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  1. Was it the Carnival Holiday? I've been on the Carnival Holiday back in 1998. It sure looks like it.
  2. These would be low quality like for instance the Jurassic Park Trilogy digital copy I would put on there. How many 2 hour movies(not hd) does everybody have stored on their 64gig Touch?
  3. Laugh all you want. I don't care. But now since CF is back to owning CGA I truly believe CGA will finally get some good stuff & now CF is starting to finally care about the park. Already a water slide & coaster ARE COMING which is 100% true.
  4. ^100% AGREED! Couldn't have said that better! My view is this: First replace Invertigo with a decent coaster like that woodie they want to put in or a Maverick clone, then replace Grizzly with something like Top Thrill Dragster/Melinimum Force type coaster, then finally replace Vortex with a coaster with something like a floorless. For replacing Tidal Wave/Stealth make Boomerang Bay twice the size-double the slides. & There you have a nicely turned around decent park.
  5. Does the 64gig Ipod Touch have enough space for 21 half hour movies, & like 5 full length 2 hour movies? & Room left over for songs?
  6. A new water slide & roller coaster FINALLY LET'S SEE IT HAPPEN ASAP & stop the waiting forever thing! WHOO! That's all I needed to hear! Yeah welcome back CF(applaud, applaud!) along with a nice bright future for CGA! BEST NEWS EVER!
  7. Oh Jaws pretty sad. I'll miss it. What a shame they're taking it out. Too bad I can't get down there for a few last rides. I have however rode it multiple times in 2002,2003, & 2006. I was there in 1992 but it was all boarded up because they were working on it since the original ride opening had all sorts of problems. I'm pretty sure it reopened in 1993. I sure hope ET is not next. They have to at least keep ET & Twister. Please no more Harry Potter. I'm hoping for another massive roller coaster. Universal needs more coasters. It's too hard to guess what kind of ride it will be. I'll just wait for the announcement.
  8. They will announce the closing of Great America all of a sudden & be a shocking surprise like the removal of Invertigo. Nobody will be ready for the unexpected news that might come. To me things aren't looking good for Great America. I'm not even sure if Great America will operate next year.
  9. I would like to rip DVD movies & Youtube movies to the Samsung Galaxy 5.0 player. What free converter is there that is the best & rips DVD's the fastest?
  10. Beat me too it. Was going to post the bad news from Screamscape. Gurr have to wait even longer for something new. It's like waiting til the cows come home.
  11. ^Tent the ride that just cracked me up. How frigen funny! I didn't think of that holiday event. That's what was seen. Now it makes sense. Didn't pay close attention to the permit page. I will pay close attention from now on.
  12. "Anyone drive by California’s Great America during the week? I’ve heard one reported sighting off possible “ride parts” in the main parking lot that might be worth checking out to see if something else is on the way out or is something new is on the way in." From Screamscape. Hmmmmmm. Nothing has been posted to the permit page about this. Oh no it can't be another ride leaving. Not again! Nothing new hasn't been announced. Must be a ride leaving. But if anybody can snap a pic of the parts maybe it's a ride from the past coming in like Yankee Clipper.
  13. It is sad CGA has closed for the season. I will be there opening day which will be last Saturday of March I hope like it was this year. Isn't opening day pretty dead? & Is everything open? I so look forward to opening day. I'm sure I'll see some of you there.
  14. CGA REALLY needs tighter security at night during the haunt to catch all the basterds line jumping & throw them out of the park. Wow it's been packed at night. I like reading about how packed it's been. Glad I don't go to haunt. I am asking for a huge request. If anyone is going tonight can someone take pictures of as many ride lines as possible? I want to see how full every ride is. Those few pics were great but I'd like to see more.
  15. There should be maze attendents standing in front of the mazes not allowing strollers/infants/toddlers/anyone too young for that stuff. Are parents out of their mind? They should be slapped!!! What the heck are they thinking bringing these infants/toddlers to these Halloween events that is not approiate at all. What dummies.
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