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  1. So excited for this. Finally the park gets another decent addition in the flat realm.
  2. This looks awesome! Hopefully its not an up charge since the capacity seems low.
  3. This coaster seems awesome. So happy to see this type of coaster finally come to the east coast. I have not ridden one of these yet so the only thing that concerns me is capacity. This park gets super crowded in the summer and overly crowded during Fright Fest.
  4. To me Wildcat has the perfect amount of roughness. No where as bad as Predator.
  5. There was track laying on the ground but they were not working on it at all Sunday.
  6. Now seeing Steel Curtain in person I can not wait to ride this!! Sunday was a good day at the park weather and crowd wise. Only down falls were every coaster using one train and the staff was not very friendly for the most part. They seemed very disorganized. They kept scurrying around asking their supervisors what rides they should be on. I figure they would be scheduled. The girl running the Whip could not have moved any slower... then proceeded to talk to the guy at the entrance of Exterminator for about 5 minutes before starting a new cycle. I'll probably wait for them to
  7. WOW! I had such a great time Saturday. The weather ended up being beautiful! I had not been to the park in about 5 years. The gardens were just as beautiful as before and I think the new water park area looks great.... now lets fill it with more slides hehe Both Music Express and Chaos look great in their locations. The Music Express and Scrambler ran awesome cycles. Ali Baba felt very short and Chaos only flips twice - which I guess is good enough. This was my first time to the water park and its really nice. The slides are fun. My only down with the water park was having to walk
  8. I called the park and they are opening as scheduled. They said they will close if there are not enough people in the park.
  9. Heading to the park Saturday! Hopefully the weather is not too terrible. Cant wait... first time in about 6 years. I love these small family parks.
  10. I'll be here Sunday! Even though I am sad the new coaster won't be open I am still excited to get back here after about 6 years! Hopefully the weather holds up for us.
  11. Yikes. Unsweet tea? I didn't know people actually drank that stuff. Its my favorite drink. It really depends on the brand. I do like sweet tea to though. I wish parks offered both options.
  12. All I want them to carry is real brewed unsweet iced tea. I do not understand why almost no amusement parks do not carry this. They rather carry that nasty Gold Peak brand. Which I get because its a Coke product, but it taste so processed. The one season they had Chick Fil A in the park was the best because of the iced tea. The only park I have ever found real iced tea is Knoebels and only a couple stands sell it.
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