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  1. ^^^There are lots.....Go to www.sfkkonline ,sign up. Then go to elvisboogens profile and there should be a lot of pictures of de-construction.
  2. I'll give it a go....Looks liek the track is very well constructed.
  3. Don't stand up's have multiple heartlines though? Since the rider could sit or stand at all kinds of levels?
  4. If Kentucky Kingdom will just take good care of Thunder Run there is no doubt in my mind it can be a world class ride. It used to be in almost everyones top 10 but now its just a ok ride. It gives A LOT of air.
  5. ^Kings Island is a good 4 hours drive from Kentucky Kingdom. Why KK even tried to get ahead of them I do not know.
  6. Since July 2003, Iv'e gotten 479 rides on Chang, 634 on Grezzed Lightnin and 329 rides on Thunder Run. I go to SFKK around 30 times a year, and since it's most walk-ons I lap over and over.
  7. Here is a picture of the sign as mentioned earlier. I might add this one as well.... All credit goes to elvisboogens from SFKKOnline.
  8. ^The park sides future is very bright? Are you serious? Have you been to the park lately? BTW, "Lumber?". Lumber is used for many different things in construction. To level heavy equipment, to keep pieces steady on trucks. Don't think anything of it. It's not treated which means it won't be used at the park.
  9. There is a banner out in front of Chang's entrance that stats :"BANZAI BEACH" Sounds like the new waterpark expansion name is out.
  10. ^^Love the thinking, and makes total epic sense. Now all we need is cash, and thats going to be a problem.
  11. I just don't see it going to Six Flags Great America....I got my money on Chang going to St.Louis. I think it will fit perfect there, makes a ton more sense then it going to Great America.
  12. I want these things if it is indeed a waterpark expansion: -New Wavepool -3 Speed Slides -Raft Slide -Inclosed Raft Slide -Racing Slide -New Lazy River -2 New Kids Areas. I know thats ALOT but hey, if they got all that I'll be getting a pass again.
  13. ^I mean after GL was closed. It never got a expansion. SFKK is. GL didn't make money while SFKK is, that is the main difference.
  14. Well there is a huge difference between GL and SFKK, SFKK is supposed to get a huge expansion. While GL didn't.
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