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  1. Last week, I had my very first visit to Dollywood from the 21-22nd. Luckily, the weather was perfect on Wednesday, but Thursday was rainy and humid. The rain kept the crowds away, and I was able to get a few rides in with no wait. I’d like to take a moment to advocate the TimeSaver. This was the very first time I had purchased a ‘virtual queue’ system at a park, and it was worth it. The TimeSaver Unlimited let me work at my own pace throughout the park as I never had to stress out about wait times. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to be on the 2nd and 5th train of the day on Lightning
  2. Hopefully I can knock off some of these within the next few years. There's no particular order to this list. Steel - Nemesis - I305 - Kinda Ka - Tatsu - Bizarro - Expedition GeForce - Kawasemi Wood - Boulder Dash - Phoenix - T-Express - El Toro - Balder - The Voyage - Ravine Flyer II - Raven Rides - Tower of Terror (DisneySea) - Radiator Springs Racers - Harry Potter Forbidden Journey
  3. Hey guys! Went to the park this week and I thought I might share a quick trip report. Tuesday, June 25, 2013 I was in Branson last week with family enjoying our stay at a condo next to Table Rock Lake. Fortunately, we had a day planned for Silver Dollar City, and I requested that we go on a Tuesday with the hopes of running into lighter crowds. We arrived at the park thirty minutes early, and I took in all the sights and sounds of the main square while everything was roped off. I was quickly absorbed in the 1880s setting and was impressed at how unique Silver Dollar City is. Their at
  4. Awesome news! I will try and make it out there as long as my Spanish professor doesn't post an exam that Friday. If I can make the opening, it will be the first time I have visited the park in at least two years! Also, visiting the park this year is inevitable with my cousin performing at The Crazy Horse Saloon this season.
  5. Robb, It looks like you caught 5! Heck, it could be a record for the Santa Claw. Giant Balls - 1 Red Medium Balls - 1 Pink Small Balls - 1 Purple, 1 Blue, 1 Red
  6. Dude! That was me who went after it and managed to push the prize into the chimney. Don't worry though, because it still said I lost. You have to grab it with the claw in order to let the sensor know you won. I think I remember chatting with your brother. Ask him if he remembers someone named Bubbles.
  7. I just dropped the claw so half of it would go into the chimney, and while doing so I was able to drag two balls into it, yet it still said I lost. Oh well.
  8. Finally! I just got me a nice giant pink ball that was sitting right next to the chimney. All thanks to my 3:30am alarm!
  9. Just a warning, but the left side screen was black when I played five minutes ago. All that's left is the bird's eye view camera. Heck, if they both went out and I was blind during the crane, my chances will still be the same.
  10. Since I haven't been in a few years, I will probably head out to San Antonio in early May to visit SFFT and Sea World. I will be in Anaheim July 6-9 because those are the dates the Rangers are in town to face the Angels, and since I have always wanted to visit LA this seemed like the right time to go. So after each day I will be there, it will be capped of with a baseball game. Parks I might hit are SFMM, Universal, and KBF. Other parks I could possibly visit this year are SFStL, SDC, and Magic Springs.
  11. Well, the new season starts today between Atlanta and Philly. I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow, because it has been a tradition for me to skip school and go to the Ranger's home opener every year. Also, George W is throwing out the first pitch. Should be interesting.
  12. Awesome, I got mine too. I will probably use it around the time I use the free birthday ticket Disney World offers.
  13. I felt that all those who won deserved it, but I would have liked to have seen Wally Pfister win for cinematography and for Wall-E to win an award for sound. Also, one thing I've always wanted to do was see a screening of all the animated and live action shorts that were nominated for an Academy Award. It's just I'm not sure if a theatre here in the DFW area that will do that. I also need to see Man on Wire now too...
  14. Just an FYI - The major Oscar nominees will be announced tomorrow at 8:30 am EST live. The other minor tech nominations will be posted online later.
  15. As a Cowboy fan, it would be very painful to see the Steelers and Eagles in the Super Bowl. I don't want the Steelers to get their 6th Super Bowl as Dallas, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh currently have 5. (Dallas has the most appearances with 8.) I don't want to the Eagles to win because, well...they are the Eagles. I'm also a Kurt Warner fan so I will be rooting for the Cardinals the rest of the way. So go Arizona and Baltimore! Edit: Mechanic, thanks for the correction.
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