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  1. yes, do you like mortal combat the movie?
  2. yeah he got suspended and i think the girls parents were thinking about a lawsuit but never went through with it
  3. sorry i dont look before i post things i just go for it
  4. no im a Girl spell it with me G-I-R-L
  5. ok ok this was tough since i am a devoted Tim Burton fan and i really liked both movies, but i still have to go with Nightmare Before Christmas because it was the original and even though its been around for a long time it still kicks butt, plus that whole thing where victor marries victoria instead of the corpse bride made me sad!!! he was supposed to marry the corpse bride!!!! - stupid frigging butterflies i also really really love jack
  6. woah i totally missed that - thankx
  7. justin timberlake elijah wood mariah carey - can you say insane? matt damon brad pitt tom cruiz - was cool in the movie top gun but sucks now and anyone from the real world
  8. really cool old cars ( i dont like the ones out nowdays) and the SMURFS
  9. i dont like people who are mean. im not talking about the sarcastic hardy har har "your retarded" kinda mean, im talking about people who are genuinely mean -ex. this kid at my school took this blind girls walking stick and threw it down the stairs, that kinda stuff makes me sad
  10. pretty pink ponies flowers and throwing things off of really high places
  11. ok so list your favorite type of bubble gum! mine is icebreakers - cinnamon mmmmmmmmm cinnamony goodness
  12. I would greatly appreciate the name "Mushroom Queen" thanks
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