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  1. Hoping to hear some reports from the past 2 weekends, the midwest is going to have some colder weather this weekend and I'm interested to see how crowds react.
  2. I just hope for more uptime. I haven't visited since 2014 and I've had the chance to visit many times since then, but I couldn't bring myself to risk spending a lot of time and money to get to a park that's kinda tough to get to and the star attraction could be down for a whole 3 day visit.
  3. I have to say I rode FoF for the first time in years last week and it was in such great shape rode it again! Front row and back row! Yes the MCBR always halts it to a full stop but that's what makes it different than the others. For the original launch coaster from 1996 wow running so well. Orion is pretty great, I really enjoy it the more I ride it. I just don't love it like I love Millennium, Fury, I305, or Steel Dragon. And that's okay! It's still awesome.
  4. Honestly it's because most of the staff outside of Orion/Banshe/MT is working on a weekend by weekend basis, or brand new and working their day 1. When I checked queue times earlier, Orion was down, Drop Tower was down, and everything else had a 50-90 min wait
  5. It's another 80* weekend and the featured news story is Kings Island's fall fun. If you're visiting this weekend without Fast Lane, good luck!
  6. It seems very elegant and I am sure it'll reach Soarin' levels of popularity. I'd totally have to re-watch the movie as it didn't appeal to me as a kid and I couldn't tell you why he's the Beast and who the bad guy is. The capacity seems pretty great between the pre-show, long ride time, and the amount of guests in each bundle. Pretty good looking! Then remember it has its own area of the park + shops + dining. All round awesome.
  7. Some photos! Other notes: Adventure Express feels like a different coaster the way all of the woods have grown in around it post Banshee and SoB land clearing. Flight of Fear was running so well. Rode in front and back and both were smooth and forceful. SoB station has activity. The lights were on in the area and there we extra power cords feeding to the station. Sorry I didn't think it was worth taking pictures of you couldn't see much. Also if you like craft beer - there is local Oktoberfest offerings from Sonder and Rhinegeist that are fantastic. Tim bar tends at the Brewhouse
  8. No food period will be a win for everyone because there were M&Ms and Skittles everywhere on the ground when Alex and I visited That combined with soda spills and that slippery newly-paved/painted floor I was shocked I didn't see anyone bite it haha Those commando security guards are so plentiful and the park is so small give 'em a broom and mop
  9. wiyoh1984 and I had a great day at KI on Saturday, and it was great to meet Ape as well. It was like a mini TPR day! FL+ was needed. As the previous weeks have shown and as I've called out - it's just packed. When I got off the exit I was surrounded by KY and IN license plates. I imagine the following weeks will be just as busy with the Fall food & bev event. What makes wait times deceivingly long is that KI's staff is still constantly being added, so you've got inexperienced operators which is better than no staff! Just be prepared to be patient. Seemed like every other ride there
  10. I'll give you the advice I've heard given to other people - make sure you get everything out of all of your pockets so you're not sitting on wallet/phone isn't giving extra space. CP seems to be extra tough with those seatbelts.
  11. I'd get it! There's no OSU football, people have given up on the Bengals, and no one believes in the Reds. Anyone in the tri-state area with a season pass is probably going to be there
  12. Mystic Timbers is CLEARLY the better 'story driven' coaster all the way My gracious, this new area and coaster looks fantastic. Looking at the park on Google Maps it's incredible how tightly woven in each attraction is. Easily one of the top bucket list parks for those who haven't been.
  13. I have had such a shitty work week I got it last night to give myself something to look forward to haha. ^Cool, PM'd!
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