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  1. There are drone photos going around showing some track work on Beast. Looks like before the 2nd lift. Last week was pretty stormy so it might have been damaged from a tree. Orrrr they could have found something that needed immediate repair during morning walk throughs.
  2. You can still see the supports! Dm me if you want a tour of the park! Beast was still down today. Rode it Wednesday and heard it closed then. Honestly I rode in the front that day and it was way more rough there than it should be. Wonder what's up with it. All trains were off the track, unlike Coasterstock when they had 2 off 1 on.
  3. Visited the park on Wednesday and while it was 95* I had a great day due to low crowds. I honestly anticipated to ride Orion at opening and maybe Mystic but I was pleasantly surprised to see everything other than FoF at a 20 minute or less wait. Yes Mystic has the music working again. Park music variety is back, it's not just those bluegrass covers all over on a loop. There's actually diversity in the park so idk if they paid up or what but thank goodness. Had the best rides on Orion. I still don't gray out at any point on the ride but I never remember hitting the trim as hard as it did. Which sucks but I really felt some airtime on the wave turn (almost took my ray bans off!!!) And the speed hill was epic. You can look back at my posts not raving about Orion airtime but damn it was hauling. No, it's still not better than Fury, though haha in my opinion. Racer blue is running better than red but they're both running like new. Especially Red. I rode Invertigo for the first time in probably 10 years and it's time for it to go. My head is so skinny how does anyone else fit their head between those padded OTSRs?! Damn that coaster is intense and rough. Windseeker is still playing the Harry Potter theme which is hilarious and confusing. The blue ice cream beer is so fucking good. How good is it? The brewery that makes it can't keep it in stock or on draft so it's pretty much a KI exclusive at this point. Sonder makes all of KI's beer and is close by and it's one of like 2 locations to get it. And on the opposite of good, KI is still experimenting with gourmet popcorn and I think they'll have plenty of chive in stock for a long time
  4. I believe with platinum pass I can get FL+ for FL price in park. Is that still a thing? I'm going during the week for a few doys so don't mind waiting 20 minutes a ride but will definitely buy day of if it's needed.
  5. Shit. They increased the FP price. Now $200 on weekends up from $160? Weekdays went up too about $30. Idk if that's enough to deter people and make FL more enjoyable.
  6. What a great day! Love all of your pics and glad the 1 photo I took that day was a good one of you haha!
  7. With my weather luck I knew I needed to get some value out of my FL just in case, and of course I get stuck on the brake run right as the rain picks up, haha. Such a fun day with you, Kim, and Joel! For your first visit I think you got to see and do and taste just about everything. I owe you a drink next time I see ya! I have to imagine the flume was extra soaking due to the added rain but I don't know, that was hilarious! Very happy about how well Racer is running and the refurbished effects on Adventure Express. Looking forward to the finale!
  8. The week of August 9th seems like a good week to visit. Last week of 10pm hours and Fast Lane dips to *only* $100. Maverick was down my entire last visit so hoping for better luck this time!
  9. Jack Rabbit kicks asssss! And so does Exterminator! I never expected to have that much fun on one of those spinning coasters.
  10. You're right it went up to $330 + tax, even August during the week. I'll go before they reduce their hours again, looks like 10pm weekdays go thru the week of Aug 9. If you aren't a weirdo and wanna tag along to make this trip more cost effective please DM me haha.
  11. The new model at Nick U in American Dream was a ton of fun with those new restraints!
  12. We walked 11 miles a day during our visits because that's how you get around the park without the skyride and the train running 1. One. A singular train. Yeah.
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