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  1. Perhaps this is the time to revisit the thread about what inspires coaster designers to arrive at interesting layouts? http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=46024&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=120 The inspiration for Efteling's new ride has to remain - by contract - a secret, but the method used to generate this layout involved photoshopping a couple of pizzas and an old millstone onto a picture of a mixing station / railyard then tracing the resulting combinations of positive and negative confluence lines onto a wheatfield. But like I said, the method
  2. Incidentally, that's exactly the language we use here in the office as we go through the paces on each new coaster that we churn out. One of our employees form the East Coast actually had to be trained to stop saying things like "wicked dahrk tunnels" for the more midwestern "big ol' derk tunnel".
  3. Pet Peeve: Parks that have no GCII coasters.
  4. Rumblefest is this Saturday...if you're not going, then you're going to miss some massive ERT. There's not as many registered as last year, so odds are you'll spend a lot more time on rides than last year. Not that last year was lacking for serious cycles on the Rumbler. But I'm thinking lucky attendees could probably get into the 30's or more this Saturday. To register, please contact Beech Bend at the number on their website. Talk to Charlotte...she'd love to talk to you! Jeff
  5. Dunno. I know the GCI guys read the forum and if they are able to say one way or the other, I'm sure they will. --Robb Yes, the ride is *slightly* different toward the end. I wasn't so happy with the previous ending, so I changed the double-down into an S-curve segment (like the one on Thunderbird at PowerPark), a hard right-hand turn with some good laterals, and a quick reversal into an undulating left-hand helix. The brake run is now parallel to the lift instead of crossing through it. We'll post New layout with cooler finale!
  6. Regarding today's incident with wind: At around 12:30 today, a gale-force wind swept through the Sevenum area. The wind blew over 13 bents of the lift structure, but thankfully all employees were off-site eating lunch at the time of damage. Initial inspections of the damage reveal that the foundation and anchors are intact, and most of the lumber contained in the affected bents is salvageable. We will have to replace several large legs and batters with new material. It is important to note that a coaster is not as strong during the construction process as it is when completed, si
  7. Soarin makes a few good points. Early layout concepts look a lot like the things I used to doodle on my notebooks in school. We use lots of "rule of thumb" to get a feel for how the ride should flow, where high and low points should be, how wide turns should be, etc. Then we just start skecthing with pencil over printouts of the site. Once we get a real *rough* idea of the layout and profile, we start entering *rough* shape information into our computers. The design programs we use were all developed entirely in-house by us, and we use LISP (AutoCad's programming Language), Maple (a
  8. The event starts at 11:00am and will feature rides on the Rumbler while the media gets plenty of stock footage of people screaming their heads off. Lunch will be served, but we need to let Charlotte know about how many TPR folks will be there so she can order enough food. So if you want to attend, please email Robb. Robb, could you then send a number to Charlotte by Wed or so? By the way, I don't know if any other rides will be operating. It's possible, but I have not heard any official word. The park "Officially" opens on Saturday. Jeff
  9. It'll be Friday, May 5th. Although the park officially opens Saturday the 6th, you can get a few spins and a jump-start on the season next Friday. If you've read any of the reports from the "construction" tour, you know that this ride kicks! Hope you can make it. If not, don't forget about Rumblefest! Jeff
  10. Still cold, but this ride really kicks! The video is a TPR exclusive (for now, anyway, unitl I can figure out why it's not working on the Photobucket site). http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=167640 Enjoy! Jeff
  11. Hey TPR, We've been battling the snow for the past couple of weeks trying to get Thunderbird ready for it's grand opening (tentatively April 29) and we finally sent it over on April 10th! We had to shovel about a foot of snow off the track, but Thunderbird came screaming into the brakes no problem! We put a few shots up on a photobucket.com site. Here's a link: http://s60.photobucket.com/albums/h22/gciijeff/ The read-only password is gcii. Hope everyone makes the trip to Finland this year! Thunderbird Rocks! Jeff
  12. Hi Everyone. Just got back from Beech Bend, and things are really coming along nicely. I snapped a few shots to share with you guys and get you pumped for Rumblefest (which is May 28, remember?) Enjoy! Jeff I think this is a cool element... A neat view of the twisted track. This is the "Roll in" side of the station building. Here's a look at the "Roll Out" end of the station. You can see the unique exit ramp under construction. It hugs the track and does a circular zig-zag down. A look into the station from the "Roll out" end. The Q-gates are installed but you're
  13. Hello TPR, This post was lost in the big crash, so here it goes again: I wanted to give everyone a heads-up that Beech Bend Park announced during NoCoaster Con that they will host the First-Ever RUMBLEFEST on Sunday, May 28th. Beech Bend will post the official information and a registration form on their website sometime this week. Although this info is subject to change pending the official website update, here is the basic plan: Date: May 28th Registration Fee: Around $24.00, subject to change when the official flyer is posted. Includes: * All-day ride wristband for S
  14. Just came across this link on another newsgroup. Look at pic 3 of 3. Absolutely beautiful! http://www.coasterclub.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=107 What a view!
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