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  1. Oh yes, you're right! I guess my pointless observation was even more pointless than I gave it credit for Given the original dive machine - Oblivion - stopped at the edge while you heard the message 'don't look down' which these days is a painted message you read as you stare at the drop below you, I always took it the stop was the norm and any that don't pause are the ones that are different.
  2. 2 visits this year and one visit last year - and Wild Mouse not ridden. It was never open - and never a sign of anyone working on it, so for many of us it is just a pretty pile of wood with a fresh coat of white paint. Always enjoyed it - despite the queue time as each year seemed to be less cars on the track
  3. was very hard to watch - seeing something just 20miles away that we enjoyed each summer with our kids and no longer can, yet two of the three rides that the kids would have said were their favourites still sit their wasting away. The local schools used it for end of term outings, youth groups like Guides, Brownies and Scouts used it for outings. A big hole left in the entertainment options in the west of scotland when Loudoun closed its doors for the last time. for a tourist county, Ayrshire had very little for those who were looking for more than scenery, Robert Burns and Golf. The lo
  4. On last visits the hill did feel like items had gone and no investment, just assumed it was the economics of the moment - looking forward to seeing the first plans of how this will fit in. A description like that, must be going to be more on the skyline than Lisebergbanan with its hugging and low profile.
  5. After missing out 2010, made our annual visit to Sweden and Liseberg. Other than the 60min q to ride (was never that when an observation tower ), enjoyed Atmosfear. It was a sunny Saturday after a few poor days of weather and the Gothia cup was on making the City even busier, park was busy from 11am to 11pm (Blackpool please note!).
  6. was a couple of years since last there - but was early July. start of day walk on and end of day had many rides to ourselves. the middle it was packed - school outings. the down side of Scottish Schools having holidays earlier than England are when we go to theme parks in the first couple of weeks of our school break, that tends to be when the schools in England have their outings to theme parks. having said Drayton was packed - was still not to bad. Busiest we have experienced was Light Water Valley - they did have signs outside in car park warning to expect thousands of school kids t
  7. Only problem is that is an old satellite picture - that gap you highlight is where the splash ride Whale adventures in Iceland zone got put. Would not think they would put a coaster on top of it and not sure if enough room left there you could get in a station and storage. Maybe at back of Greece - then silverstar and another (posieden or pegasus) would be close enough to be the two it goes by ?
  8. as you are here for a year, you can break up to a couple of mini trips. However you do it, I would not miss: Blackpool - so much history and uniqueness. You dont come off rides that are mirrors (or so similar) of many round the world. Alton Towers - beautiful lanscape with some thrilling rides fitted in. Drayton Manor - worth the visit for the stand up and the drop tower Lightwater Valley - brace yourself for the Ultimate Other than Legoland, I have not been to the parks surrounding London, and as my kids are now all over 8, I would not rush back to Legoland Windsor. re Blackpool,
  9. nice to hear the Canon ride was smooth for you in Wisconsin. Earlier in the summer rode its twin, the Rocket - declined a third ride due to sore head it left me with. Hopefully the Wisconsin experience means those days are gone now and its smooth as it should be.
  10. the Packers dont seem as popular as they used to be - looks like folk were walking straight through the outside q to get into Vince's house to see his tribute. Just seemed like a couple of seasons ago they were packing them in for hours to reach the door.
  11. I love your line "It really nice for a small place like Aberdeen" That will be Aberdeen the 3rd largest city in Scotland Good to see the place is still going though - looks likes the North East of Scotlands is smaller than the two 'amusement/theme parks' over here on the west, but at least unlike one of ours it is still a going concern. Thanks for posting about rides in our country I had not seen before.
  12. 8 simulators racing against each other - as long as enough to do in the Ferrari World, and it sounds like there is, dont see a huge lines issue. Case in point - DisneyQuest. While just an arcade game , was alwasy a line, but nothing unacceptable on the indy raceing (12 cars is it?) Same with the Pinball simulator, Jungle Cruise simulator and Flying Carpet simulator. In fact only bad line we experienced was the Buzz astroblaster thing - and that was caused by technical issues (broken down ride cars) Suspect Ferrari World will have less crowds than Downtown Disney, so as long as eno
  13. I've seen transport links mentioned a couple of times - private transport, its straight down the motorway from Glasgow then a 10minute drive from the dual carriadeway on good A roads - I can think of a couple of UK parks that would wish they were as handy to good road network. - public transport, train to Kilmarnock from Galston then a bus out to Galston and a short walk or a taxi from Kilmarnock I dont see transport as an issue - maybe just not caught the market right? It is aimed at families and most rides are for the teenagers and younger. For parents, and the twenty somethings (or
  14. assume you mean the last pictures - Twist n Shout ? rcdb quotes it as 41mph. it is a nice layout, a very easy to do multiple rides on this coaster as not rough on you in any way http://rcdb.com/2374.htm if you meant Goldrush - never got on it so cant describe how it rode (actually I will have rode it when it was the 4 man bob at Alton Towers, but that was a long time ago!) http://rcdb.com/3983.htm
  15. Loudoun Castle Theme Park removed one of their coasters and announced a 2010 replacement Goldrush to open in the summer. So we delayed our family visit till after the school holidays instead of before, so we could also ride the new coaster as well as Scotlands best coaster - Twist n Shout. What was Goldrush like - read on and see it and other rides that gave us a great family day out. Stroll through up the pretty lane - and this beautiful sight greets you Time for the one hilll flume this hill - ok splash, suits the scottish climate Milk Churn - well it churned more than that
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