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  1. Agreed, it was smooth! I was caught off guard by how much I enjoyed it, I thought it was just going to be a stale repetitive coaster but even RIGHT after we rode DoDoDonpa the launch was fantastic!
  2. I know it's a limited offer of rides, and a strange trio there... 2 coasters that go upside-down down, thrill coasters and then the wildmouse. I bet it pulls a 90 minute wait each day haha. The passholders will turn out for sure, wether it's just to get out and do something, to support the park and buy in on these events when traditionally they wouldn't, but yeah tough to pay separate admission. Seems like a gamble/attempt to bring out the millennials, not families? Are they trying to figure out which core still has jobs and cater to those with some money to spend?
  3. Aw man sorry to hear you had a ~typical~ ride on Banshee, it's been running SO SMOOTH 4/5 visits this year for me. But yeah your review is on par for how it has run since day 1 in my opinion. Front row rides are the smoothest. Glad you had fun, fast lane is crucial this year with how crowded it has been + 2020 ops. Great report(s) thanks for sharing!
  4. Wow, glad they are seeing success with their 2020 investment! People seem to like it on a Mystic Timbers level.
  5. Orion, Fury, all the B&M hyper/giga coasters are so much fun to hang over the side of the seat. You can't do this on more intense coasters and. I love re-riding and looking left/right, behind etc. Fury and Orion are so smooth and fast and comfortable, and the most re-ridable coasters out there.
  6. I noticed that bump at the bottom of the big drop too, but the main difference was the front row of the car vs the back row. Back row never felt anything but the front row I felt bumps here and there. The half pipe is so fun with those new Intamin lap bars!
  7. SFFT is such a good park.. and I haven't been since 2009!! Great report, I need to get back!
  8. I like Skyline best as the dip. Cream cheese + Skyline + cheddar, baked. Then your fav chip. I believe Skyline is the best over any Blue Ash/ PRC / Dixie /Goldstar but they're all so similar it's not that much of a difference. Only if you know Cincy chili do you really have a 'fav'. Btw Orion is a ton of fun, Banshee is running the best it has ever ran this year, Adventure Express & Bat are excellent Arrows, and there's a ton of good beer and non chili food at the park, get there!!
  9. [this is just a shitpost for fun] Man just got off Cosmotron and got the shortest cycle ever, they played Walmart Yodel Kid, so unlucky it's only like 2 minutes. It was still fun though
  10. Yikes, sounds like they need to grow their internal team to help with all of the extra communication that's needed during these times. That's exciting that they get the indoor shows and fireworks for Christmas time!
  11. Hoping to hear some reports from the past 2 weekends, the midwest is going to have some colder weather this weekend and I'm interested to see how crowds react.
  12. I just hope for more uptime. I haven't visited since 2014 and I've had the chance to visit many times since then, but I couldn't bring myself to risk spending a lot of time and money to get to a park that's kinda tough to get to and the star attraction could be down for a whole 3 day visit.
  13. I have to say I rode FoF for the first time in years last week and it was in such great shape rode it again! Front row and back row! Yes the MCBR always halts it to a full stop but that's what makes it different than the others. For the original launch coaster from 1996 wow running so well. Orion is pretty great, I really enjoy it the more I ride it. I just don't love it like I love Millennium, Fury, I305, or Steel Dragon. And that's okay! It's still awesome.
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