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  1. Woah, I'm going to sound like a real nerd, but looking at it, anyone know if the Alton Towers map was mad by eBoy?
  2. Best ending would have to be Oblivion. I mean, that vertical drop right before the brakes! Wow! (That was a lie; I have never been on Oblivion.) Worst ending would have to be a tie between The Village and Rockin Roller Coaster. Both left me expecting a little more. You get to the concert? With all that driving, I'd at least like to get somewhere cool; I'm pretty sure we at least took a wrong turn at Albequerque.
  3. Is it just me, or does that train seem ridiculously long? 32 people in one train with 2 accross seating? Maybe that's normal, but it looks long to me.
  4. After Holiwood Nights, we were exhausted so we slept in the morning after before making the trip down to Beech Bend for Rumblefest. There was quite a turn out for the park's first event (480 people when they expected 200.) Despite the crowds, none of the waits were horrible and there was enough food. (I got food at least.) It was a nice smaller park, and like many small parks, had some cool flat rides. The SCAT 2 was probably the most intense spinning ride I've ever been on. It's the cheapest alternative to a face lift. The reason I was there, the Kentucky Rumbler, was a surprisingly g
  5. This weekend Holiday World held a little event called Holiwood Nights. Since I had heard how amazing their woodies are at night and I had been aching to take a spin on the Voyage, I convinced my mom and neighbor to join me on the 16-hour trek out there. While it was tiring just getting there, from my first ride, I knew it was worth it. I first engaged in the blasphemy that is stopping at Raven and Legend before the Voyage, but I didn't see much point in walking right past them. As far as the ERT went, the lines were much shorter than I expected with my average waits being 20-30 mins fo
  6. The "sidewindin" sign makes me think Cedar Point is going to break the inversion record with a lot of zero-g rolls... making this more of a flat ride than a coaster.
  7. Check out the numerous pages of this thread for info (its currently located only a few topics down): Cedar Point 2007
  8. The park looks a lot nicer this year, which only really set in as I looked back at the pictures. I'm starting to like this "Under New Management" Six Flags.
  9. I'll be making the 16-hour drive out there for both Holiwood Nights and Rumblefest. I don't own any TPR shit other than the movies, but I guess I'll say hi to whoever I see in TPR attire. There probably won't be an easy way to spot me other than I'll probably be the only guy wearing a shirt from http://www.threadless.com. Hope to see some of ya'll there. (I hope I spelled y'all correctly.)
  10. After having the luxury of taking finals this morning, I decided to hop along with my Aunt and check out SFEG for the afternoon. We got to the park and noticed the parking lot was almost empty except for quite a few busses. The only ticket window that was open was Custumer Service, so it was looking good already. It turned out that there were lots of people in the park but almost none of them seemed to be riding rides. No coaster was more than a two train wait. They even closed all the rides that left the ground due to a nearby thunderstorm for 30 minutes, leaving the only ride open to be the
  11. "Ridin' High Rollercoaster Club" As much fun as that sounds, it really doesn't seem like a great idea. Six Flags must be doing horrible to have to go after the Roller Coaster/Drug Addict crowd. Anyway, nice TR. I'll always remember SFA as the only major park that has closed early on me.
  12. As a response to one of the dorky coaster photos, if I'm thinking of the same lap bar release on PTC trains, PTC has been putting them on for at least a couple of years. Twister II at SFEG has them on it's trains it got a few years ago. The photo below (from today) shows that release. Twister II's lapbar release.
  13. Thanks for the comments. As you all said, Lakeside does have that reputation of being the "bad" park and that's why I never visited it. I had always thought, "Why bother?" After going there, however, I realized how wrong that really was. Sure it is in a worse part of town, it's cheaper and less structured, but the rides and the atmosphere are so much better. I'll definetely be headed back there sometime soon.
  14. Do the woodies at Indiana Beach count? They didn't have space so they just built them right on top of everything that was already there. So, in a sense, they do save space...
  15. Living in Denver for 5 years and watching my coaster count skyrocket from under 30 in that time, I had never been to Lakeside despite being so close and hearing such great things about it. Last Friday night, I finally decided to head down there, after all it was only $12.25 for an unlimited ride wristband. Now, none of you probably read this and it was the photos that brought you in here so here they come. It came out backwards so read from the bottom up. Sorry, I'll fix it on my next Photo TR. EDIT: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. Lakeside truely is a great little park, and if you're ever in
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