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  1. Ghost Rider turns to the left out of the station but then does a complete U-turn to the right. So......
  2. Here's a better angle of the train going up the lift an then dropping from Knott's Network. Thanks to Charles Robba. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1753498601607719/permalink/1884051915219053/
  3. You'll notice though that it doesn't seem to be stopping at the top but just rolling down the ramp into the drop. Could be why it's going so fast. Wonder why they are doing that?
  4. That thing is booking. How much of that is because it didn't stop at the top and instead basically rolled into the drop at full speed?
  5. I guess it makes sense. Who goes there to shop anymore anyway? Aside from Virginia's and the Peanuts store what else is there, the Emporium? Personally I think they should have made the Emporium the Peanuts store and then torn down the old store and expanded the Marketplace parking lot. But what do I know.
  6. You're comparing a mall with hundreds of stores with the Knott's Marketplace which has like ten stores? My point is parking and accessibility. You can't compare the two. I don't know how California works but Washington requires notices to be on the actual location. I'd be surprised if CA wasn't the same.
  7. i'm looking back at posts trying to figure out how these are even questions posted. Here, I'll save you the trouble. So right now they have two sit down casual restaraunts in CDR and TGI Fridays plus a couple other food outlets. Making Virginia's a restaraunt would make three. Im just quedtioning the nessecity.
  8. Is there really room for a third restaurant outside the park? And what about access? The Marketplace parking is already small to begin with.
  9. Virginia's is a retail store. Why would they replace it with another restaurant?
  10. I live three hours away and even have family in the area. But I've never been to Oaks. Looks like I'm going to have make a trip down to see my auntie.
  11. What was the purpose of filling it in with dirt? Is a hiking trail now?
  12. Planning around the entire park being closed is easy. You know when you can't go. With year round parks you have to plan carefully around ride closures. I won't visit a park if even ride I like is down. Considering I'm from out of state and making a trip is a big deal, you want everything open.
  13. You mean the trolly rails embedded intobthe pavement? Why bother removing them? Are they in the way? They add an air of old timey ambience to me.
  14. Yes, make no mention of the Nicholas Cage abomination! You just did!
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