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  1. Hopefully once many people get vaccinated we will be post-COVID soon. So, you said with 2 riders, the seatbelt isn't tight at all? Also, you said you cannot negligently unlock the seatbelt during the ride, so at what point does it actually lock? Does it lock the belt in position when you click-it manually yourself, or does it lock once the ride operator dispatches the train? Thanks.
  2. I know things are closed until next season, however my youngest son was a little too nervous to go on Jet Star 2 the last time we went to Lagoon. Can somebody give me info on age and/or height requirements? Also, I know it has some sort of seatbelt for safety. Not to sound paranoid, but can you tell me how the seatbelt works, meaning does it actually "lock" where it cannot expand upon dispatch, or when it clicks-in, or what? Does it expand during the ride? If somebody younger was being completely negligent, could they un-click-it themselves after dispatch? Thanks for your help.
  3. I'd much rather have somebody overreacting and having fun with the experience than have somebody intentionally being lame by ruining the experience for the guests and employees...
  4. Although this looks so weird to see, I can admit that being drenched in what is essentially filthy "lake water" is not exactly fun. But sometimes getting drenched is part of the experience and part of the fun. The trash bag looking things look so stupid.
  5. Of course, but the previous post made it sound like people are annoyed as hell when the person in the single rider line makes conversation at all...
  6. So somebody in the single rider line should not talk to anyone at all? What is the best etiquette? Make conversation or no conversation?
  7. I remember in the late 90's riding a bobsled type ride where they were instructing all of us to sit two per seat. Was this awkward for anyone else or just me? My question is obviously pre-Corona, but was this an isolated thing, or are there other theme parks and rides that encouraged or required everybody to share a seat or sit two per seat? I was just curious. I don't go to theme parks near as often as most people here.
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