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  1. You do realize that most people that discuss rollercoasters do like to ride them right? You do realize that most people do compare their rides with formal experiences right? Sure, some people give their opinion on a ride without any experiences about a ride they can compare. But the gross of those will visited other parks to enjoy their hobby. That's the whole reason we're on this website isn't it? If everyone was only yelling about rides without riding them, parks wouldn't have to build them anyway. With reactions like this.... ah never mind. Avoiding a permanent ban in this one. Let's pretend that I'm only making stupid comments...
  2. No it's not the first. An example is Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Europe. http://americacoasters.com/Photos/thumbs/lrg-998-img_3362.jpg Size is to big.... These have been themed to a ski-lift.
  3. Rob, I did not see any of those reactions on your twitter account. (not using twitter that much) It's understandable that the most of these reactions are a bit overdone. When a coaster enthusiast "screams" on twitter that it will be the best coaster out there, a face palm would be more then legit. But, it was not what I was mention in my formal reaction. It was more something to make clear that your final verdict was a bit .... uhm rude. It's perhaps the way we read it, but saying to be satisfied with a ride that could be a real nice one? (for what we are used to ride within our boundaries) Common Rob, that's something I did not expected in a reaction. I think I know why they really would love to hear your reaction. One, it's because you've ridden more coasters then the most of us. And two, there isn't that much going on of this ride on your main page or social media. (what is normal regarding your thinking about the ride) When it comes to the reaction of travelling; remember that 100 miles for the most European feels like a 500 miles in the states. The amount of roads, distance between city's and country's makes the most European feels like they are travelling the world when travelling from Germany to Italy. I Don't say that we do not like to travel, it's more that we don't like to travel large distances and then especially to themeparks. That's one of the mayor reasons parks like Disney just can't become in what they would like to be. And I really think that's the whole problem... The most coaster enthusiast start when they are young, they don't have a car (what Marwin mentioned), they don't have a large amount of cash (They don't get credit cards thank god) and so on. That's perhaps where these reactions come from. The older enthusiasts won't have that problem. I'm sure you did explore some good European expectations when travelled around in Europe. But I hope you can understand that not every citizen in every country thinks and feels the same. There is for an example a huge different between French people and German People in their way of thinking. (not to open any discussion about this) It's a good thing this comes up, and even better you're open for a discussion about this. Some others would stop this a few pages ago. I really respect that. For the ride itself, I do like the theming around it. It's something that already has some good amount of details on it. The ride will not be that extreme that's for sure. But like mentioned before, I personal really like these shorter and compact rides more then the open and larger rides. But that's me. And it's the theming that counts the most for me. About the track, we still expect details on the supports of it. Till today they have build everything according to the concept drawing. So if this will be true there should me more to come on and around the ride itself. We'll just have to wait and see. Anton (awaiting my next face palm) van den Akker.
  4. So, there isn't much left to ride for these more "common riders" from out of Europe left? All these rides seems to be "overrated" ? Don't get me wrong but it's totally true for what Marwin tries to explain. The average theme park visitor out of Europe isn't someone that has ridden Top Thrill Dragster or Tatsu around the globe. The most people in a country like The Netherlands or Germany doesn't come any further then Italy or Norway. So it's perfectly explainable that for these people, a ride build with a short layout but with a good amount of theming (around the station) is something to look forward to. If you are a coaster enthusiast that lives in a country or region with only "average" B&M rides, this will be something to be pleased about. Some people in regions get even enthusiast about a 30 years old Schwarzkopf.... It's just what you have in your possibilities. Not everyone has the possibilities to travel around the globe and ride coasters that are more suitable to your desires. So yes, it's explainable that we make a big deal about it. It's another B&M that we are able to ride within short distance. The Efteling always has been a park with good theming and decent rides.(at leas for us) It's something we grew up with, and it's hard to explain to someone that sees this park like another park out there. For us it's something like Europapark or perhaps for you Disney, kinda hard to explain. Any reaction like: be satisfied about a ride without making a big deal about it is something like say; ah well, another lame ride in Europe.....
  5. Looks like, isn't feel like Krake at Heidepark is also a short dropcoaster. But when I compare it to Sheikra, I like Krake a bit more. The large elements in Sheikra does not make the ride better (in my opinion) So, this will be a short ride that's for sure. But I don't think it will be a lame ride. Let's wait and judge the ride after riding it.
  6. It's not confirmed but it seems that there will be at least one animatronic and 1 or 2 pre-shows. You could compare it a bit like "De vliegende Hollander". A themed interesting queue with some surprises, a beautiful themed station, perhaps some themed trains, a pre-show before the lifthill, some elements during the lift and a pretty nice but short rollercoaster ride. It's just what you desire is in a ride. For me, theming counts more then a large rollercoaster. When I rode for example Raptor in Cedar Point, it was a great ride but that's it. The feeling about it was like a lot of other normal coasters. When i Rode Black Mamba or Nemesis (to compare the same type of rides), it delivered me a lot better feeling. It's the total picture that counts for me. Again, all rollercoasters are great to ride. It's just that some of them just gives you a larger experience. Anyway, I'm really looking forward for this one. lets hope indeed that it opens before the summer comes in, and the crowds increase within the park.
  7. That would be something without any sense. A small B&M train still has a good amount of weight. If you let this pull on a long chain it could damage the chain in a period of time. With a second chain that is a lot shorter like normal, it would be a lot less forceful to the chain that's on top of the drop. But yeas, anything is possible. But i don't think they will use one chain for the lift and drop. And damn, what a beautiful lift/station it will become. Perhaps it's not the tallest dropcoaster, but it's a lot more themed ride then the most ones out there.
  8. The Efteling is still one of those parks that can compete with Disney Paris and Europapark when it comes to theming and rides in their park. Europapark is growing a lot more in these day's but when it comes to authentic theming, Efteling sure is one of the better parks out there. At least, thats how i think about it.
  9. 1. Katun - Mirabilandia 2. Nemesis - Alton Towers 3. Oziris - Parc Asterix 4. Black Mamba - Phantasialand 5. Any Batman clone - several 6. Raptor - Cedar Point 7. Montu - BGT 8. Duelling Dragons - Universal 9. Nemesis Inferno etc etc
  10. Europapark.... 37 seconds between arriving and dispatching the station on top day's. And thats just for one ride. Source: http://www.lifthill.net/berichte/eurosat_eng.php
  11. Even if it's going to be a short ride in terms, it's still going to be one of the most best themed drop coasters out there. I know it's easy to give a opinion like that when you live near to the park. But I've been several times in the states and other countries out there. My nr.1 park still would be Europapark with a slightly sharing place with EPCOT. But when it comes to atmosphere and theming around a ride, the Efteling sure is doing something unique. I'm really looking forward to stand in this queue, it sure will be one of the best drop coasters out there. Especially in waiting queue and 6 seater drop coaster. Thanks for your update.
  12. @ Andybarnes, i think you misunderstand what a flying coaster is. All the coasters you named are wingcoasters. Air however in Alton Tower is a Flying coaster. A wingcoaster is in my opinion one of the most lame coaster concepts of B&M so far. I prefer a inverted, flying or dropcoaster over these. But thats my opinion. For the ride being build at the Efteling, it looks awesome but to bad the expected layout isn't that long. (Drop in tunnel, immelman, corcscrew/zero-g, helix, hump, brake) Perhaps the inside section will be more interesting like de vliegende hollander. (waiting part, brake section and part before the lifthill) I don't think the ride will be boring but for a park with 3 to 4 million visitors each year i would expect something more.
  13. Wow, still a great report so far. Looks like you guy's had a blast. We have been in Djurs a few weeks ago and had a great time. Piraten was as reported here one of the greatest coasters out there. Intens and hugh airtime made it become one of my favorite coasters. Juvelen also was a suprise. Family coaster? after the second launch it was a blast. Sure, kids can ride it but it was a ride with some good forces. The Mack (a watercoaster (not a supersplash like reporterd) was a great smaller version of Poseidon in EP. The park itself was bigger, a lot bigger as we suspected. We couldn't be more suprised by the rides and atmosphere within the park. Every employee was in a good mood. Djurs will certainly see us again in the nearby future. Thanks again for your great updates and pictures from these great parks. Hope you guy's will enjoy everything over there.
  14. It will be a great ride that's for sure. The speed, the layout against a mountain, de trains, the comfort of the lapbars etc etc etc. After Blue Fire and a few others next to that it only proves that Mack can build some outstanding rides. I'm sure they can compete to Intamin when it comes to normal coasters so far. So let's see what the ratings will do on this one in the next year. it would be great if more and more of these Mack rides will show up worldwide.
  15. Sure, thats why Walibi Holland is visited so well...... The Efteling has enough to offer for the whole family. When kids wants some more thrill the will not travel along with there parents. Keep in mind that it's not the kids that bring in the money The Efteling is one of the nr.1 parks in Europa and thats not because they got a small looping coaster. Theming, experience and family time in attractions that you can share with your family brings more than a bunch of coasters. But hey, that's what i think of it and what most family's do in our surrounding. At least, that's what the visitor results show of.
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