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  1. ^ I heard from a reliable source that they offered 3. Yes 3 trash cans for LZ.
  2. ARM towers kick butt!! For being a smaller in comparison to drop towers such as Intamin towers they sure do pack a punch! I <3 ARM towers
  3. I have never been to Alton Towers, but from the photo trip reports I have seen I have concluded that Alton Towers is one of the most beautiful theme parks in this world . I love all the trees . I hope to one day I'll be able to visit this park. Nice pictures btw. I especially loved the one with all the different colored trees in the background.
  4. ^ I understand what you are saying but I did not purchase the stocks because I am a park enthusiast or just because I'm trying to help out Six Flags. I did it because the price is very low, and although I may be one of the few in the many I do believe the economy will improve and I also believe that Shapiro is doing a good job running the chain. I purchased the stock for under a dollar a share. Stocks are risky and I took the risk. Six Flags stock is a huge risk but I do believe Six Flags has a chance. If I lose my investment then I won't complain because I was fully aware of the risk I was taking. I do own my own business and I own 25% of another (which is an FEC). I do understand business and I do understand the risk I took. And to set the record straight, I am in no way saying that I believe Six Flags WILL make a turn around, I am merely going with my opinion on the situation and hoping things work out.
  5. Quite recently I bought a large sum of stock from Six Flags. I very well know of Six Flags situation and I very well know the risk I'm taking. I am hoping that Six Flags turns around despite the situation. I understand I purchased a major risk stock but it's going for really cheap right now. If Six Flags does indeed go under or anything It's not a HUGE lost. I am taking this risk in hopes that Six Flags makes a turn around. If it does than that's good news for me . - Hoping Six Flags can make a turn around.
  6. I love visiting amusement parks in that type of weather! Walk on's, no heat, no crowding, it's great! Is the Rainbow closed or is it just temporalily closed for Halloween? I know part of the rides section had closed and I'm also aware that there was a Rainbow ride incident at another park, does any of the two stated reasons have anything to due with it being closed? Rainbow is one of my favorite flats. Nice Pics
  7. The Tornado reminds me of ours, always broken. Right now the compressor is out and we can't release the car brake. It's literally down atleast 2-3 days a week. It's a 4 year old indoor Wisdom Tornado (themed Dust Devil). It's been a maintainance nightmare since the day we bought it. Boo Wisdom Industries on their crappy rides. Anyways great photos. I've never heard of this place before. I'll be heading to Seattle in a few weeks so maybe I'll have a chance to check it out.
  8. I know they're not the loudest out there but I think Pinfari Zyklon coasters are pretty loud, especially when the train is going up after the first drop.
  9. I just graduated from high school in 2008, I have 4 years of actual work experience and I have not once had a probem ever being employed. I just guess I'm lucky. Currently I am a manager for a Family Entertainment Center and I also own my own business which is doing quite well. Although being just 18 I have been looking for jobs that I can possibly have a career with and my advice for someone looking for a great job is looking into federal jobs. There are usually openings for federal jobs. Last week the Department Of Homeland Security had a posting for several great paying job openings here in my city. ($21-$54hr). I jumped at it and called for information and now I'm studying so I may hopefully get a job with the Department Of Homeland Security. The minimum age requirement is 18 which isn't bad for someone young trying to get into a great career. You just need to order your study materials and study study study. It's quite straining having to study, work and run my business but if all goes well I will get the job I am hoping to get . The USPS is also a great career option. They have good pay and great benifits. Openings are almost always available here in my city although I do know it varies from location to location.
  10. I am currently writing an informative ebook which I would like to sell online. But the thing is I don't know how. I have tried researching and I'm still pretty lost. Is their anyone here that may be able to help me? What I need to know is: How do I get my informative information in an ebook format? What type of website should I get that will allow me to sell my ebook and set up a paypal/merchant account? Once I get my website how do I put my ebook up for sell? Any help will be appreciated!
  11. Any park with a Huss Troika gets my approval . But I must say that chair swing ride has to be one of the tackiest rides I have ever seen .
  12. The El Bandido at Western Playland was reconstructed rather quickly. I was told by maintanence staff that it was one of the quickest rides to go up after the move.
  13. Not crappy at all! . Good photo trip report. I love those Disk-o rides. The only one I have been on is the one at Dollywood. This park reminded me of Joyland in Lubbok. It has the Spyder, rock-o-planes etc. I enjoy small parks like these for some reason. On I side note I think you may have been the first one to shoot a Disk-O through a Scrambler picture .
  14. ^ Yes the pool is long enough, when you fly off you barely land past the log and snake waterfall thing.
  15. ^^ It is ghetto compared to Orlando parks, But hey it's all we have so we don't complain . ^ I am quite sad that today may have been my last rides on Screamer due to my height . This pics shows how bad the walkways are at Wet n Wild. Stupid Walkways Gave My Feet Blisters =/
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