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  1. No park disappoints me like BGT does. But uhhh at least Falcon’s Fury is open again? And Montu is back up? Falcons Fury is shows as archived on Queue Times. I would love to visit again just for Falcons Fury (and a Gwazi ride at opening) but if FF is down still it’s not worth my time and potential $.
  2. From the moment I saw the layout I was wondering how a 4 car train would maneuver through the course. The 3 car train seems like it was part of the plan from the get go. Just my observation.
  3. I wouldn't recommend the VC or Hagrid SRL to TPR readers. If you truly don't care where you sit and can get in the SRL right when it opens/reopens for VC, sure go for it. You still don't have a great idea of how many people are waiting beyond the locker room and could get end up waiting just as long as the regular queue. Hagrid's SRL seems to be uncapped lately. Like, extending out of the building down the stairs almost to the first section of ramps beyond the main archway entry. Have all the Hagrid SRL as you want Operators are very vocal about how the SRL: has no estimated wait time. you will not have any seat preference. you will not sit with someone else you got in line with. Sadly most guests think it's an express-like hack they learned from socials. Meanwhile since Spring Break/East crowds, I've experienced VC many times with a 20-40 minute via the regular queue as well as Hagrid 45-60 minutes (even on the weekends). I do recco SRL for Forbidden Journey, MiB, Transformers, SpiderMan, River Adventure, and Hulk.
  4. Adventure Express looked fantastic for its 30th birthday. So excited to see the queue and ride get more love. Yay for more flats in the spot of that old removed slingshot, a huge improvement. Now let's talk about Action Zone..
  5. It was recently brought to my attention the CEO was bragging about trying 100 pizzas, chicken tenders, 200 burgers, and we need to be reminded of where this company is headed someone sound the alarm if he starts talking about the day of reckoning
  6. So glad you are doing this trip journal, no one takes a reader on the trip like you do bert!
  7. Now come down to Orlando to rrrreeeaaalllyyyy make sure you like Velocicoaster better ;D Glad you guys had a great day, Pantheon is so much fun. I'm so excited for more of those swing launches. The backwards air hill in the launch is crazy!
  8. I did follow some reviews about the shows/Phantom Theater, looked like a nice compliment to the ride and the park. I wasn't able to stay into the evening so I didn't get to see the fireworks show, but I did watch the official video when I got home! Looked really nice!
  9. Backlot was gated off this whole weekend and Troika was closed/not operating when I went by, but it is a solid flat!
  10. I had a great day dodging storms at KI today. Outside of the beer and food options for the 50th anny, I didn't really feel like there was this huge celebration going on. The park has a massive dead space from Orion to Beast; Antique Cars is the only attraction of note there and its nostalgia is wearing off tbh. There's nothing to do. No, no one is spending $ on the big games from the 70s still standing there taking up most of the space in the area. Beast is SMOOTH! No I don't believe any trims are different but the way they bumped up the entry intro the first curved tunnel perhaps that zaps the speed to the 2nd lift. Definitely not as aggressive but love the 2nd lift and helix, still legit. I am willing to pick row 18/back row over front row Beast which would usually be unheard of. Great work on Beast and I'll bet 100 bucks this coaster goes on for hundreds of years to come. They'll just keep it going. Beast for life. Orion front row is the spot! Relentless. Mystic Timbers tried to take off my shirt every ride lol but god the operations were slow. Getting stacked outside of the shed in the rain is not fun ha!
  11. SWO lookin at Big Bear then Ice Breaker and then back at Big Bear
  12. I wish I could visit this year, I visited October last year. And it was packed for Haunt!
  13. Nuhhhh uh. Mamba isn't 'fine'. Mamba is fiiiiiiiine! Great airtime front and back, some laterals in the turn, it's like a mini prototype Steel Dragon!
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