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  1. For anyone here interested in Ghost Trains, dark rides and their history... there's a great NEW book all about them. More details here at the Roller Coaster Media Library. http://rollercoastermedialibrary.com/the-ghost-train/ Simon B.
  2. Hello TPR. Just a quick "Random" post to announce that my Roller Coaster Media Library is BACK on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/rollercoastermedialibrary/ To view all those amusement park and roller coaster-related Books, Magazines, DVDs and VHSs that you never knew existed, visit the RCML directly at: RollerCoasterMediaLibrary.com and/or visit the RCML in person the next time you're in sunny Blackpool, England! Simon B A Selection of RCML DVDs
  3. I received this book a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed the read. I have since added it to the Roller Coaster Media Library website. Listing / more details here: http://rollercoastermedialibrary.com/libertyland/ The RCML is also back on Facebook, which also features the new Libertyland book. https://www.facebook.com/Roller-Coaster-Media-Library-133528053957923/ Simon
  4. Thank you for the heads up on this. I just purchased a copy and will add it to my library in due course. Keep a lookout for it appearing on RollerCoasterMediaLibrary.com Simon
  5. I have been collecting amusement park/roller coaster-related books, magazines, VHSs and DVDs for about 18 years. My current collection consists of: 704 books. 274 DVDs. 115 VHSs. 528 enthusiast magazines. I would like to be kept up-to-date with any titles I am missing (minus Disney and Coney Island titles, of which there are far too many). My collection may be viewed at RollerCoasterMediaLibrary.com
  6. If anyone has this DVD or knows where I might purchase an original copy, I would be MOST INTERESTED in acquiring it for my RollerCoasterMediaLibrary.com collection. I will pay good money for this. Thank you, all. Simon
  7. Hi TPR Thank you for your kind replies regarding the quizzes. I notice NO-ONE has yet managed to score 100% on the DVD #1 Quiz. [smiles] Just a quick update: "DVD QUIZ 2" has just been uploaded. Have fun and be sure to enter your scores on the leaderboard at the end of the quiz. Simon http://rollercoastermedialibrary.com/
  8. Hello TPR. It has been a VERY long time coming. I have added a new "DVD QUIZ" to the RCML pages. Give it a go, and be sure to enter your terrific score into the leaderboard. I will add a few more new quizzes over the next few weeks... http://rollercoastermedialibrary.com/quiz/ Simon
  9. Hi TPR members. Andy Shine's latest quiz concerns what you see and hear in the 1977 movie "RollerCoaster" starring George Segal, Timothy Bottoms, etc. There are 25 teasers for you try. See how you do, and remember to add your name to the leaderboard at the end... HARRY! http://rollercoastermedialibrary.com/quiz/ S.A.S Baynham
  10. Hi Theme Park Review. Andy Shine's latest quiz tests how well you can identify roller coasters by sight alone. See how well you score, and remember to enter your names/scores on the leaderboard at the end. Also, the 1300+ roller coaster-related books, DVDs, VHSs and magazines catalogued on the RCML site are now listed in alphabetical order (ish). It was a long time coming, but I think the site is better for it. rollercoastermedialibrary.com PICTURES QUIZ = http://rollercoastermedialibrary.com/quiz/ Thank you for playing. Simon A.S. Baynham
  11. Hi TPR. Just to let you know that all 24 quizzes have been uploaded and are now ready to play. All quiz leader boards have been re-set for 2014 and a few minor modifications made. So, give the quizzes another go and enter your scores. You may play and enter your name/scores as many times as you like in the quest for 100% perfection! MAIN SITE: http://rollercoastermedialibrary.com/ QUIZ PAGE: http://rollercoastermedialibrary.com/quiz/ Thank you TPR
  12. Hi TPR [#FLUFF] Thank you for "Roller Coasters In The Raw! #8" that arrived today. I enjoyed watching these programmes very much and will do so again later. Thank you too for enclosing the Corkscrew Citrus "Insane Coaster Wars" extra -- it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Does anyone here know if Insane Coaster Wars will be released on DVD anytime soon? S.A.S. Baynham Roller Coaster Media Library.com
  13. Hi TPR. I just bought/pre-ordered my RCitR!8. [CHECKING POST BOX] Simon A.S. Baynham
  14. Looking through the titles in the RCML, and in particular the book: "HARRY TRAVER - LEGENDS OF TERROR." The above image doesn't appear to show any coaster at the Century of Progress (the pic' doesn't typify a Traver-built Cyclone). Furthermore, looking at articles in early NAPHA News and ACE magazines, it doesn't appear to be the TailSpin coaster at Dandilion Park either. [FLUMMOXED SO FAR] Simon A.S. Baynham rollercoastermedialibrary.com
  15. Hi TPR. More quizzes have been added: Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Famous Names, Parks' History, Thorpe Park, Spin Rides, Dark Rides... and a PRIZE is offered to the top scorer of the "100 SECONDS FRENZY QUIZ." Visit the RCML facebook page for more details and BAG that prize. Have fun and score highly! http://rollercoastermedialibrary.com/ S.A.S. Baynham
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