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  1. RMC: If you were given the task of redoing SOB what method would be your choice and would you have insisted on putting the loop back into the layout?
  2. Is Playland PNE and Enchanted Village are they just one park or should I look elsewhere to see the other park?
  3. Thank you for posting the pictures. After walking through the cat house I would of had been finding the nearest convenient store for allergy medicine. What is fun when you take out a laser light and have the cats chase it all over.
  4. I rode last year Millenium Force with about just 2 clicks of the yellow lap bar.
  5. Kings Island 35 mins Coney Island 30 mins Cedar Point 4 hours Holiday World 4 hours Dolly Wood 6 hours Indiana Beach 4 hours
  6. Last coaster i went on was Millenium Force on 09/02/2010. A group of us went up to Cedar Point to help out with the last week of operations. I was placed on MF and was able to test ride it every morning with very little clicks on the yellow lap bar mainly in the red Hollywood Train.
  7. Quick question Robb, If I was going to send in a deposit for the north east trip and club tpr with the same order how much would I need?
  8. Robb, Elissa, Ryan, and all who helped out to make this an unbelievable weekend thank you. This has to be one of the better trips i have had. There is only one problem now, Im addicted to the trips and want more just like eating pringles chips once you pop you cant stop. Jeff "tilt awhirl" Koth
  9. I see that this vacation is going to be one of the best ive had. I just want to take the time to thank you Robb and Elissa. You put alot of work into the events to make sure its unforgettable.
  10. I am all set to go, Trip payed off- check airplane ticket payed-check Roadrunner shuttle roundtrip from LAX to Valencia for 55 each way reserved- check Hotel Thursday night reserved-check
  11. What is the closest hotel near the pickup spot for the party bus?
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