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  1. Great trips down memory lane so far! Seeing old shots of the Junkyard at Universal Studios and Nautili in the lagoon made my day. On page 3, one of your captions says "Skull Mountain train" or something to that effect. By the looks of it, I'm going to say it's actually the Robin train from Chiller.
  2. Seeing that Top Scan (Space Roller) brings back bittersweet memories for me. It was my favorite ride at Adventureland, Long Island (yup, the park the movie is based on) from when it replaced the Huss Looping Star (Ranger) until it was sold to Germany after the horrible incident which sent a park guest soaring over the perimeter fence onto a parked car in the lot. I feel like that whole story never even got any closure...did Mondial ever say exactly what caused the problem, because I believe our local newspaper here on Long Island never mentioned if a concrete cause was ever found. (When the
  3. I had that same reaction. I initially thought it was possibly her male sibling telling us what her issues were, not that it was her herself? I can't even describe it! I really do feel awful for the woman, she clearly exhibits a strange mental illness that just so happens to entertain us ride enthusiasts who kid around about coaster porn so much. To see her making out with the ride and getting axle grease all over her face from it...terrible, strange, and sadly humorous all at once.
  4. My God. I honestly thought this was a late April Fool's joke. "Freestyle Music Park" cannot seriously be the best name thrown around for ideas. Rock and Roll Park. Music Park. Musicland. Rock Park. Just simple, basic ideas for names and instead they come up with this. I can't wait to see a t-shirt from this place...
  5. That building did house a dark ride, and I wouldn't be surprised if all the show elements still remain. It was called Houdini's Great Escape and was a Vekoma Madhouse that has been closed since a blackout in the park showed a serious design flaw that I believe wouldn't allow the exit doors open. Apparently the guests pounded on the nonfunctioning doors until they damaged some of their mechanisms. It was a cool little dark ride, and actually well-themed with an above average story line. It's a shame it's been "dark" literally for like...three season now.
  6. Elmo had played the role of extra for a really long time before becoming big here in the US. Big Bird was the "in" character when I was a kid in the early 90's, and from what I've read, was just as big in the 80's. Only in the mid-90's did Elmo gain what is probably most popular Sesame Street Muppet status in the US. Damn that Tickle Me Elmo...
  7. Taking my 6 year old sister on Sooperdooperlooper at Hersheypark and watching her reaction during the loop. Reaction after the ride: "Can we do it again!?!?" I taught her well.
  8. I just don't understand the point in building another Disney Parks resort in China when Hong Kong Disneyland has struggled in its attendance and has the public demanding more attractions. Wouldn't it make more sense to beef up Hong Kong Disneyland and give it some unique, one-of-a-kind attractions that no other Disney Park has to offer to make it a must-see destination? I realize that Shanghai has a huge population and is really the center of commerce for China, but is it really in Disney's best interest to get involved in building a sixth resort in a time of economic struggle such as t
  9. www.flyinphilsphotos.com/amuse/nj/sfga/2009-01-04/album0 Picture 23.
  10. If it were still open, River Country USA. So many great memories of that place.
  11. Awesome PTR's thus far my man. I did a PTR on BGE a few weeks ago, it really is one of the nicest theme parks out there. How amazing was Emerald Beat?
  12. I hate waking up in the morning to craptacular news such as this. I recently just did a PhotoTR on a vacation I did right after AB rejected InBev's first attempt at buying them out, and we were amazed by the beauty and maintenance of BGE. All the workers were very well-trained and super friendly, and pre-shows to many attractions included a special message from a member of the Busch family either about the environment, a thank you for choosing to spend your day at their park, or in honor of our American troops and heroes. It disgusts me that the last American owned brewer might be lost
  13. Someone earlier in this thread asked for pictures of The Great Wolf Lodge, and while I did not take any of the hotel, my parents did. Here are some of their pictures: The little sister in front of the animatronic show in the lobby. My sister, my brother, and I in front of TGWL. Outdoor pool, giving you a pretty nice glimpse of how many of the indoor water park's attractions exit the building in enclosed tubing and then re-enter through another side of the building. I must admit, the enclosed Tornado, here called Howlin' Tornado, was sick! The darker, thicker yellow tu
  14. Negative NegaDuck. The concierge at The Great Wolf however did offer an incredible deal for a SEVEN DAY ticket to Busch Gardens Europe. For $79.99 a person, you get to visit BGE any seven days you want. If you so desire to "park hop" from Water Country USA to Busch Gardens day by day, it's only an additional $10, raising the price to $89.99. Either way, that's a steal considering the fast that one day admission I believe was over $50. I'm still working on getting those hotel pictures from my parents, they'll be posted ASAP! EDIT: There's a McDonald's right down the road from th
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