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  1. Way back on June I return back to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV for something they only do four times a year and that is a Photo Tour of the site. This is done with a small group of people in the mornings and one in the afternoons before the ghost hunt that night, which I also did again. I will say the chance to walk around in the main building in the daylight was really worth it along with some of the other buildings onsite that you do not get a chance to do during the Ghost hunt. It also helped me out to get a better lay of the land for the Hunt later that night. Please note that you will see two types of photos in this report with one being from a regular camera and the other being from my Infrared camera that I use on Paranormal Investigations. I decided to try it out in the daylight to see how it took photos and maybe catch something. I will let you be the judge on how things turned out. Enough of this and on with the pics. This is the view as I rounded the building to park. As I was waiting on the doors to open I walked around the Courtyard. Here is the TB Hospital that is onsite. We where not allowed to enter it during the tour. Seems alot of people do not like going in there that work here. Here is the door that you will go through if you where being committed to the Hospital either by choice or force. Shall we head towards the Civil War Part of Hospital first? This old chair is said to date back to when the place first opened. It is just waiting for something unseen to sit a rock in it. Many have looked out this very window during this building's lifetime wondering many of things. Silence rules this hallway today The old kitchen that once made meals for the people unlucky to be here is quiet but at night the chef is up to something. Walkway from main building to the cafeteria that was used to feed people. This was an area that we did not venture into. This area of the Hospital was built around the start of the Civil War and is the oldest and one of the most active areas. A window that fell victim to a rock The famous clock tower that still operates today. One of the many places staff could find to get away from the patients. Welcome to Lockdown! Here is the hall for the solitude cells in the Men's Ward. Here is where the most violent and dangerous men where kept. The community bathrooms on the third floor More cells for the dangerous and violent patients of the hospital. End of one of the lone hallways Nice full trees are in almost every window on the backside. Pick yourself a door to enter. The fountain in the courtyard Vines are trying take over the place. The clock tower from the fourth floor Welcome to the Closet This is part of the fourth floor that has something in it that has scratched me the last two ghost hunts I have done here. Each time the scratches get more deep and larger. Yea I am going back in Aug to see what happens. As you can guess people are not allowed to use this walkway anymore. Many have looked and many have not found it http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1036/4732113146_efe3a8f16f_b.jpg The witch is said to be the one that roams this hall and dislikes men. View from one of the windows on the fourth floor. View towards Asylum Street On our way to the Medical Building Time to enter the Medical Building. this is where alot of cruel and inhuman things where done to people. These ramps where used to wheel people up and down the building. If these areas could talk it would be interesting. Looking from the top floor of Medical Building down at the Civil War Wing. There are stairs in the Medical Building if you prefer. Few rooms still have the curtains that where used when the Medical Building was in operation. Some of the rooms have seen better days as you can see from this. This was where alot of meal where had. I wonder how long these flowers have been in here? Here is the lone remaining Body Cooler in the morgue. Your view if you where laying a slab. Time to exit the building Civil War section of hospital and the main building The famous Civil War section Next up and final stop is the Criminally Insane Building Where everyone stayed in the Building in large rooms with beds in them. this was the site to many deaths for that reason. Your only view of the outside from this building. Bars and wire are meant to keep you inside but give you a glimpse of what the outside looked like. There where alot of paintings that where done by the ones held captive in this building. Parting shot as I was heading to get afew hours of sleep before the Ghost Hunt began. Here are all the pics I took on the tour if you care to gander at them and thanks for getting this far in the Trip report: Regular Pics with Regular Camera Infrared Pics from Infrared Camera
  2. Yea I saw when the Ghost Adventures where at the Prison and they did get some pretty good stuff. I guess I was not in the right place at the right time but this place is known to be either hot with activity or nothing at all. I am hoping to try to get back up there this year to give it another go with some more equipment that I have got in since my visit. I also enjoyed Fear when it was on.
  3. This is the place that you are referring about that was on Paranormal State. I am hoping that some repairs are made to that area between now and next year when I visit. I will say that just visiting this place was well worth the trip but when you do something like this there will be times that you will walk away with no evidence. But there are times when I walk away with some pretty great stuff such as when I investigate Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV. That place has never disappointed me plus walking out with scratches does make me want to go back but I will go into that in my next report that should be up by weeks end before Heading to Alabama for an investigation with my group. I have not been to the Stanley Hotel but it is on my list as a possible winter visit if I can work it out. It would be great to investigate and sleep in a room there if you ask me.
  4. So it is that time for another Paranormal Investigation Report. This stop is at the former West Virginia State Penitentiary located in Moundsville, West Virginia on Saturday May 29th. This is another one of those public investigation that anyone can go on as long as you pay the fee to go in on a certain night that you reserve. I made this reservation back in February and all public tour where sold out the first week of march. It is one of those if you plan on going then you better snag a date early in the year. For over one hundred twenty-five years, the West Virginia Penitentiary housed the most violent criminals in the state and was once known as the bloodiest institution in the nation. It consist of 10 acres and is modeled after Joliet prison but is just half the size. This facility would be ranked on the United States Department of Justice's Top Ten Most Violent Correctional Facilities list. One of the more infamous locations in the prison, with instances of gambling, fighting, raping, and murder, was a recreation room known as "The Sugar Shack". This is where the inmates came to relax but 90% of the time there was no guards watching them. It was a free for all the majority of the time. There had been 94 execution take place at this Prison with 85 by hanging and the rest got to sit in 'Ol Sparky', which was built by an inmate. Executions where banned in 1965. The chair is still here but on display only. You can see it before entering the prison. And now lets get this underway but you will noticed some of the pics in this report might look strange than my last few I did. I took some pics with my infrared camera. this was the first place I used it at so bare with me till I get the hang of it: This is where you came to talk with people in the Prison This is one of the 'Crow's Nest' that guards would be in watching over the inmates. This will give you a better idea of the 'Crows Nest' guards used. This was some art that was done by some of the inmates that where doing time. All the artwork was done by the inmates in this prison. Some where very talented and had alot of time on their hands also. Here is where the inmates that where allowed out of their cell came to eat. Also a place that had afew stabbings over bread and potatos. Hate to die over a piece of bread myself. Here is the Admin part of the prison. It was off-limits due to safety concerns and is where the Pentagram in the window is located. This is the Admin Part in Infrared. Gives it that eerie look? This is one of the oldest part of the prison known as the North Wagon Gate. This use to be where inmates where brought in and out. It also served another purpose. It was also where alot of the hangings took place. A wagon was pulled up under the trap door and after the inmate was dead then they where lowered down into a pine box. They where either claimed by the family or buried in the prison boneyard. This was the way to 'The Hole' or solitary confinement. A place that consist of a cell four feet by four feet wide with no lights and a bucket to sit on. Bread and water where giving out once a day and where giving no showers and used the bucket as your bathroom that might be emptied once a week if you where lucky. This place broke alot of men. This what is left of one of cells in 'the Hole'. Alot of dust in the air During a break I checked out 'Old Sparky' This guy did time at this prison and was perplexed why he paid to come back to see it. He had some really wild stories to tell. Looking down from the second level cell block H to the floor. This is the kitchen where a smell of sulfur was in the air. DId not stay to long here with the smell in the air. The Kitchen in Infrared The IR Light was set abit to strong I would thing. The lone bed in the infirmary Since everyone of these I have done I have included a pic of a toilet then why should I change now? Welcome to the famous 'Sugar Shack' As you can see there is alot of artwork in the Sugar Shack. Notice the bad painted ghost in the left side of the picture for that is what MTV did when they filmed 'FEAR' here afew years back. ANd yes they got fined for damaging a Historic Building for doing that. Back into 'the Hole' we go again Group doing an EVP Session in complete darkness. One of the Guard Towers Some of the writings in one of the Max Cells Some really strange artwork in the cell blocks Looking down from top of a cell block A cozy cell for two While I spent a full 10 hours here I did not catch one thing that would say this place is Hunted or any type of Paranormal Activity is going on. I still have about two hours of audio to go back over but as of now I would say there is no activity going on here after my first visit here. Rest of Digital Stills: Rest of IR Photos:
  5. Yea I enjoy Ghost Adventures alot more then some of the other Para Shows on the Tube, Though I wished someone in the US would pick up Ghost Chicks. When I do a public ghost hunt it will always cost me anywhere from 60 to 100 bucks. Waverly Hills and Trans-Allegheny where $100 bucks apiece will the Upcoming stay at Moundsville Prison ran only $60 bucks and that does include a snack and coffee. I have yet to sneak into anywhere to hunt or Investigate a place since I would either get shot and get a chance to be a ghost to hunt or get hauled downtown to the county jail. I have saw alot of places that I would love to investigate but try to track down the owners and ask before doing it. You might be surprised on just how many say yes. It would be safe to say that I have spent the night in Creepy Places then rode coasters this year. I have since last hunt joined a Paranormal Group, but have not done an investigation with them. Now I have lined up some for them in the coming months that I hope to attend as long as I am able. There is one that I lines up that I will not be able to attend due to hitting Trans-Allegheny on the 5th of June. Let me know if you are in the are that weekend NegativeGLover. I am doing the Photo tour that morning from 8am to 1pm. I do not have to be back at the Weston Hospital till around 8 that night.
  6. I will be doing Moundsville Prison in West Virginia on Saturday May 29th followed by a return visit to Trans-Allegheny the following Saturday (June 5th). I was at Waverly Hills in March but had looked at doing it again in Oct but the place is sold out for the rest of the year. It is great that alot of the money that is taken in by these places are put right back into restoring the places. I will say at one time I was a huge skeptic of this stuff but over the last six months or so I have changed my mind. I recall seeing some show about ghost hunting and thought to myself you have to be a complete and utter fool to do that since there is no such thing as ghost. Now I am one of those fools that became a Paranormal Investigator. The thing that got me into this was last October I did the ghost hunt at the Crown Colony House at Busch Gardens Tampa. The rest is history. I know alot of people out there are skeptical of ghost and such. And I respect their views and I am in no way going to try to change that. I have not been to Investigate the Birdcage in Tombstone but I am looking at possible doing it later in the summer with a group of people that I know. It is one of those places that I look forward in getting to. As for Old House Woods, I had never heard of it till you spoke of it CardCraze. I did some research and it looks like a place that would be worth visiting on a swing up to Virginia. I think there or more dangerous spirits in Trans_Allegheny that make their presence known. I think it is one of the most unique place that I have visited so far. Seems West Virginia has alot of Paranormal places.
  7. So another month rolls by and another ghost hunt is in the books. The month of April has me traveling to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV. via I305 (Coaster related part of TR).This is a massive place to say the least. It contains a number of buildings but the Hunt that I was doing tonight was in the main building on all four floors. It was an investigation to remember to say the least. The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, subsequently the Weston State Hospital, operated from 1864 until 1994 when it was closed down. The hospital's main building is one of the largest hand-cut stone masonry buildings in the United States, and, as Weston Hospital Main Building, was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1990. Originally designed to house 250 patients in solitude, the hospital held 717 patients by 1880; 1,661 in 1938; over 1,800 in 1949; and, at its peak, 2,400 in the 1950s in overcrowded conditions. With overcrowding came neglect and mistreatment in a series of reports by The Charleston Gazette in 1949 found poor sanitation and insufficient furniture, lighting, and heating in much of the complex. It was a known fact that you could drop your wife, husband, or any relative off and the hospital would pay you money for checking them in. Alot of these people where not insane but after staying awhile they lost all grasps of time along with the sanity that they did have. Alot of these people either died here or in some cases where killed some of the other patients at the hospital. This is the main building and the part that the Ghost Hunt will be taken place this evening. This is looking across and up the West Fork River This is an old mill located across the river from the Hospital and the the Town of Weston is beyond the mill. This is the info board that gives a brief and grim history of the place. This is the Medical Building which is also located on the property. Note the house behind it is someone's house. Would be great to live beside a haunted hospital if you ask me. I took this right before going into the building as the sun was going down. The fourth floor was the first stop of the evening. This is where the non violents where kept. But that was not always the case as the mental state of some of them went south. This is the spot that some of us had a unique experience with what we where told is a female spirit that does not like men. Those that know me know sometimes I try to be funny but I said something that I do not think whatever was present did not like. I took a step after saying it and the next thing I knew I was laying on the floor thinking I tripped over something but found nothing that I could have tripped over. Was one of those 'WOW" moments I had that night. I took this pic after getting up from my fall. These closet where in almost every room that I went into. This was where everything that the person owned was keep. It was said if you get a closet then you get it for life as alot of people where took out of here feet first. What would a ghost hunt be without a picture of the Bathroom? This is the first floor of the Asylum that was started before the Civil War and is the oldest part of the place. Here is pic for all you ORB followers. The part of the Civil War Wing is where the children where keep. This is the Kitchen Area on the first floor. You can go in hear and ask the chef what he is cooking. He has been known to tell you but be forewarned he has been dead for over 50 years now. I asked but nothing showed up on EVPs. This area was where someone had some Dowsing Rods and talk about a great encounter. We where told that there are a number of spirits in this room that are friendly but one is not to happy when people come in asking questions. On a EVP we where told to 'Get the Hell Out'. Yea we left out of the room right after that. this is Lilley's Room. She is a playful 9 year old who likes to play with these balls or play a music box for you. She was not that active the time I was in here. People have asked here to play her music box for them and she does. To this day noone has found it. A group of us where walking down this hall when we heard a strange sound. It seem to get louder as we walked down the hall. Everyone else was looking and ready to run. I found a clock ticking was making the noise. They say sitting on this bed sometimes make strange things take place. Well me being me. I decided to lay down on it to get the full effect of it. Nothing took place for afew minutes and something felt like it kicked the bed. I did jump off the bed in a hurry to say the least. Everyone that was hanging around me took off as fast as they could out of the room. I just turned around and began looking around the bed and saw nothing at all. So the next thing was to look under the bed to see if the bed was a gag. While I was under the bed, one big guy came back in to see if I was ok and saw me under the bed and he hit the floor. He fainted since he though whatever it was had grabbed me and was pulling me under the bed. I think once he came to he decided to pack his tiys and go home. He said I was one crazy SOB. Welcome to the second floor. this is where the elderly where keep. The second floor also was where the staff stayed that lived there so time to clock in. Welcome to the restored doctor's lounge This is the ward where some of the most dangerous woman where kept. Walk down here is a eerie feeling of being watched. This is located on the third floor. These where on the windows so that noone could either escape or jump to their death. This was where the most Dangerous men where kept. Noticed the doors are alot stronger for good reason. Nothing needs to explain what this area was for. As the time was winding down we got a chance to explore the are that you where took when a Lobotomy was preformed. Another pic for you ORB lovers out there! This place was a shear goldmine of Activity. i am still going through the Audio I took. I will be returning on Saturday June 5th for a follow up investigation. I can not wait to see what new things I come across. Full pictures:http://www.flickr.com/photos/coasterdave/sets/72157623905782302/
  8. It was misting rain about all night the night I was there. As a matter afact it rain from the time I left the house in NC for the drive up and rained all the way back. The reflection off of the water vapors when the camera flashed is the result of the 'orbs' in some of the pictures. I will say that I do not really vest alot of faith in 'orbs'. Orbs alot of times are just the reflection of the flash off of rain or dust in the air. The Waverly is a pretty dusty place and when you have about 40 people walking around it stirs up the dust. But they do make some pretty cool pictures but I do not think these orbs on still photography are Paranormal at all.
  9. I cleared this with Robb before anyone asks and yes it is not Amusement Park related but there is one right down the road from Waverly Hills though. Close enough? I went on a ghost hunt at the place that is billed as the most haunted place in the US, The Waverly Hills Sanatorium located in Louisville, Kentucky. I know some of you have saw this place on varies Paranormal Shows such as Ghost Hunters when they did a Halloween Live Telecast afew years back. It is known to be the holy grail to Paranormal Investigators. It is a place that I intend to revisit atleast once more this year. Before I go any farther I want to state now that I do not believe in ghosts for I have never saw one face to face. I am the type of person that is onto the seeing is believing. When I come face to face with one then I will change my mind but will say that some pretty interesting things took place this night that made me say, "Wow that was pretty cool." Those that do not know what Waverly Hills is it was a tuberculosis hospital that served the area. Although it was considered the best site for treating the disease at the time, but some of the procedures were primitive and grisly. The doctors could not treat the disease so they tried their best by removing organs and trying to find a cure in barbaric ways. Tuberculosis ravaged the body along with your mind and has caused some patients to go insane while slowly and painfully dieing. Like other TB sanatoriums it was situated on a hill because it was thought that elevation had drier, purer air and it was thought beneficial to sufferers. Sunlight and fresh air were also provided by exposing patients’ rooms along the outer walls to mother nature. Please remember that the people that came to this hospital early in its operation left through the Body Chute or Death Tunnel. They came here hoping for a cure so they could go home and live the rest of their lives but the early years of operation it was just a place to come to die tile a cure was found. During the height of the TB outbreak there was an average death of one every other day. And why is it I want to pay to stay eight hours in this place? So check in was at 11:45 on the 13th and things got started off abit after midnight with a walk down and up the 500 feet tunnel known as the Body Chute for everyone that died here was removed from the hospital by this tunnel. The bodies where either claimed by the family of where sent to the University of Louisville as cadavers. The bodies where then return back to Waverly to be buried in a one of the graveyards or buried in the largest mass grave that Lucy guards over today. Now pics: Lets began the descent of the Body Chute shall we? A round trip down and back along the stairs and not the ramp. Be careful of your step and watch out for objects still hanging from tunnel. Everyone that died here was lowered down the ramp you see in this picture hence the name Body Chute. Here is the area that leads into the hospital as I am told. Just to show you just how dark the area around Hospital is and Cindy is out there waiting! Here is the first floor where the Morgue is located! We will get to that soon enough. Welcome to the Morgue and lets rest abit in here shall we? This is the inside of what a Cadaver Drawer is like. All of us while end up in one of these at one time but why would you want to lay in one alive? I spent 30 minutes here and nothing happened to me. Parts of the first floor is used as a Haunted House in October. This is where patients where rolled out 10 hours each day in sun, rain, snow, heat, and cold. Fresh air was thought to cure TB but I am sure this help spread it to the doctors and nurses that worked there. ALot of the workers became patients over time. These are rooms where shared by two people. Please note that even when the place was running there was no glass in the windows to help fresh air flowing in. Bet it was really cold in the winter. Each floor had places that visitors come visit patients and here is one of them. You vist here and you might end up in one of thier rooms to share it with someone. This is the room that a person was put into when there was nothing else that could be done to help them. This is the room in which you where put to wait to die in. It did have a door that would be closed and a window. It reminded me of a prison cell or maybe in this case it was Death Row. You end up in here then it was a one way ticket to the Morgue. Each double room had one of these rooms located across the hall. This would be your view if you where in a bed on one of the rooms. One of the death rooms seem to absorb the flash of my camera. It was noticeable colder upon entering this room along with a feeling of dread. Nikki is someone who's name is everywhere in the building. She must have really got around or something. This at one time was a doctor's office at one time. Welcome to the Operating Room or the room that most of the deaths took place in. This is where you might have a liver removed or maybe a lung to help stop the TB from ravishing your body. Alot of the folks did not survive the operations that took place in here. Atleast they did have something to sterilize the instruments, if they used it that is. This is right outside the operating room on the fourth floor. This is a part of the fourth floor that was pretty active the night I was there. I was asked to walk down the hall and stop. I was told that there was a shadow that seem to lurk behind me and even blocked me from the groups view. Was cool but I did not see it and noone was smart enough to take a pic of it. This is the fifth floor of Waverly. This is an area that people have heard kids playing. Sorry I heard nothing. This was a tower on the top floor and had no idea how to get there since our guide said enjoy the place and went to smoke. This is Room 502. this is a room where two nurses killed themselves. One hung herself for some unknown reason and the second nurse took a leap off the top of the building. It is known to be active but only hung out there for afew minutes. Nothing really left of the room. Just a shell with the johnny flusher. There are balls all over the hospital. People bring these so they can play with Timmy. Just call his name and speak with him for afew minutes. Roll the ball and wait afew minutes for the ball might roll back to you. It did take place twice and I could not find a way to debunk it. Shot on the way out of building and the darkness seems to be eating the flash. Behind this door a homeless man was killed along with his dog. Some have caught a dog barking on EVPs and I caught one barking in this area. There was no dog around that night. Just think that this was your view if you where in the hospital for TB. This was the only sight that you saw till they found a cure, you where operated on, or you where pulled back to the death rooms to die in the darkness all alone. This was the Electroshock room used to try to cure TB. Imagine coughing up blood each time the switch was flipped. This greats people that come to tour the place. Center of building Overview as I was leaving of building. I am still going through my EVPs but have four that rang from a laugh to a dog barking. I still have more to go through and hope to be finished by the weekend and will post them in this thread if you folks want to hear them. I plan to return here in oct to enjoy the place in a more controlled environment with a smaller group. Maybe I can get grabbed again like I did during my stay. Rest of Pics are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coasterdave/sets/72157623621781842/ Next stop will be the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Westin, WV on April 10th.
  10. Atleast credit the pics if you are going to use someone else's pic.
  11. Figured I would go ahead and close this thread out since I decided against going to The Haunt at Knotts Sunday evening and my Disney pics do not fit the topic. I will say that doing both Halloween Horror Nights in consecutive nights was great. I think next year trek will include abit more but you can count on me doing them both in consecutive nights again, though I might start out in California so I can try to hit Scary Farm on a Wednesday night. I might even include hitting some other haunts or even stopping in the big Easy on the way to Cali for some real haunted places. I was asked by afew people which one I preferred the most. Before I even answer that question I am going to say that both versions where a blast to do. Each event had its strong and weak parts, but if I had to choose one it would be the one in Hollywood as being the better of the two over all. Now before anyone gets in an uproar, I am not saying the version in Orlando sucked. I am just saying it had more weak points in it. Both version had some really top notch houses this year. The Dead Silence in Orlando really stands out since it was almost like being in that movie. The three in Hollywood (Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface) also stand out in my eyes as being really thought out and well detailed in almost all aspects. I am sure each team is proud of their houses and by god they should. I just hope they take some of the feedback and improve on each version next year. I am sure both will be better next year. I will go as far to say that the version in Hollywood has huge potential of being one awesome event before it is said and done. I look forward to seeing it grow each and every year. But this is just my condense view on these two good events each park has to offer. I know some will disagree with my views and that is cool with me. Just go and enjoy yourself in the remaining weeks each event is open.
  12. After an early morning flight to LAX and checking into the hotel, I was off to Universal Hollywood. I was also doing the RIP Tour here. I have to say that this version of the RIP Tour is alot better than the Orlando version. It was abit more than the one in Orlando, but this one came with a meal that was served in a black casket. It was a great touch and the meal was pretty dang good also. Also had the added bonus of visiting some of the sets in the back lot before heading to the Terror Tram. We visited the set of Ghost Whisperers and where told some ghost stories. We stopped at the prop graveyard and the European area of the back lot. Then it was on to the Terror Tram. I will say that they are now letting you take as much pics as you want this week. I could have took pics of every single thing in the walk if I wanted to, but did not want to held up the group I was with. Will say this was the start to a great night at the park, but it started to rain after getting back from the Terror Tram. It kind of added to some of the many scarezones. Not going into a great deal about each house, but will comment on what I thought are really strong parts of this event after I have posted all the pics in this trip. But will say that the houses where pretty great except for the House of horrors. On to the pics. Guess he did not practice safe sex. Not the pic I wanted, but turned out shocking I think. Recall this from one of the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies? Outside the Hewitt House Seems Freddy is waiting for you at home. Could almost touch it. Got to walk through the plane crash this year. Norman even came to greet us in our walk. Not to far from Crystal Lake Not the safest bus to ride it seems. Never can tell what is hanging around at the Bates Motel. What you get from checking in at the RIP Tour in Hollywood. The meal was served in a small casket. it was a nice touch. Pole Dancers entertaining the crowd Same skeleton hanging around in the same spot as last years. Next stop is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Hollywood.
  13. It seems each year this trek gets abit bigger. Last year it went from Orlando to San Antonio, but I came up with a wild idea of doing both Halloween Horror Nights (Orlando and Hollywood) in consecutive nights. So once that was decided I added the Haunt at Knott's and hanging out at Disney during the day. So I left Charlotte Wednesday afternoon to see some old friends of mine that I had not saw in a month of sundays that night and thursday morning. Always great to catch up and talk about old times. I had elected to do the RIP Tour this year, instead of front of the line passes like previous years. I will say that it was worth its weight in gold and will do the RIP Tour every year. It might cost abit more but in my eyes it is well worth it. I am not really going to go into big detail on each house, but I will say that they are pretty strict with the use of cameras at this years event in Florida. But alot has to do with the contract with New Line for the use of the Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface. The guide said it was 27 pages long. I will wait to compare this event with the others till I am done with posting all the pics. And I also decided to use the small camera this year and not that pleased with how the pics turned out. Enough of rambling and on with the pics. More Banners Banners outside the event The only Scare Zone of the event is ahead. Welcome to Jack's House Bill and Ted Stage (First ever Bill and Ted Show I had saw) Beware of the ghosts that lurk the area. Just thought it was an interest pic that is all. Freddie is coming for you. Which way to go now? Get this when you check into the RIP Tour. Jack's Bus is waiting out front. The other one was enjoying the peeps walking by and not noticing her. The woman on stilts are back once again this year. Just incase you forgot where I was.
  14. Can not wait to do both events (Orlando and Hollywood) in back to back nights this Thursday and Friday. I look forward in seeing how each are alike and how each are different.
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