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  1. Apparently the new fad at theme parks for kids is to stick there faces in the fog machines and inhale!! After I witnessed a dozen or so teens sticking there faces rite into the fog machines and inhaling as much as they could. Then blowing the smoke into the mouths of their friends.. I had to ask. I just got a stupid look and was told....IT'S SOOO COOL!!! And was told it was an on line game kids play now.. this was at kings island..lol. anybody else see this going on??
  2. We are going to make our first trip to kings island this weekend. We have season passes to all the cedar fair parks that we purchased last year. Any recommendations anybody has for hotels would be appreciated. And what type of crowds can we expect on labor day weekend? Thanks for any advice you can give me.
  3. I thought it was a joke a first...still laughing about it tho.
  4. Never understood why people have to drag all this stuff around the Park. If you win a stuffed animal take it to the car. Souvenir cups are a joke. Never once have paid for a locker or had to argue with ride opps about what we can bring on a ride.
  5. I was wondering the same thing about the crowds this weekend. Was planning on worlds of fun. But may just drive here.
  6. Thanks for your response. Yes we did buy the platinum pass because we usually go to Cedar point twice a year as well. We are just amusement park fanatics.. Doesn't have to be roller coasters all the time.
  7. Making our first trip to worlds of fun this weekend. We usually but six flags season passes but opted to buy the cedar point season passes for this year. I was just curious how this park compares to six flags st.louis.
  8. I have told people in lines that were extremely long. That anything beats the line ride. Spending 2 hours waiting just to find out that waiting in line was the ride. You would think that nobody would buy that. Unfortunately some have.
  9. I'm going out on a limb here. But I'm thinking after new mean streak opens. There will be some new comments on this thread.
  10. Step 2 Fischer price roller coaster. Should it stay on my daughters coaster credits?
  11. Standing in line for batman at six flags st.louis..I was impressed that this guy knew that the jet scream was at the same spot batman is. But when it was removed because people were banging there heads against the side of the loop. He lost all credibility withe me.
  12. I at least will do one or two parks alone during the season. After the 8 hour ride to Cedar point twice a year. Then spending two days in the park with my wife and brother in law arguing over what we're riding next. The following week Im six flags bound by myself.
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