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  1. Ballots are sent out to Amusement Today subscribers, and if I recall correctly, I believe in the past you can request a ballot as well if you are not a subscriber.
  2. They don't just "give" the awards out anyway. It is done by ballot. As we all know, though, most of the voters are apparently nuts. That said, the #1 wood and #1 steel are the same as mine, so I guess I can at least agree with that.
  3. Even funnier than Family Kingdom is Ober Gatlinburg, a tourist trap (although a rather fun one) that is also about 10 minutes from Dollywood.
  4. ^^ I don't know; from what I have heard from a few people, Hades is running better this summer than ever before.
  5. Haha the old pretend to be getting my picture taken while we really want a picture of the people behind me. It's too bad Hades wasn't running that well for you; it blew me away two years ago. Avalanche is just so ridiculous. Cannot wait to see the Indiana Beach part; I love that park.
  6. NHL: Die hard Carolina Hurricanes fan, a casual bandwagon fan of the Wild for my Western Conference team NFL: Carolina Panthers College: NC State Wolfpack Premier League: Have decided to try and follow it this season and will be jumping on the Arsenal bandwagon
  7. I have no proof that I can show anyone here, so I guess it will be locked, but before it is I will agree with bgwfreak and Coasterdave and say that if anyone hasn't picked up their Saturator credit yet, you might want to do so before September 3rd.
  8. This is the preferred dress code at Adventureland in Iowa:
  9. Well, it depends on which Wild game I go to. There are two that fit my schedule, one of which is on a Saturday, and one on a Sunday. The tickets go on sale September 15, and that is the only thing that I am worried about right now. I know they have sold out every game in their existence, but I hope if I am on Ticketmaster the second they go on sale I can get one ticket. Not to sidetrack the thread or anything hah. I hear Cedar Fair usually does a great job with their Halloween events. I know they are beefing the one at Carowinds up t his year.
  10. How are the crowds for this event typically? I have never been to the park before, but am considering flying up in October to go to the park and to a Wild game. I would be going on Friday night from 6-11 and then on either Saturday or Sunday when the park opens until mid-afternoon.
  11. I have a good many park shirts. I wear them to parks sometimes. Shockingly, my friends have not all deserted me because of it.
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