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  1. Can't wait for the official reveal! I actually feel like this could be the new Family Hybrid Coaster concept that RMC recently put on their website. That would still be a nice fit for a park this size
  2. A few still. Serial Thriller (Located at La Ronde) Mayan Mindbender and Gunslinger (Wonderland Park) Big Kahuna (Six Flags Darien Lake) Runaway Rickshaw (Six Flags over Texas) These are the few remaining rides that I know of off the top of my head.
  3. That restored horse looks amazing! I'm glad to see the carousel getting the love it needs!
  4. Interesting facts I learned about Astroworld part 2: AstroWorld had a kiddie whip ride Digging through old photos of Looney Tunes town, I came across one of a kiddie whip ride. I knew AstroWorld had a collection of unique rides, but I was not expecting a Six Flags park to have something like this. I do not know the name of this ride, or where its exactly located, but if anyone just happens to remember this ride, could you please share a little more information about it?
  5. Its been a few days since the last update. I finished outlining WaterWorld and everything else outside the railroad tracks on the pixel map! I'm getting closer to a complete outline! In other news, I have found a site that not only has great photos of the main street area, which is great for references, but also has all the background music played at the park. This will probably be pretty nostalgic for those who visited this park often.
  6. Summer 2021 16 years after the closure of Six Flags Cypress Adventure, Former employees of the park came together and pitched an idea to the current owner of the property: A fair themed to the defunct park. In May of 2021, Cypress Park was temporarily rebranded back into Cypress Adventure and rented carnival rides placed along the only stretch of path that Six Flags never demolished. In addition, people who brought items from the auction after the park closed put their items on display. The fair was a success, bringing in thousands of people wishing to visit Six Flags Cypress Adventures again. Lets view a trip report of someone who visited Cypress Adventure since it first opened... They put up the original Cypress Adventure sign from when the park first opened. This view alone is filling me with nostalgia! I still think its weird to look at this view without a drop tower at the other end. The only remaining structure of Cypress Adventure. It still sells the same stuff too! Everyone is heading this direction! I wonder whats this way... Cypress Plunge log flume used to be here. I spy rides! I find it interesting that Six Flags never tore out this stretch of path when they were demolishing the park. Other side view of the fair. Each carnival ride are named after the rides that used to be at Cypress Adventures! The rides even have the original ride signs! Thats not rodeo! Did no one fact check what type of ride Rodeo was? Oh god. There's a pinfari. I wonder what ride this is named after. Ah, Named after Twister. Tidal Wave, but more boring Extra signs and props from the park were put on display here. View of the fair from across the lake. Overview of the fair. I had a lot of fun at this fair, I think this is a great way to pay tribute to Six Flags Cypress Adventures!
  7. ^ Thanks anyway! Also that picture of Batman the Escape will definitely help me with the details! As for official project updates: I made serious progress on the pixel map! And not only that, I officially started on the park itself!! What better ride to kick off the project with than Greezed Lightnin'? You can see how my coaster skills have improved between 2016 and now. Made in 2016. I hate it. Stay tuned for more soon!
  8. I'm having a little bit of a roadblock at the moment. I'm outlining Batman the Escape on my pixel map, and I cannot find the entrance for the queue. I know you go through the mountain and over a bridge to reach Batman the Escape. Here's an aerial view of the area in front of the bridge and batcave. I located the queue, but I cannot locate where it starts. If you been to Astroworld, or know anyone who has been to Astroworld, can you please help point out where the queue for Batman the Escape starts, and confirm that the ramp under the bridge is the exit? Thank you in advance. By the way, anyone happen to know where in Astroworld this building is located?
  9. Interesting facts I learned about Astroworld part 1: XLR-8 had a weird ass queue Looking at the aerial view of XLR-8, I found that it has just a straightforward queue. There's no switchbacks or anything. If you don't believe me and thought I hid the real queue under the pixel map I'm working on, here's another photo of the queue. Whats also weird is the exit path. From this screenshot of the backwards POV of XLR-8, The transfer track goes over the exit path. The gates are clearly meant to let the trains pass through into the transfer track. I heard a rumor that XLR-8 was originally supposed to be part of the Six Flags ride rotation program, which would actually make sense as to why they would make these weird design choices. It was meant to be temporary until it was relocated. It would also explain the tent like station the coaster had too.
  10. I'm officially reviving this project! Let me say that I learned a LOT about building realistic coaster in minecraft since the last time I posted in this thread. This is horrible looking. I hate it I built on a theme park server since 2016 and I have since developed a technique for recreating coasters and parks in minecraft. You may have seen my Hard Rock Park recreation project. Here's how I recreated Hard Rock Park accurately in minecraft: I came up with the idea to pull the park off of google earth, put it into Microsoft paint, and outline the park, creating a pixel map. I have it to where 1 pixel = 1 block. Please excuse the clusterf*ck of colors After I finish a section of the pixel map, I go ahead and copy it into minecraft: Hard Rock Park pixel map in minecraft And after a lot of reference photos, interviews, and patience later: Hard Rock Park in all of its blocky glory So what does my Hard Rock Park minecraft recreation have to do with Six Flags Astroworld? In case it wasn't obvious, I'm recreating it the exact same way that I recreated Hard Rock Park. My Astroworld pixel map so far. As an added bonus, when I recreated Hard Rock Park, I learned a lot of facts about the park that I didn't even notice until I was building it. That means I will learn a lot of interesting details about Astroworld, which I will share will you all in a new post. I can't do this alone though, I will need a little help with this project. I'm asking that if you or anyone you know have been to Astroworld, please PM me, as I do have some questions that only someone who actually visited the park will be able to answer. I look forward to all of your support, and updating this thread in the future!
  11. I was kind of skeptical at first, since the current splash mountain is pretty iconic, but after a few minutes, I think this retheme will work out perfectly. I can't wait to see it when its done. Has there not been a confirmed date for the closure of Splash Mountain yet?
  12. Six Flags is more likely to drop Frontier City and Darien Lake than StL.
  13. Seeing that the original plan didn't have a transfer track, I think Six Flags submitted it and was like "crap we forgot the transfer track!" and quickly added one in
  14. If this sale goes through, I need to go to this park asap as it is on my bucket list.
  15. ^Thanks for the video! Its really cool seeing one of my favorite coaster's on media day On the topic of Ninja, once I actually grew tall enough for my head to be above the restraints a few years ago, I actually don't mind ninja. I've been on rougher coasters than Ninja.
  16. 1994 As the park's 4th coaster, Forest Hills unleashed the all new Virginia Beast wooden coaster for 1994! This coaster was built by Custom Coasters International, or CCI for short. One unique feature this coaster has is a double up hill immediately followed by a double down hill. Enthusiasts praised that element for delivering great airtime. Virginia Beast was an instant hit and drew in thousands of guests
  17. 1991-1993 After a very successful 1990 season with the addition of Python, Forest Hills decided to keep on expanding their park with new additions. 1991 saw the addition of a HUSS Condor ride called "Condor" It was placed conveniently near the Forest Flyer skyway station Another flat ride was added for the 1992 season. A HUSS top spin called "Firebomb" For 1993, Forest Hills added a diner across from Firebomb that serves classic American meals. By the end of the 1993 season, teasers started to pop up for the 1994 addition with the line "Unleashing in 1994". What could it be? Find out in the next update!
  18. They're not going to change it unless they get severe backlash which isn't going to happen.
  19. 1990 Forest Hills once again contacted Arrow Dynamics to build them their next huge coaster: Python, the park's first coaster with inversions. Python is a clone of ShockWave at Six Flags Great America and Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure. Credit to Olsor54 The queue is themed to an ancient tropical temple Another addition to the park is the all new Skyway Skyway provides an easy and scenic way to get to both huge arrow coasters. Forest Flyer's Ghostbusters themeing was also removed.
  20. 1987 - 1989 With the success of the park during opening year, plans immediately went forward for future expansions. With an uneventful 2nd season of 1987, aside from minor park improvements, Forest Hills added their first new ride in 1988: Zulu, a Schwarzkopf Enterprise ride. For the 1989 season, nothing new was added, but Forest Flyer was temporarily rethemed to Ghostbusters: Ecto Force to promote the summer film, Ghostbusters 2. Forest Flyer's cars were repainted to resemble the iconic Ecto-1 Halfway through the ride, you encounter a giant inflatable Stay Puft that you narrowly avoid Everyday at noon, the Ghostbusters would come out in front of the ride and put on a show By the end of the 1989 season, A massive amount of land was cleared and track showed up on the site. What could it be? Find out next time!
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