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  1. Not to mention the all day pass includes the go karts.......that in itself is worth the 20 bucks. i took a family of four to a local FEC in Deep Creek Lake in Mayland and it basically was 2 kart traks, mini golf, and those flying saucer like bumper cars.....total spent was $160....and that was almost 5 years ago........
  2. Just came across this regarding Loch Ness trains....don't know for sure what to think about it.......... https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf6lzi6HhxN/
  3. We were there the end of June and all the ride ops were killing it. There was little to know stacking on anything and they were all looking like they were really having fun. Even at closing on Diamondback the mic'd up girl was still going as if it were 4 in the afternoon. After this visit(first time there in at least 15 years) it should be the model for ALL parks. By far our best park visit in the last few years.
  4. From the sounds of the parks (the guy that runs their faceboook page who I believe is actually the GM or some title) replies on their facebook page the only rides staying are the coasters, antique cars, and train.
  5. I only had it happen in the front of the train....never when I road in the back.
  6. Honestly I felt a bit weird going to this park without a kid, but once inside, I was surprised how decent the park was even if you don't have a kid with you. The addition of this coaster should make that even more acceptable. It's obviously aimed towards children, but there is a decent selection of things for adults to check out and I was surprised by the overall quality of the park. As close is this place is to me....I finally got a chance to visit when my kids where still in the younger stages. I believe it was about 3 years ago. I was overly surprised at just what this park had to offer.......always just thought it was a little roadside stop for little kids. It is better than Idlewld, Lakemont, and DelGrossos....all parks close to home for me. We loved the Kingdom Coaster and this new ride looks just as fun. If you don't have kids.........it is still good enough with a nice collection of rides to satisfy quite a few hours on the way to or from Hershey.
  7. Seems that S & S is building a Junior Inverted at the park with a storyline for the kids to follow......sweeeeeeeeet. http://fox43.com/2016/11/01/dutch-wonderland-unveils-plans-for-new-ride/
  8. It was actually pretty easy with the Kennywood arrows......and there's plenty of eats around the hotel and one of the nicest continental breakfasts I have seen for a hotel. is that the one that's on the Waterfront? if yes, so close to the park, and LOTS of restaurants right there (and bars). . . we stayed there a couple of years ago. No.....it is in the West Mifflin area.......kinda Southeast from the park.........http://hamptoninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/pennsylvania/hampton-inn-pittsburgh-west-mifflin-PITWMHX/index.html
  9. It was actually pretty easy with the Kennywood arrows......and there's plenty of eats around the hotel and one of the nicest continental breakfasts I have seen for a hotel.
  10. We just got back from an extended weekend and stayed at the Hampton in West Mifflin........only a few minutes from the park(with good GPS LOL) and it was very nice and moderately cheap. Also, from this trip I was highly disappointed with the Auto Race........why was it slowed down so much...it almost crawled around the track.
  11. Has anyone ever had experience with a "Nationality Day"? I want to head over this weekend...Labor Day...and Sunday is the best available for me. It is Latino Day and I was wondering about crowds....I was planning a weekend out of it since it is also our anniversary wit a stay possibly at Extended Stay America West Mifflin. Any thoughts on this whole adventure?
  12. They said nothing about the flume... which makes me think it's staying. They only talked about getting to cohabitate with the rapids ride........
  13. The same way a wooden coaster traverses over the transfer track is the same way it will traverse onto and off of the drop track section. I see that, but a transfer track shifts side to side. This has to have a pretty substantial structure dropping. Not near as simple as say Verbolten......
  14. So everyone is thinking drop track.....I can see that on a steel coaster as it is easier to have the rails line up and a lot less structure to deal with. I am having trouble seeing this pulled off on a wooden coaster. Unless it travels onto some sort of "bridge" steel structure for that part. I really think it would require precise measurements for the track to lineup with a wooden train.
  15. Well for some odd reason they are heavily advertising this in my area....Western Maryland?? Seems like quite a distance for advertising. Hell Busch Gardens, KD, HP and others are a lot closer and you hardly ever see a commercial for them. They have a nice web page if anyone is interested....... https://arkencounter.com/
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