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  1. Theme Park Review made Danish TV! Yes, that is right you can check out Robb and Lou, while they visit Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, give an interview to local news TV2 Lorry about Vertigo: http://www.tv2regionerne.dk/?id=487653&r=5 Enjoy! Dane PS: I live in the Copenhagen area and haven't even tried that ride yet...
  2. Your right! Congratulations, then you can give yourself a pat on your back, that is the prize. And the honor of being the first to get it correct!
  3. If someone has a keen eye they might notice a design change in the track layout from the original layout as seen in the picture below, and the photos I posted yesterday. Who ever finds it first, give yourself a pat on the back. Can you spot a design change from the orginal design seen in this photo, and the construction photos I posted yesterday!
  4. Hi everyone, I have just come back from Bakken and taken some pictures of the new Intamin spinning coaster, Tornado, they are constructing there. It seems as if most of the track construction has been completed, some small things still need to be fitted in like the station platform, adding the chain lift, and so on, but it seems as if they are getting along fine. Though allot of work is still needed if the coaster is to be covered, according to Bakkens own press release it will be indoors. I've heard that Tornado will have some neat tornado like effects such as fans and and maybe an actual "smoke" tornado effect. I am not sure how the coaster will be made indoors but my best guess would be that a canvas, or tent like structure will cover the coaster. So if the coaster is to be completed by the opening day (26th of March) the construction crew needs to speed up the work by a notch or two. None-the-less you can see the progress for yourself in the photos I have taken. Note the some of the photos are from last Sunday (15th of February) and some are from today (22nd of February). If the photos seem a bit shaky it is because the photos have been taken with my mobile. Enjoy the photos, and have a look at the following websites for more photos. Themeparkdenmark's Forum: http://tinyurl.com/aaukmx Unofficial site about Bakken 2009: http://www.freewebs.com/bakken2009 22nd of February: From the back of the coaster. If you have made it this far thanks! And remember to have a look at the other sites! 22nd of February: Cog for the chain lift, I think... Excuse the shakey photo. 22nd of February: Another type of chain for the chain lift. Anybody know why there are two chains for the lift? 22nd of February: Chain for the chain lift. 22nd of February: Site overview from the side. Just moments after this photo was taken it began to rain. 22nd of February: Magnet for the brake run note the warning sticker. "I will eat you metal object!" 22nd of February: Jep, I know what you are thinking. "Ride of quality" right? 22nd of February: Site overview. Note the change that has happened in one week! Again, excuse the shakey photo. 22nd of February: Motors for the tires at the station area. Excuse the shakey photo. 22nd of February: Chain lift motor, note that they are in the process of adding the chain... 22nd of February: Top of the lift. 22nd of February: Now fast forward one week, and a have a look at the lift area. 15th of February: Part of the track will run over the walkway area. I do not know how they will cover this area, or maybe they won't that is the mistery. 15th of February: Track mess! And construction mess! 15th of February: Brake run area. 15th of February: The missing link! Or the missing chain lift. 15th of February: Overview of the construction site and coaster.
  5. Just got that error as well just go into the store at try it again.
  6. Hello, Thank you very much for your help. I will be looking forward to going there. I might make a trip report when I get back. Dane
  7. Hello everyone, The next Hamburger Dom is the 14th of March to the 13th of April. I am going to Hamburg the first week of the event. I was wodering how much it costs to get in and ride the rides. What kind of rides are to be expected? How emuch time is need to go through the whole midway, is it enough to allocate one night? Are there any webpages you can refer me to? I would appreciate any help, thanks, Dane
  8. Hello, Sorry that I did not mention this in my original posting. I highly doubt that it is the rocket coaster, as the local politicians have bowed down to local complaints about noise that will be generated. Additionally, a forestry protection agency, I think the ones that control the forest around Bakken have been commending the project. The local planning permit for the coaster says that the coaster was to be placed where the current flume ride is. This is not where the current construction is going on, that is the reason why I do not think that it is the coaster being constructed. But something else. Sorry, Dane
  9. Hello Everyone, Today I was at Bakken and took some photos of the construction work going on there. They have removed the old Fireball ride and the kiddy car ride. The teacup ride is still there. There have been made no official press reports of what they are actually building yet. Maybe some of you guys out there might have some idea of what they are constructing. I have no idea! The only thing that I am certain about is that is probably some sort of ride or two. To give you guys a description: There were around 8 footers placed in a octagon shape. The footers were about 5 feet by 5 feet wide. The width of the octagon was about 25-30 yards. There was some more work being done on the side of the main area. I guess the pictures give a better description of what I am taking about. Maybe someone out there knows whats going on, I have no idea. Please post any ideas here. Thanks, Dane The other construction site in the background. More markings for rides. They have also painted the teacups in the teacup ride. More piles of dirt. Changed view. Laying down the concrete pad. More lovely footers being dug out. Digging out for the footers. The construction site.
  10. Hi, That sounds good! Seems as if they will open on time... Do you work with them? Dane
  11. Hi, Thanks for the post, loved it! Do you perhaps know if the project is on schedule? Dane
  12. Hi everyone, I have just arrived home from trip at BonBon Land, boy was it a great day. All the rides were walk on's, and the weather held up despite the dismal forecast. Well despite Hankatten not opening for a month, I decided to take advantage, of the free ticket offer. If you purchase a ticket to the park before the opening of Hankatten you will receive a free ticket to the park for after Hankatten opens. So with that said you can’t pass up a free day to the park after the ride opens can you? As you will see in the photos the weather was overcast, and despite the chance of thunderstorms, the weather held up and no major rainfall ever occurred, thank God for that. As I went in the park, I directly when over to the Hankatten construction site, and to my surprise they were only finishing up casting the footers, and no track was constructed as of yet, there is only one month left until it is supposed to be open. Only time will show if they open on time. To my amazement they were displaying one of the new trains, and they are painted in the traditional yet random BonBon Land style. Have a look for yourself. On a final note they were running Vildsvinet, with peeing test jugs, and passengers at the same time. Apparently it seems that if the trains are not weighted precisely the trains will stop mid track, and who will want that to happen? I hope to you enjoy the trip report! Dane No BonBon Land TR, is complete without The Dog Fart Coaster. Hope you enjoyed the TR! Anybody want to pay $20 for a Pepsi? Seems like a normal Pepsi vending machine, right. Hungry? Fantastic... KidTums? No can't be. Be quite! Watch the alligator having a snack. What is the boar doing? This is what they do in USA... The USA part... BonBon Land randomness... This is the strangest thing I have ever seen, the train running with test jugs and riders. Whatever have the riders done wrong and the jugs right? Pee maybe? Vildsvinet, signatrure shot. One more shot of that... New ride for the 2006 season. Krage-Træerne, (Crow trees). From the front, or is that the back? From the side... Awhhh, the cute little wheels... WARNING. Geeky photos ahead... The first Hankatten train on site! But there is no track to place it on... More work being done... Yes, I know! This is what you all want Hankatten construction photos. As you can see seem as if they are a little bit behind. The not so grand, BonBon Land main entrance... Come here dude... Want some candy? Welcome to BonBon Land and the new Fantsay World. Fantsay World is the new indoor amusement area for children constructed in the former BonBon candy factory. Hmmmmm Candy!!! The train on the way to BonBon Land.
  13. Hi everyone, Here is where you can thank anyone, or anything, for doing something good, to make your day happy! There are no restrictions: Thank your best friend. Thank your neighbor. Thank your mom/dad. Thank your boss. Thank the ride-op for giving you an extra ride. Thank your tollbooth employee. Thank the poster above you. Thank Anyone... Enjoy! Dane
  14. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if it possible to order 4 DVDs and a T-shirt, when sending to Denmark, for the shipping price of 10 USD, or should I pay more? Thanks, Dane
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