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  1. This is exciting! I live a mile away from where this project is being built, so I'll be sure to keep a close eye on future updates for the park. Building in Frisco is an interesting choice, as this young city is booming and is becoming a target for multiple attractions and projects. We already have The National Video Game Museum, Dallas Cowboys 'The Star' Headquarters, National Soccer Hall of Fame, PGA Headquarters and golf course (home to future majors), as well as many other family-friendly destinations. On top of that, I wouldn't be surprised if Dude Perfect's $100 million-dollar sports 'theme park' is being built next to or very close to Universal's new park. That's something to keep an eye on as well. Crazy to think that this city had a population of 6,000 in 1990. Now it's home to 210,000+ people, with many young families that will take advantage of this new park.
  2. I was at Worlds of Fun two weeks ago for the very first time, and the 'trimless' Mamba completely took me by surprise. The final hills were incredible, and the ride exceeded my expectations. By far the biggest surprise I've ever had. The operations were also fantastic as well. All of the heavy-hitter rides were down the first hour after park opening, but after that, I had an enjoyable experience at the park. Looking forward to Zambezi Zinger!
  3. I did a quick afternoon trip to SFoT last Friday (June 17th) and had a good visit. Couple of notes: Titan is back up and running great! I always get decent floater air on that first hill. Pirates of the Speelunker Cave was fantastic, unique and had so much charm! This is a step in the right direction. Everything was a walk-on with half of the trains half-full. Ride operators were even telling people that they could stay on the ride. I rode Justice League for the very first time, and it really needs some TLC. The main big screen in the loading station was off, and the screens in the back-half of the ride were very dim, and the guns wouldn't work against it. I wish I rode this one in its prime. When did the Spanish mission-style entrance get torn down? It definitely opens up the entrance plaza though. I enjoyed the "cooling stations" they have scattered across the park. Great way to get free iced water in the Texas heat.
  4. Last week, I had my very first visit to Dollywood from the 21-22nd. Luckily, the weather was perfect on Wednesday, but Thursday was rainy and humid. The rain kept the crowds away, and I was able to get a few rides in with no wait. I’d like to take a moment to advocate the TimeSaver. This was the very first time I had purchased a ‘virtual queue’ system at a park, and it was worth it. The TimeSaver Unlimited let me work at my own pace throughout the park as I never had to stress out about wait times. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to be on the 2nd and 5th train of the day on Lightning Rod. Totally worth it, and it was extremely beneficial on my first day at the park. Some quick thoughts: Lightning Rod This is my third RMC after New Texas Giant and Outlaw Run, and it has the same intensity that Outlaw Run has. The ride never lets up, and it has the best second half of any coaster I have ever ridden. However, it does have a noticeable rattle/shake at the bottom of the first hill. Has anyone else experienced this? Nevertheless, the ride is full of energy, has major airtime, and it’s a terrain coaster. What more could you want? I’d also like to note that it was running two trains a few hours after park opening. 10/10 Mystery Mine My second Euro-Fighter. This ride has my favorite theming in the park, and the custom music for Mystery Mine is a nice touch. The first half of the ride was rougher than expected, but I still enjoyed the back half and the dark ride elements. 8/10 Wild Eagle This is my very first wing coaster, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the ride. Based on past reports, it seems that wing coasters are very tame and force-less. However, I actually enjoyed Wild Eagle, and it didn’t seem force-less to me. The restraints never gave me any problems either. I preferred the right side. 7/10 FireChaser Express Loved the setting, and unique backwards launch. I never experienced any airtime throughout the ride, but the theming, backwards launch, and length made up for it. This is the perfect family coaster. 7/10 Tennessee Tornado This is one of the smoothest Arrow coasters I have ridden. It packs quite a punch without leaving me aching. I only rode it once in the front, so I can’t say what the ride experience is like elsewhere. 7/10 Thunderhead This ride was quite rough, but it was full of energy and had quite a few pops of airtime. I’m still kicking myself for not riding Thunderhead on the second day when it was raining. I’m curious as to how it rides on a wet track. 6/10 After going to Silver Dollar City, I was aching to see how Dollywood compares! Lightning Rod delivers. A tad outdated, but still has charm. Loved the fire station theming! There's some heavy construction going on in the area, but I couldn't get enough of the theming/music. Decent drop ride with a good view. Loved the back half of Lightning Rod. No trip is complete without a visit here. Don't forget to order the frosting! One of the various entertainers throughout Dollywood.
  5. Hopefully I can knock off some of these within the next few years. There's no particular order to this list. Steel - Nemesis - I305 - Kinda Ka - Tatsu - Bizarro - Expedition GeForce - Kawasemi Wood - Boulder Dash - Phoenix - T-Express - El Toro - Balder - The Voyage - Ravine Flyer II - Raven Rides - Tower of Terror (DisneySea) - Radiator Springs Racers - Harry Potter Forbidden Journey
  6. Hey guys! Went to the park this week and I thought I might share a quick trip report. Tuesday, June 25, 2013 I was in Branson last week with family enjoying our stay at a condo next to Table Rock Lake. Fortunately, we had a day planned for Silver Dollar City, and I requested that we go on a Tuesday with the hopes of running into lighter crowds. We arrived at the park thirty minutes early, and I took in all the sights and sounds of the main square while everything was roped off. I was quickly absorbed in the 1880s setting and was impressed at how unique Silver Dollar City is. Their attention to little details scattered throughout the park really add up. The opening ceremony before the rope drop was also a nice touch. I made the mistake of waiting at the rope drop next to Grandfather’s Mansion thinking it would lead me on the fastest path towards Outlaw Run. I realized my mistake when I noticed thirty people ahead of me brisk walking when my path connected with another near Riverblast. I still managed to be the third train of the day for Outlaw Run, and I chose the back row. The ride was quite a rush, and it cracked the #1 spot on my list. The train never let up, and the ejector air on the first drop was extreme. The final barrel rolls were a sensation I’ve never felt on a coaster before and they were probably my favorite element on Outlaw Run. The head-choppers on the drop under the lift were a surprise as well. A fantastic coaster overall and an excellent addition to the park. My next stop was Powder Keg, and again I chose the back row. Like Outlaw Run, there was lots of airtime to behold. I recall more floater air on the second drop with heavy ejector air on the first. The ride was a walk-on when we arrived. My second ride on this later in the day was an unfortunate experience. This go-around had the longest wait of the day (at ten minutes) and I managed to sit in the front row. I got caught in an uncomfortable position as I was stapled with the lapbar, and my pelvis rubbed against it the entire ride. However, the excellent first ride of the day made me forget this later on. Wildfire was next. I managed two rides throughout the day on the front row, and the line was practically a walk-on each time. I was shocked at how intense and forceful this ride was. It’s probably my new favorite B&M. This is truly an underrated coaster. Thunderation was another surprise as well. I wasn’t expecting it to pick up so much steam heading out of the station. Another fantastic terrain coaster. Fire in the Hole needs a facelift, but I found it rather adorable and a good escape from the heat. I wasn’t expecting the drop into the water and I walked away drenched, but it was welcoming once I started to walk around in the hot air. I was lucky enough to be the last person allowed on the 2:30 tour for Marvel Cave, and this attraction really added to the charm of the park. Walking around in the “redneck air-conditioning” was also a blessing, and the cathedral room was quite a sight. Totally worth it, and you shouldn’t miss out on this when visiting Silver Dollar City. It’s a unique experience you can’t get at another theme park. Overall, I walked away from the park thinking it was on the level of Disney and Universal when it comes to themeing and experience. The small details in the park such as the craftsmen, FOOD, scenery, shade, and stores all add up. It’s now one of my favorite parks in the country. My first glimpse of Outlaw Run. I believe this was the first train of the day. Lines picked up after my first ride, and this was the most crowded I saw it that day. My second ride was nearly a walk-on in the middle of the afternoon. Common shot of Wildfire. The cathedral room of Marvel Cave. This is the first flight of stairs you encounter.
  7. Awesome news! I will try and make it out there as long as my Spanish professor doesn't post an exam that Friday. If I can make the opening, it will be the first time I have visited the park in at least two years! Also, visiting the park this year is inevitable with my cousin performing at The Crazy Horse Saloon this season.
  8. Robb, It looks like you caught 5! Heck, it could be a record for the Santa Claw. Giant Balls - 1 Red Medium Balls - 1 Pink Small Balls - 1 Purple, 1 Blue, 1 Red
  9. Dude! That was me who went after it and managed to push the prize into the chimney. Don't worry though, because it still said I lost. You have to grab it with the claw in order to let the sensor know you won. I think I remember chatting with your brother. Ask him if he remembers someone named Bubbles.
  10. I just dropped the claw so half of it would go into the chimney, and while doing so I was able to drag two balls into it, yet it still said I lost. Oh well.
  11. Finally! I just got me a nice giant pink ball that was sitting right next to the chimney. All thanks to my 3:30am alarm!
  12. Just a warning, but the left side screen was black when I played five minutes ago. All that's left is the bird's eye view camera. Heck, if they both went out and I was blind during the crane, my chances will still be the same.
  13. Since I haven't been in a few years, I will probably head out to San Antonio in early May to visit SFFT and Sea World. I will be in Anaheim July 6-9 because those are the dates the Rangers are in town to face the Angels, and since I have always wanted to visit LA this seemed like the right time to go. So after each day I will be there, it will be capped of with a baseball game. Parks I might hit are SFMM, Universal, and KBF. Other parks I could possibly visit this year are SFStL, SDC, and Magic Springs.
  14. Well, the new season starts today between Atlanta and Philly. I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow, because it has been a tradition for me to skip school and go to the Ranger's home opener every year. Also, George W is throwing out the first pitch. Should be interesting.
  15. Awesome, I got mine too. I will probably use it around the time I use the free birthday ticket Disney World offers.
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