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  1. I think 2021 will be the year I finally get on El Toro. I can't let it escape me any longer haha.
  2. My Banshee rides were in July and September and October. I don't remember the train colors but they only used the same 2 trains all season. I have heard the blame being pointed at one train in the past.
  3. Music festival as a theme is kinda hilarious but works out if they wanted to create a coaster that would give you a similar experience to being a raver on acid at an EDM fest haha! I really don't care what they call it, the coaster looks nuts and will have good decorations.
  4. Great report, it was definitely a weird year. I think I missed you by a day 2x haha. Banshee's Jekyll and Hyde impression for me was it was running the best I have ever thought! I have been a harsh critic of it in the past for the vests + vibrating bumpyness but I didn't experience it this year. Orion definitely got better as the year went on/as you got more rides. While I still feel like it is missing one more element, it's absolutely just as fun as the other big B&Ms and smooth/rerideable.
  5. Cool to see! I got to make a visit there back in 2013 or so when they first came out with the TimberLiners. Looks like they're still in the same spot and doing well!
  6. I'd love for them to open on time/early. CF knows how many gold/plat pass holders are out there, and there's a ton of em! Possibly the most they've ever sold? People will be more willing to travel this year and get their annual vacations back on track and eager to visit.
  7. Interesting, so they're not ground up builds? Looks like they are homes that were rolled in.
  8. I could see them doing a media day and maybe passholder preview/auction but I wouldn't get your hopes up for a coaster club preview during a pandemic. I'm sure parks are going to be doing everything and I mean everything to be cost effective and make 2021 as much of a bounce back year as possible.
  9. Georgia's Wicked Cyclone gets more and more intense as it goes on. Love it. Fujiyama, Eejanaika, Steel Vengeance, Banshee, Maverick, Phoenix, Mystery Mine, Takabisha/ShellRaiser, Steel Dragon 2000, Twister. Worst finish: Thunder Dolphin lmao
  10. Xcaliber is such an insane ride, glad to hear it's open! Awesome you got to visit and glad you had a good time
  11. Well I never imagined I'd be in between jobs sooo who knows what new part of the US I'll end up in.. let's see: Ideal: I finally get to the NE area and get to SFNE, SFGAdv Dollywood if Lightning Rod is fixed Kansas City + SDC? Carowinds Cedar Point KI Realistic: KI, Cedar Point, Carowinds, maybe Holiday World to finally get on Thunderbird, maybe Kentucky Kingdom. I had planned on being in Florida to visit WDW for the first time since 2002, first time at SWO & BGT, Universal but that's gonna be out of my budget without an income LOL.
  12. And then they're still going to charge for parking the future... lmao. Ugh such a shameless money grab.
  13. Awesome report, great photos, and the Hyatt looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Forgot about that coaster. It's so odd to see a single square train going around that twisty track!!
  15. This seems like a pretty ambitious project for spring 2021, right? Or is this part of a re-brand of the Great Wolf?
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