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  1. Good to hear it seemed to be an isolated issue. Yep nothing new with the Beast about the trims but the initial reports were it flies from the curved tunnel to the 2nd lift but seems the results are now: it's smoother but the trims pull harder than ever.
  2. Bummer to hear from friends that all the coasters' ops were denying row requests, even with fast lane. I really hope that doesn't continue into the summer, that's such a disappointment when you're in from out of state trying to get the best rides on Orion/Diamondback/Beast etc.
  3. Love it. Kings Island doesn't need that type of ride and I am really starting to feel the same about the sky coaster. Go carts have been gone for years now and it seems like a trend to get ride of these 3rd party/tourist area non coaster rides. Can't wait to see how they improve this space.
  4. He's in town at Megacon, go pitch it to him!! And rope in Jeff Goldblum too, why not
  5. Over or under 10 days before Gwazi gets closed for the current wasp situation at the top of the lift? Has anyone that's been on it recently and months ago comment on if this is a newer issue? Every ride people panicked at the top with all the wasps. One ride a few got pull down the drop with us but not cool.
  6. The pretzels are hand made in front of you and delicious! Gwazi is incredible and so powerful. What a beast!
  7. You're spot on with suggestions but idk why anyone would suggest Ark Encounter 9/10 Haymaker
  8. They were good not great last year, so continuing the low expectations theme haha. BGW's by Mach Tower were amazing and buttery!
  9. Thank you Lahey @tndank, yes was wondering about the 'coming soon' restaurant above Giraffe bar, since it's been coming for the past 12+ months. What gives BGT. It's astounding this park doesn't have a full service sit down restaurant (and the Garden Gate is the perfect space already built). Oh @Zandthat Garden Gate Cafe did have food in it last year when I visited! ....3 varieties of foot long hot dogs. In a place called Garden Gate Cafe ..
  10. Falcon's Fury will be down for my visit this weekend and that's a major bummer. My expectations for this visit are so low, I'm just hoping what's not listed on the closed list Friday is actually open. The pretzels at BGW were actually the biggest surprise of the trip and seemed to be close to the 'omfg amazing' level that people raved about at BGT, any pretzel reviews lately? Last year the spot by FF was just fine, but also better than anything else being served in the park. Has anyone been to the rooftop safari restaurant yet or is it even open?
  11. I've heard good things about the Beast so far. Sounds like the biggest difference is the long covered straightaway section's trims have been reworked or redone and don't pull as hard. Then there's maybe a bunny hill added before entering the second tunnel/first helix and the ride really maintains speed from there, hurling around those 3 right turns and firing up the 2nd lift high before the chain catches you some say it's reminded them of the 80s. Sooo it could be overhype or just great news that it's running better than ever.
  12. Renegade is a top tier GCI even on a cold day. That's all I got, later VF thread
  13. Last time I was at BGT folks in line were asking if the ride broke down between every cycle because every ride crew was that lazy. Both BGT & BGW have such incredible rides and park atmosphere yet the soul is dead and the newer attractions are an afterthought beyond the ride track. But hey they're still crazy fun new rides?!
  14. Nice meeting you and the wife, @Zand! You really picked the best time to visit, those were some of the shortest lines and lightest crowds I've seen. Enjoy the rest of your visit!
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