kolumbus Dinghy, the "enhanced" Whale Adventures, the new spices restaurant with a great veranda at the Raftig. Regarding Wodan: First drop last row is amazing. If you`re asking kindly most of Wodan`s operators allow you to chose the row! I`m very excited to hear your opinion about Wodan now that it broke in an running on those faster steel wheels. Of course late rides are remarkably faster. Besides: There are several new effects in the haunted castle, too. Last but not least: There is a very nice and special bar HIDDEN (!) in hotel Bell Rock. It`s called "Roland`s Lodge". Not easy to find, it`s somewhere UNDER the Ammolite restaurant. Of course all the workers in the hotel can show you the way. There`s only place for about 30 people which creates a nice and intimate atmosphere IMHO. Highly recommended Have fun ! GeorgeT
  10. Is this the worlds best themed THRILL coaster ? I guess it is !
  11. Science Fiction ? Bwahahahaha... Anyway, am I the only one thinking, that Dolly`s cinnamon bread deserves it`s own thread ? Shouldn`t we all treat that bread not just like a food nor a a ride...but more like an amusement park ? Or even a chain ? Come on guys...people who are new to the forum will never expect posts about that food "hidden" in the Dollywood thread
  12. Slagharen looks lovely Hope to get there before they close the Schwarzkopf. Maybe I missed something...but do we know the manufacturer of the new coaster, that will replace it ?
  13. I went there on our "free day" while other people went sightseeing. Nerd !
  14. As someone who's been on Vampire, I've gotta say... HOW? Guess there`s love for EVERY single rollercoaster inside of her...a worlds first when it comes to an SLC. But honestly...she`s Robb`s an Elissa`s child...so if not her, then who ?
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