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  1. 3D Glasses were removed chain wide. Its most definitely a budget cut. also no
  2. plus the fact that they often only have 1 side operating, so forwards + backwards train would potentially increase operating/maintenance costs by forcing both sides to be used. and if one side goes down, they have to stick with the other option, which people would potentially dislike. Logically, even if they were able to modify the LIMs to launch both forwards/backwards trains, it would not make sense from this perspective.
  3. They could send the double decker carousel to WoF and start a defunct park carousel collection since they have Geauga Lake’s carousel.
  4. In case anyone was wondering, Catwoman does actually have a single rider line, which helps a lot. When I rode, Catwoman had maybe a 2 or 3 hour wait, and I was able to get on within 20 minutes.
  5. Visited the park today, and I noticed that Justice League got rid of their 3D glasses. I asked and I was told that the park is "trying something new". Feels like a budget cut to me. American Thunder... Closed. But at least Catwoman and Xcalibur are now open. Catwoman is a lot of fun!
  6. I visited the park today and I saw that Mine Train and Spinsanity are operating now.
  7. I thought I was going crazy or something! Boomerang’s spikes definitely looked brighter halloween weekend.
  8. Thirded. I always catch Cyclone Sam’s every visit! Even to the point where I sometimes skip Timberwolf which is located right next to it.
  9. Sooooo no coaster equals corp “hates” our park? lets see… -Xcalibur received a refurbishment when it could have been removed to cut costs -They are currently refurbishing the carousel, which I imagine is not cheap. -Quite a handful of spots in the park got or is getting some much needed updates (Biggest one being Superman). Does Six Flags hate this park? No. If they did, we wouldn’t be receiving new rides and updates almost yearly. Six Flags doesn’t invest in a coaster for this park because there is hardly any local competition to warrant buying one. Sure, Kings Island, Holiday World, Silver Dollar City, and Kentucky Kingdom are 4-6 hours away, but the local GP don’t want to travel that far to ride coasters. They go to Six Flags because it’s close. If anything, Six Flags probably hates La Ronde enough to warrant dumping Green Lantern there
  10. Fantastic about Eagle's original entrance making a return! I too hope that they give the ride some TLC as well like restoring the mosaic and add chaser lights to the layout. Most likely not the lights, but one can hope!
  11. Can't wait for the official reveal! I actually feel like this could be the new Family Hybrid Coaster concept that RMC recently put on their website. That would still be a nice fit for a park this size
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