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  1. I like Option 1 myself. The video/slide at the top of Option 2 seems a bit big and takes up a lot more room on my monitor than Option 1. I also think the Twitter feed is a nice touch on Option 1, even though I never use Twitter. Although, that's definitely a plus of having it up there, cause I would never see what you post on there otherwise. I'm not sure how much feedback you're looking for from a design standpoint, or if you'd be up for any design changes at all, but I really think getting rid of the boxes and lines would be a great way to give the site a more modern, updated look. here's a screen cap that I touched up in Photoshop real quick just to see the difference. I also darkened up the scroll bars a bit. When I look at the site as it is, my eyes tend to be drawn to the scroll bars because of the contrast between them and the background. With that said, I'm fine either way and no matter what you decide. I'd visit the site no matter what it looked like just because of the people and content.
  2. I use Facebook and Instagram religiously. I check them throughout the day, then give them a thorough look-through at night before heading off to count sheep. I really like YouTube, but usually only use it if I see a video posted on Facebook that links me directly to YouTube. I was always hoping that you would be more active on Instagram, and I would say that, but you've recently taken care of that, so I have no complaints! As for the others... nahhh! I tried Twitter and Vine multiple times and I just can't get into them.
  3. Good stuff, Erik! I can't wait to get back to Disneyland. It was my first park when I was a little kid, and Matterhorn was my first coaster. I haven't been since about 85 or 86. I also remember being in complete awe on the submarine ride back then. Glad to see it's made a comeback. Looking forward to Part 2!
  4. Dinty Moore Chicken & Dumplings. It's got a sh*t ton of sodium, but it tastes so good that I ignore how bad it is for you, haha. It's my feel good, comfort meal in the winter time.
  5. This post that The Jersey Shore made on their Facebook page really cleared things up as to where this all took place for me, and I thought some others may like to see it as well. "Since there has been so much confusion created by the news media such as the boardwalk being being 80% damaged, the historic century old carousel being destroyed, the newly laid boardwalk being destroyed, etc - I have created this map of key landmarks so people can get a better idea of the truth. 1) - the boardwalk was NOT replaced between Stockton Ave and just south of Dupont, NORTH of Dupont Ave is the new boardwalk. Basically only one block of the newly laid boardwalk was destroyed. 2) The carousel that was destroyed was located as the Carousel Arcade by Funtown, while the historic century old carousel is located at Casino Arcade by Casino Pier. 3) The main fire stopped at Dupont Ave, but did jumped to Lincoln Ave and destroyed the buildings south of Lincoln Ave and the NORTHERN side of Beachcomber. The southern side of Beachcomber closest to the main fire along Dupont was untouched and even in aerial photos you can clearly see the outside tables where I ate on Monday untouched along with the ramp. 4) The new boardwalk was ripped up to make the trench at Lincoln Ave to try to prevent the fire from going north beyond that point. I hope this will show that 80% of the boardwalk is NOT destroyed and the fire - while large - was contained within a rather small section that makes up the ENTIRE Seaside Boardwalk. BTW - the dotted line indicates the border of Seaside Heights."
  6. I dunno, I kind of think it's important to let people know that Seaside Heights is "open for business" as the area does thrive off tourism dollars. Given the devastation I think those business probably more than ever need as many people to come and spend as much money as possible. Oh, I completely agree! What I was really trying to say is, that I am surprised to see that they are able to be open. I kind of expected them to be out of commission for a while.
  7. Just saw this on the Casino Pier Facebook page. Given the circumstances, I was pretty surprised to see it. "Our hearts go out to all of our neighbors and fellow business owners in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights during this difficult time. We thank all of the courageous fire fighters and first responders for putting up such a strong fight yesterday and today. Thoughts and prayers from Casino Pier. Please note that our Casino Arcade and Pier Surf Shop IS OPEN today. The Pier rides, Go Karts, Golf, Pier Grill and Midway Games will be open tomorrow at noon. We hope to see you all then!"
  8. WOW... this is horrible! Makes me sick to my stomach. Hope everyone comes out of this alright.
  9. Very excited to see Cedar Fair putting in a dark ride! Here's to hoping this is the first of many for the Cedar Fair parks. The guy in the video says "better than what you've seen at Disney or Universal"... we'll see about that. Also, what is tree-dee?
  10. Man, this thing is looking amazing! Getting back to this park is a must. I thought the old flume was great, but this thing looks like it's gonna blow the old one right out of the water! (Pun intended?)
  11. I've entered this contest the past couple of years, and have won a category both times. Bummed that I missed the contest this year! Guess that's my punishment for slacking on my TPR visits, haha.
  12. I looked to see if this was already posted and couldn't find it. I apologize if I overlooked it. It isn't about the Shoot the Rapids accident, but it could have been an accident had it been over about half a foot.
  13. Loving these updates! I'm definitely having TPR trip withdrawals. I really enjoyed the multiple camera angles of the same cycle on the drop tower. I also loved the mega video of Gravity Max. The look on both Elissa and Anth's face is priceless! There's not much that scares me nowadays (besides drop towers) but damn, I would be SO nervous to ride the tilt coaster. Looking forward to seeing more of the trip!
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