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  1. Oh that's awesome, thanks for sharing! Yeah the trolley sounds good to me, less driving the better.
  2. Talk of improved 2 train ops and LR running are making me contemplate a visit during the week next week or the week after, especially with cheap hotel rates during the week! Looks like even if I'm just going to go for 2 days the season pass would be the best deal to cover parking, admission, and they're offering 2 meals for their spring festival for food and flowers. Is that the way to go vs a 2 day ticket for $100 + $40 in parking?
  3. Trying to look at my own profile and lots of 404s. Help? https://coasterpoll.com/u/zach-boothe5a58d32c77fae/rankings
  4. Great discussion, thanks for the info! We are staying at the new hotel right across the street so parking isn't an issue since they have a shuttle. Hilariously a Lyft seems like the best stress free way to get to our Universal Loews hotel from BGT. It's only $94! A car rental starts as low as $85 haha.
  5. Looking at 2 days at BGT, 1 at SWO. The three day ticket sounds like the best option, right? Has anyone else purchased? $132 seems like a great deal. Enjoy three parks for about $44/park at any combination of our theme parks: SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Adventure Island. Fine print - Ticket Details. Valid for three (3) visit to Florida Parks (SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Adventure Island).
  6. Chillin with kangaroos is always a good time! Yeah though the BGT lineup minus Gwazi is still top tier. Pumped for Falcon as well!
  7. Never been to BGT, looking at visiting June 18-20 and just hoping that it'll be open. Orrrr just tell us when it'll open so I could plan a visit to Animal Kingdom or something instead. Really, if it's opening on Christmas that's great I just wish we knew soon haha.
  8. Great work all around, it looks like a ton of fun. No dead spots at all as they talked about!
  9. Saw Orion testing today. Still crazy to think it's over a month until the park opens, haha.
  10. It's totally worth it if you've never done an event at KI or did one a while ago. Going under Diamondback, back by the Beast, Banshee, in FoF are always a fun time and I'm sure there will be some cool new access to Orion. Maybe they'll use the old Dino alive path.
  11. Front row was still brutal. What about Comet? Comet rules! Coal Cracker is a ton of fun, too.
  12. I'll wait a month and then determine how risky it would be to make a visit. Cmon Dollywood!
  13. That's good to hear! I'm also seeing that a 5 day park hopper ticket is the same price as 10 day admission. That will be plentyyy enough time to do everything and be able to reride the big rides that I really enjoy. There's so much good food and drink all over Disney I am not concerned there, I have actually been to Ohana when I visited Universal, my group took me over there for dinner and I understand the love people have for it and those types of restaurants.
  14. While it's a lot of fun golfing at the Mason Grizzly course next to KI, really wish they were opening next weekend. Or this weekend. No clue why they're waiting till May, it's been at worst 50s and typically 60s around here in March.
  15. Such an interesting past 10 years for Dollywood with LR issues, changing MM, the topple tower fail turned into a drop tower, the amazing ropes course then turned into the area for Firechaser, and didn't they remove the splash battle?
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