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  1. Jack Rabbit kicks asssss! And so does Exterminator! I never expected to have that much fun on one of those spinning coasters.
  2. You're right it went up to $330 + tax, even August during the week. I'll go before they reduce their hours again, looks like 10pm weekdays go thru the week of Aug 9. If you aren't a weirdo and wanna tag along to make this trip more cost effective please DM me haha.
  3. The new model at Nick U in American Dream was a ton of fun with those new restraints!
  4. We walked 11 miles a day during our visits because that's how you get around the park without the skyride and the train running 1. One. A singular train. Yeah.
  5. Wow, down over a month during the summer season. I wonder what the issue was. It looked like a fun weird coaster.
  6. Thanks for picking my 3 year old trip report to add that comment
  7. Breakers Express is still going for around $200 a night, Breakers is sold out, Lighthouse point wants $280... and this is all during the week. I know better than to consider some of these other sketchy options but man a 2 night trip is starting to look really expensive. I think Breakers is going for $400+? Have these prices been consistent with what people have paid so far this year?
  8. If there's ever an attraction or event to be first at, this seems like the one! Everything looks awesome!
  9. That plane ride you had was WILD LOL. Great trip report! I have come to the conclusion is so relentless, it doesn't matter if you're front middle or back it's so much fun. Looking forward to more!
  10. Honestly it's been really unpredictable weather in Cincy for the last week or so. Every day it's been breezy and storms pop off at any moment with temps rising to 90 and falling to 75. The storms aren't long lasting but if you get stuck outside you'll get drenched in seconds. Go, but it's still a Saturday and you'll likely need fast lane if you want to ride the big coasters more than a few times. Every day is 50% chance storms.
  11. There's been a great TPR showing today, even a TPR poncho! I missed what his username is so reveal yourself!
  12. I've been getting this error when exclusively on my wifi - both laptop and smartphone. But once I'm off wifi, no issue, I can access TPR. This has been going on for a while but I've procrastinated posting about it. Can anyone help fix? I'd love to access TPR without error and be able to get on my laptop to create a trip report. Let me know if a screen shot would help! Obviously I'm off wifi now and able to access/post. Thanks!
  13. I'll be there on Saturday! Weather is looking iffy for Saturday so get your must rides in on Friday in case Saturday takes a turn for the worse. Looking like scattered storms 50% all day with potential to be worse but I'll keep an eye on it. KI/Mason can be it's own weather bubble at times but obviously lightning can shut things down for a while.
  14. Has Cobra's Curse reopened yet? Or do they still have the full staff out at the plastic barricaded entrance?
  15. They've gotta run it every now and then, and it's been spotted testing before so I don't believe anything is changing. I'm not sure I'd even wanna travel to visit with Gwazi open given how poor the park is operating this year.
  16. The last 2 days have been the most brutal I can remember in Cincy. Tuesday was 103* with spotty storms and yesterday was still really hot and muggy with one of the most intense lightning storms I've encountered. Interested in seeing how many strikes to the ground we got. Good thing is after today it looks like sunshine and warm summer temps for the next week + for coaster stock!
  17. Wow that photo on Magnum! Hilarious and sad at the same time haha. Glad you had fun. If I visit this year I'll have to add Twin Oast to the itinerary!
  18. Headbanging on OTSRs is a myth. Getting constricted by vests is not.
  19. This trip has been has been euphoric and torture. It takes SO long to get in the park either by boat or waiting in the painful line to city walk with only 2 metal detectors. Even waking up at 630am isn't early enough. The day is over after dinner thanks to weather and it's so frustrating because the radar willl be clear then storms pop off at any moment. We've been cleared out of so many lines at night we have 4 Velocicoaster passes and 2 Hagrids passes so at least today the last day will be decent. ET has had major issues and so has Rip Ride Rocket so over 4 days we likely won't get on them, bummer. But anyways the rides and attractions are awesome when you get on them. Bourne was really cool! Everyone sends thoughts and prayers to Universal today please let this be a good last day
  20. Holy shit Velocicoaster is AMAZING!!! I love these new Intamin trains!
  21. What's the best way to get into early entry from Royal Pacific? The line to get into City Walk stretches down the sidewalk to the hotel. Does the boat essentially skip the line or do you just have to get in line at 7am an hour before park/early entry open?
  22. Crazy storms cleared out the park about 6pm and rained on and off the rest of the night which gave us flashbacks to our Hakugei rain ride haha. Mako is legit! What great B&M hyper and imo America's best, but complete with the trim and mcbr that takes the edge off right when you're like 'holy crap are they gonna let this fly'. Kraken was a disappointment for me, wow is that thing hideous! Infinity Falls was down and we never revisited the Ice Breaker/Falls are again since it's dead. Manta was fun by why do I have such better memories of Acrobat at Nagashima?!
  23. So despite a laundry list of questionable choices and complaints about this park, we made the most of this 2 day visit. Absolutely BGT is a bucket list park with the legendary Kumba & Montu and they not only lived up to the hype but it's so great that they are SO SMOOTH! Riding Banshee 2 days ago it's laughable comparing old to new B&M. Kumba feels massive yet the stats have you thinking it's a smaller looper. What a beast. Not once did my head touch the OTSR, even on the cobra loop. Sheikra is my new favorite dive coaster. That backrow air is incredible! Cheetah Hunt is such a perfect family coaster. I love how the inversion is hidden way out in the Savannah and you could hear it take some guests by surprise. Loved the front row's airtime going up the tower and the back for the drop off. Falcon's Fury was life changing in a way I had only experienced similar to DoDoDonpa. What an insane, amazing, terrifyingly great ride. Gwazi was closed. Cobras Curse was closed. The safari up charge was 10000% worth it to hand feed giraffes! I'll post a more detailed trip report later, off to Orlando for Sea World and Universal for 4 days!
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