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  1. 1. Six Flags San Antonio on Poltergeist. This was the first ride of the day and my BFs first time to this park. We were in the front seat. It took off as normal but I could tell it did not pick up enough speed. I looked over at my BF and shouted "we're either not making this incline or getting stuck at the top, be ready". The look on his face was priceless. They were able to engage the breaks and we slowed down just before the incline and since the second train was not on the track they pulled us back into the station. 2. One time on the Zipper at Trimper's in Ocean City, MD my cousin and I were riding when one of her necklaces fell off. She caught it in her mouth without even trying. We were super young and dumb and thought it was the funniest thing at the moment.
  2. Can not wait to finally get back to this park on 6/27, its' been quite a few years. Loving that Storm Runner opened back up just in time and can not wait to finally try Candymonium. My question is about their line skipper option. Its a steep $120 a person on 6/27 and I probably won't buy into it. But just in case I feel like being spontaneous is their system worth it? I know years ago when the program first started it was a paper system that seemed very convoluted and they had assigned seats for line skipper people. So, I see you get a bracelet now. Is theirs like Cedar Fair where you just get in line when you want to ride and that line joins the regular one or is there still a set row/seat you have to use for the coasters?
  3. Hi everyone, I am going to the park on 7/2. Is Avalanche the only major coaster down currently? I know 305 can be questionable but besides that I do not see any notes on their website to any major rides down. Also, has the park been opening 'like normal' as in rides run throughout the day and not on a weird schedule like Busch Gardens? That was where I wanted to go but I want to wait due to that. Lastly, I have not been to this park in almost 8 years... are Fridays typically busy? I know this is the Friday before the 4th of July so I am assuming it may be busier then a normal Friday. I am planning on buying FL. Thanks!
  4. Didn't go through and read all posts, so apologize if I am repeating... I won't ride a larson loop if I have to face people, I ask if I can wait for an end seat. When they put multiple groups together on a large water slide raft. I skip all Wipeout's unless there is no line or I am with a group of at least 3 people.
  5. Favorite every day: Glazed from Dunkin Favorite specialty: O.C. Sand from the small Fractured Prune chain
  6. Who's Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Shania Twain
  7. Thank you! I didn't ask because I find Apollo kind of boring and enterprises are all not that inspiring to me.
  8. When I moved back to Maryland from Texas I was going to purposely drive through Atlanta and finally hit Six Flags but spent was too much time in New Orleans, stayed out way too late, and got up too late the next day. I eventually made it to Atlanta about an hour before the park was to close and it was down pouring. I at least got to drive next to the park and stay at a hotel down the street. In regards to a specific ride... I have lived close to New Jersey almost all my life and never got to Clementon to ride Hellcat. The ONE time I went a few years before they closed it was down for repair.
  9. Is the park not offering Fast Lane this season? Was thinking about venturing down here this summer for just a day because I have not been in about 7 years and I see nothing about it on their website. I used to always get it here.
  10. Yea, they I remember that from the water park. Its been about 5 years since I have been here. One of the reasons I love this park is the water park but only when it first opens because it always got so crowded. Kinda like Six Flags America.
  11. Look Over There - shooting dark ride named after Jaida Essence Hall's famous quote Crystal Methyd - spaghetti bowl coaster Shaga Cain's Goodies - candy store Sponge - water slide named after Monets dress
  12. So I jumped the gun, sue me. Do they still run a good cycle on the pirate ship, music express, octopus here?
  13. Random I know but Possessed is not listed under coasters on Dorney's website. It is listed under thrill rides. Noticed this yesterday. Anyway... After reading the last page of post from last year I am nervous to go here this summer. If its anything like Dutch Wonderland last summer I will hate it. The lines there were horrendous for such a small park. I wish they would have limited to smaller crowds.
  14. ^ LOVE this show, so sad that its only getting one more season.
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