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  1. YESSSS! Daft Punk! HBFS is the best song EVERR. But Stronger is the worst. It's like someone jammed the 'add Kanye to make the song suck' button.
  2. Nice TR! I feel sorry for the monkey, though. Also, you think that Pinfari coaster is smooth? I went on one exactly like it at a fair and it was rough!
  3. This is so awesome! Sammi, your class is going to win. I'll try to find a postcard to send to you.
  4. 13/20. Let's see... 65% right... that's a C, I guess.
  5. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! It's rough, and there's some headbanging. There's nowhere to put your outside elbow because of the train design, so you do have to cling to the restraints. And the restraints don't feel very sturdy or clean. I think I got a bruise on my arm just from riding it...
  6. Part 3 What a relief... the ride's over. Ha... everyone's clinging to their restraints. The Rock-O-Planes, Round Up (you can barely see it), and part of the Disk-O. The Disk-O... through the scrambler! At night! No alcohol! Oh no, there's the coaster again! There was this abandoned birthday party. And one guy was left sitting in a chair? We waved to him and yelled "HI!" Looks like those people were having a fiesta. Er... 'eifsta'? We waved to them too. Another abandoned cooler!
  7. Part 2 They have a huge picnic area, and these tent things everywhere. I don't really know what's happening here. An abandoned cooler! I know, you don't really need to see this. We went on the train, so here are a ton of crappy pictures from it. This first one is the Willamette river! Very pretty. Oops, this came out blurry. The Afterburner was called the Screamin' Eagle. It really did run a good program! The KMG Afterburner!!! It's so fun... but scary! I went on it for the first time that day. Safety first on the bumper cars. Look! It's the midway! Wait... is that an M&M vending machine? Yay for credit whoring! This coaster is called 'Zooom' on the rcdb, but it didn't have the name anywhere on the ride! It actually has more airtime than the Looping Thunder. I went on it twice. The frog hopper! it's so cute...
  8. This is my first TR... so... it's bad. I went to Oaks Park a couple weeks ago and it was so fun! We got there around four or five, and stayed 'til it got dark. They got a Disk-O and a Rockin' Tug - they were there last year but I didn't take pictures. The Disk-O is running better than last year, it's funner and more forceful! I went on the Rockin' Tug twice this year. But sadly, the evil Pinfari coaster is still painful. The lights at night are pretty, though! (REALLY sorry about the photo quality, the camera I use does that. It's really annoying.) (I can't make funny captions. It's too hard.) The bumper cars have a long line. And they get pileups easily. The hot air balloon ride is fun if you spin it really fast! They had the Spider ride! It's fun but takes a long time to load/unload. Um... no comment. The Rock-O-Planes... never been on it. But I heard one little girl call it 'the rat cages'. The park had these little arcade areas. And this one had a Lord of the Rings pinball machine! Yes! Now I have one... two... three! I have three! Let's go get bracelets now. Hey, what's that I see? No, not the coaster, the DISK-O! The smallish Ferris wheel! I took this from the parking lot. Never been on it, though.
  9. 523 songs and 923 photos on my green 2nd gen. 4 GB nano! But that also counts Suzuki piano music and crap music that I never listen to. I want to upgrade but I have Windows 2000.
  10. I like Miyazaki's movies! The manga I have are: Vol. 1 - 5 of Bizenghast Vol. 1 - 9 of Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs Vol. 1 - 2 of Bow Wow Wata Vol. 1 - 3 of Peach Fuzz Vol. 1 - 3 of Princess Ai I like girly manga and dog manga, lol. And I've read Yotsuba&!, Aria, Qwan, Instant Teen, The Dreaming, Jing: King of Theives (I hated that), and bits and pieces of Hell Girl (somewhat boring and repetitious).
  11. I go back on the 3rd! Spanish PE Algebra Science History English I think that's it, too lazy to check.
  12. That's a group called Anonymous. Theye protesting Scientology. Protesting scientology with a longcat? The City Museum looks so awesome! But you'd get tired after a few hours there.
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